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  1. Valid, but it would be a semi's and finals match, which would be a 2/3, since we are presuming Dake is sitting in the finals? And if that's correct, there's going to be some teeth gritting talent in that pool at 74. (I think I'm just playing devils advocate)
  2. Off topic but was asking this question awhile ago: does JB go 74 next year to try to get that spot and the bye to the final in '24, now that he has his 7, but risk going through the challenge tournament in '24....or does he stay 79, take the easier route to the team, likely spot in the semi in '24? (He may have already said and I didn't see?)
  3. Was talking about this with a buddy the other day in regard to the goat conversation. If Sadulaev doesn't move up, we could very well be sitting here talking about Snyder as the undisputed, don't even bother debating it, US GOAT, with more to go....
  4. Yes Geduev, who at the height of his athletic prowess, while also at the height of scrutiny into Russia doping, his career ended.
  5. The trials process was not set up to protect JB. Anyone that says that shows their lack of knowledge of history. For example, in 1992, the reigning world team member sat out to the finals while the rest went through the ladder. You didn’t even have to be a medalist… There were many shifts to the process between 92 and 2016. But many, if not all (I’d have to go back) involved the potential of someone waiting for the final.
  6. I don’t think ‘84 is a good comparison. Yes, in both, the USSR/RUS were absent. But, as you alluded to, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, et al plus all of the Russian exports were in the bracket this week. Even without Russia this is still an significantly more difficult bracket to navigate than ‘84.
  7. My brother likes to 'fault' me for him not being happy with his life. He's been doing it for over 20 years, even to this day. Now, he can still 'fault' me all his little heart desires, but the reality of the whole thing......well.......
  8. He has nine medals, six gold. The history he is referring to is if he wins, would be his US record 7th gold.
  9. Agree with everything you say here but would like to add one tidbit.......we completely and fully control how much influence they have by our choices in participation. That's what I would like to see us focus more on, rather than the they are doing this to us mentality.
  10. Doesn't mean the basic framework of what you see depends on what you look for, just means the volume of content X is less, but as he said it was still out there.
  11. Signing up and playing all the cute little games is the voluntary relationship. Not reading through and having full understanding of how it all works before you sign up does not make it involuntary, that is a choice each person makes.
  12. You forgot the gun being held to their head.
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