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  1. I"ve looked and can't find it, but in the mid-80's Domino's put out a poster showing all of USA's Olympic and World Champs to that point. That poster hanging on my wall was the driving force of the sport becoming my life.
  2. NATO posted on twitter he is looking for a landing spot to begin a D1 coaching career.
  3. Slay did win the open and was sitting in the best of three in Dallas.
  4. In the spirit of being picky for something to argue about, I'll disagree with that comparison. When Karelin lost, he was obviously on much decline, at the lowest "level" he had been throughout his tremendous 13 years. Karelin never wrestled another match, and his defeater would win Gold again the following year plus another medal in the following Olympics. Satiev on the other hand would go on to win two olympic and three world gold after that shocking defeat, only losing one in those eight years. Two entirely different situations.
  5. He’s an adorable little fella isn’t he?
  6. If we are going to indict Karelin based on his build, are we also going to indict Bono, Molinaro, etc...... while we are at it, do we want to double check that the samples didn't get switched when Leipold beat Slay?
  7. Tayamosov has to be the closest to having three without having three.....he had three and a silver, now has one and a silver.
  8. With Nolf's movement, creativity, footwork....if he could pick up the other aspects of the game I could see him being real good.
  9. Lurker

    Ufc 249

    I don’t believe it to be the end of the world, I believe we need to get back to life. Big part of my work the last month has been putting the plans and protocols in place to open facilities and I’ve been a big advocate doing it as quickly as we can, the right way. I also don’t believe it’s “just another bug” and feel we have to be conscious about how we go forward, more so than we were before. I believe shutting things down temporarily was the right thing to do, and I believe it’s time to get back to it. Some parts of the country well past time. But I think doing so with a mentality of just another flu can be dangerous. I’ll just leave it at that.
  10. Lurker

    Ufc 249

    No, and I never said 21% of the US died. I was talking about closed cases.
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