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  1. Thoughts and best educated, insight, or hints, insider info that wont betray anyones trust, get disinvited to the family suppers, or ruin possible investments by previously mentioned academic institutions using these variables 1. Weight issues 2.Competition within program 3.Transfer request and subsequent conference ass paddling 4. Recruits (Red****s, Current or will be Redshirts (Iowa was 95-100 until Tommy took away the Freshman Shirt (lee and assad) Assad might have been the best chioc rigtht now but taking a very viable, very close 3x, **** hair short to AA thrice, Senior, who im sure wasn't getting hammered vigoriously (like Mudflaps Mother/Wife/Nanny) and a priviously Top 10 Ranked NEPHEW 5. Transfers *See #5 Rules
  2. Thoughts on the following Line-ups! need expert input Teams/Rank Iowa 2020-2021 Penn State Michigan Ohio State 125 Lee Howard? McHenry Heinselman 133 Desanto Bravo-Youg Micic/Silva/Mattin Decatur 141 Murin Lee Micic/Silva/Mattin Kinner 149 Eirerman Verkleenen Storr Sasso 157 Young Busiello Lewan Anthony Cuba? 165 Marinelli Berge Massa/Amine Cam Kharch 174 Kemerer Starocci Massa/Amine Miles Smith 184 Assad Brooks Embree/Amine Romero 197 Warner Beard Embree/? Hoffman 285 Cassioppi Kerk Parris Singletary
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