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  1. I could see this. I would guess no matter what happens this year he takes ‘22 off. Takes a shot at the team in ‘23 in run up to Paris.
  2. He said a while back, , after Games got postponed, that after Tokyo he’s moving to Penn RTC and plans to compete through ‘24
  3. I agree with that. Maybe I wasn’t clear but what I meant to say was that I believe to be universally thought of as the goat he needs the two Olympic goat. Agree believe winning seven now even if only one is Olympic is more difficult than back then. Let me put it this way, I think if he ends with 7/2....there’s not going to be much debate. If it’s 7/1, I think you’re still going to have a whole lot of people giving Smith the nod.
  4. Wouldn't it be funny if JB beats Dake this year, Dake goes back to 79 next year, but loses to Hall. DT with all those chances, but here comes lil Marky...
  5. One of those has to be an Olympic gold to be considered goat in my opinion. I believe it is much harder to win a world championship today than it was back then, even with the non-olympic weights because of the break up of the USSR and this current trend of free agency, but its hard to be considered the goat when there's a couple of guys with more olympic gold than you.
  6. Some people on here have never coached and competed before certifications began, therefore, may not know what the process is....
  7. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2021/January/05/Bajrang-to-remain-in-USA-for-another-month
  8. I see what you’re saying with the folkstyle mentality on out of bounds and can’t disagree with what you’re saying there. If you remember the match he was doing a combo of driving forward and trying to slam it the knee down. A person (particularly someone like Chamizo) can maneuver on their hands much better going forward than backward. Think of the wheel barrow races, you ever see anyone try to do those backwards? It’s not pretty. I use to teach this with the leg lace, same principle. Don’t take the right hip over the left shoulder, take it back over their left knee, can’t fight on your hands going backwards.
  9. Aside from Russia, The World Cup was at best a second rate tournament.
  10. Wasn’t referring to being passive at all. Was referring to the last five seconds of the bronze medal match with Chamizo. He was behind, at his ankles, with Chamizos feet up in the air and all weight on his hands. Couldn’t get the knee down. Run backwards, hands can’t keep up. Fall flat on their face....
  11. If I’m not mistaken we actually sent two. One came home with a medal and the other came within ‘just run backwards” from another medal. But I agree with cjc. The guy is wasting his time making a living doing what he loves to do.
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