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  1. Except that, he eliminated the stranglehold Smith and OSU had on the big 12 by winning it in his second year (for the first time in I don’t even know how long), repeating it the third year before going to PSU, and had built enough that they shared the title the following year. They haven’t exactly been the same since...
  2. I don't disagree except its not penn state university that pays for the Nittany Lions Wrestling Club, its donors and outside contracts. Could the Cyclone Wrestling club not have become an RTC and Sanderson and Crew recruited the same kind of financial support? (This is where the alma mater and one of the best athletic career in NCAA sports history really come in to play)
  3. Actually I don't think it can be argued, all those aspects without question falls under what it means to be a division 1 head coach.
  4. I feel like he may have been close to the success he is having today. They were already 2,3,5 in the years he was at Iowa State. Obviously its not in the heart of the PA/OH territory but its not like kids from PA, OH, IL, etc have never went to the State of Iowa. Don't forget Taylor was an ISU commit before PSU hired him. I mean its hard to predict this level of domination anywhere else just because every location brings different circumstances, but I honestly don't think the colors of the singlet would have made a huge difference. Recruiting is not just the coach in the living room but a huge part of it (particularly in wrestling) are the athletes that come before you. And if a good number of the ones that were there when it started (Taylor, his brother, Alton's etc) would have been Cyclones, along with the notion that Cody, Cunningham, and Varner were the staff there as well (see no reason why they wouldn't), same system in place......I could see a similar ball rolling. Its been pretty universally acknowledged that one of his big strengths is recruiting his kind of guys. Would the likes of Nico, McIntosh, Bo, Hall, Cassar, Lee, Berge, RBY, Teske not want to go to him because he was at Iowa State? And I left out Ruth, Nolf, Zain and others because they were solid PA guys, but can we sit here and say he would have lost out on all of them? We'd have to add in the prospect that he would be at his alma-mater, a place where he put together one of THE greatest athletic careers in the history of all NCAA sports. Again its hard to predict this kind of domination at another location, but are we talking a difference of 4 or 5 titles currently instead of 7?
  5. I’m far from being “steamed”, but nice try. To respond though, I listed a long line of big dogs they have been opening with for nearly a decade. I did not mention Louisville because they were not good this year, yet out of all the big dogs they have opened with, that is what you chose to focus on. And to that I will say, look at when the game was scheduled, and answer me where was Louisville at that point, and what control does Alabama have in them going in the toilet since. You choose to ignore my other points, like all the other teams they have opened with, the fact that the new system encourages tough out of conference scheduling. I’m a Gator fan, and they have ALWAYS scheduled cream puffs, until now. Why do you think that is?? No need to keep going back and forth. We each have our own perspective.
  6. Couple problems with this paragraph. 1) once again just because you don’t agree with how it’s determined doesn’t make it unreal. The national championship trophy, universal acknowledgement (except from the gripers), and listing on the NCAA website as national champions is much much more than “paper only”. Sorry, your dislike of it doesn’t change the facts. Stop fooling yourself. 2) Alabama opens the season with a big dog non conference game every year. You barked up the wrong tree there my friend. In the last ten years they have opened with the likes of Michigan, USC, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, Florida State, Clemson, etc. Saban does this purposely so they have a big game to look forward to in the pre-season. Now is there a cupcake in there, yes, just like everyone else. But where else you are wrong is the assertion that the current format promotes cupcakes. Wrong, in fact it was designed to do just the opposite. And SOS is a major component in the ranking of the final four (UCF anyone?) I don’t disagree with your premise. I’d like to see an expanded playoff myself (although I don’t want it to go past 8. If you go to 16, SOS will mean even less). I’d like to see someone other than Bama in the national championship game. I’m just saying, use facts, don’t make ish up that’s simply not truth. And don’t take what are facts and turn them into something else. Your argument would be more productive.
  7. Lurker

    Serious Question tho...

  8. Lurker

    Mason Parris

    Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell. Never is a long time.
  9. Lurker

    Mason Parris

    With Stevenson, far may be a stretch. But superior in strength and athleticism, from what I’ve seen yes. But Not a better wrestler.
  10. Lurker

    Mason Parris

    I hear you, and I wasn’t trying to say he doesn’t have the technique (that’s why I put the disclaimer of for lack of better term). What I was trying to get at was that technique is his biggest curve of improvement, and he’s under one of the best technical coaches in the country, so look at. I think from a technique standpoint he has the biggest room for improvement, and will, of all the young heavyweights coming up. He’s far superior in strength and athleticism. And there’s some athletic young heavyweights out there.
  11. Maybe you’re misunderstanding me. I don’t believe they have a legitimate gripe, I don’t believe they were a top four team this year or last. I agree with what you say regarding their schedule. Maybe I should have worded it differently (I was being nice), this was the perfect year to shut them up (G5 gripers). Two years undefeated and the four playoff teams being the only unbeaten teams in the country. They would have gotten blasted, and put things in perspective for those who need it.
  12. I don’t disagree what you said about best team they beat was Cincinnati. But you highlighted two words from my post, which was wrapping up other legitimate points, and ran with it as if that was the main point and that I’m just simply saying why not. Not at all the case. My point is this. Almost every year a mid-major is griping that they should be in. And this year was the perfect storm of top three being cemented, a wide open for debate for who should be number 4, and one of those on a 25 game winning streak having beaten the SEC West champs in the previous years post season. So if ever there was a time to do it, this was the year. A point would have been proven either way, either they show they belong, or they show they don’t. Point is if it was going to happen , this was the perfect year for it to happen.
  13. Lurker

    PSU next year

    With all this talk about how ORS may effect PSU’s run at the title in 2020, keep in mind other schools also have athletes who would score big points at the NCAA’s that quite possibly will be taking ORS.
  14. Lurker

    Mason Parris

    Parris is an immensely strong, extremely powerful, ATHLETE. I mean in addition to three state wrestling titles he was also multiple time all state in football and in hurdles. HURDLES at his size. He weakness (for lack of better term) is his technique. Now, think about the fact of that kind of athlete, focusing solely on wrestling for the first time in his life, under the tutelage of Sean Bormet, with Adam Coon as his daily training partner. The sky is the limit. I’m going to go ahead and call at some point in the next four years he’s going to catch, and beat, Stevenson. Maybe not or all the marbles, but I think at some point he’ll get that good and get him.