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  1. More great news after a great season https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/19913
  2. Where could I watch the Mark Ellis vs Konrad match, I can't find it anywhere
  3. Well if that's the case then it's most likely going to be Marinelli, Joseph, Imar
  4. You really can't compare two weight classes that are largely apart. Of course Zain is going to look better at 149 because he's lighter meaning more flexibility and quickness allowing more creative moves as well. I like to see him try to do all the stuff he does now with a Snyder type body at heavyweight. It's not going to happen, to much muscle in the way for those wild scrambles plus the guys are to big for a lot of lightweight moves where you will get crushed and this is coming from a person who went from wrestling 145 freshman year to 220 senior year, it's just not the same.
  5. I mean I got some of my friends on this board with me and we have a blast; I mean granted we are in high school and they don't post at all. I love the message board though, I love just talking wrestling. I hope it never dies
  6. They have been on a downward trend for a little bit now. Now that the season has gone on, they have some noticeable holes at 197 and heavyweight. I hope they pick it up by the time march roles around.
  7. I wouldn't doubt the recruiting class Rutgers got this year. Once they hit the college atmosphere they will thrive IMO.
  8. It's really unfair that most of you say Suriano is cocky and a "head case" when he really isn't, I mean have any of you actually have a conversation with him cause I have. He is a super respectable guy and is really nice when you actually talk to him. Don't read a book by its cover...
  9. I think what he means is that when a blue chip recruit goes to a Wisconsin and not a PSU, that person believes he can be successful without having to be in a room like PSU where most blue chips go thinking they need a room like that
  10. It's great! If this trend keeps going, more universities will have great crowds since they will actually have teams that can compete at higher levels.
  11. Van Brill is a great fill in for 141 and honestly I can see him winning; he is super tough and is always in the match. You also have to remember how Van Brill beat Kevin Jack at Universities, granted it was freestyle. In the end it will be a great match.
  12. Gable no doubt but I think a Greco match would be interesting
  13. Who are some of the best highschool wrestlers to never compete in college wether it be their choice not to, an injury, or some other reason
  14. The upper weights seemed really weak this year, not many ranked guys came out for the tournament. Especially 195 and 220
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