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  1. Just watched the third match for probably the 1000th time, and could do 1000 more. What a beauty!
  2. Lurker

    Final Forfeits

    Same here. Besides win or lose he still had the #1 ranking. I think it was probably best idea for him not to wrestle. JB has the upper hand on him at this point, surely he's working on some tweeks and new techniques, I wouldn't want to give him a look either.
  3. Good points. I haven't paid any attention at all to what his weigh ins have been but to your point #2 that does make sense. I don't look much into he and Snyder training together. I can see separation starting next season should he go up, but they are both training for individual and team gold this season. I think that's there focus and what may or may not happen next year isn't playing much of a factor in their training together.
  4. I agree and am aware of that dynamic. But Cox has been on the scene and exposed all but one year less than KS, and his results are getting better and better. That tells me he is diversifying and sharpening his technique a little more. I'm not saying KS hasn't improved, not at all. Just seems from the so called eye ball test, that Cox has more so. Its hard to say and I could be wrong, that's just the feeling I've gotten over the past year.
  5. Just out of curiosity why is it increasingly apparent he’s going 86?
  6. I’m not so sure that him going down to 86 is an easier path than up to 97. When you account for the cut, Taylor’s motor, and the match up (styles make fights). Cox has improved tremendously since ‘17, but so has Taylor. Snyder obviously an all timer type of stud, but has he improved significantly over the last two years? It’s not as “visible” as the other two if he has.
  7. Lurker

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    I would 99% agree.
  8. Lurker

    Final Forfeits

    Agreed on everything you said. Except the part where it seems I’m arguing whether they talked to a lawyer at all, (I’ve said a number of times I know Koll consulted a lawyer). But anyway...I said earlier, what can I say. Slow day at work so... To answer one of your questions. I don’t care if it annoys tbar. I start to care when people start spreading **** and bashing someone’s character, particularly a coach, without any basis for it whatsoever. Especially when said coach is going EXACTLY what they are supposed to do in any situation, fight for your athlete with all resources available.
  9. Lurker

    Final Forfeits

    It’s important to note in this (which I’ve said several times but yet our friend still tried to say my “blind support for Koll”), that I don’t think this should go any further. I don’t agree with the call on the mat but it was the call on the mat and Zain is our rep. I don’t want a hearing or anything like that.
  10. Fair enough. And I was hoping your #2 was a joke but wasn’t sure.
  11. Lurker

    Final Forfeits

    I went on this course for this reason.... I don’t doubt or deny that Koll sought advise from a lawyer in what to do, advise on the formal complaint. I’ve said that I saw him say where he did. As you said he’s smart and should. My issue is with people spreading around information that is misleading at best, flat out false at worse, I have a problem with that. Which is why I take issue. It’s one thing to say consulting a lawyer. It’s another thing to spew all over the land that someone lawyered up right away because they didn’t like the result, which is what our friend here has been doing for a month. The biggest issue is the context in which he’s saying it. Taking speaking to a lawyer to lawyering up right away, and in the context that doing so is a huge character flaw and something he should be ashamed of. That’s where I have a problem. Especially when it comes from someone who hasn’t put on tenth of the time, energy, and sacrifice into the sport and development of young athletes as the person their flaming all over the wrestling public. So that’s why I call our friend out when I do. This one particularly because he’s so obviously close minded because a Penn State athlete is involved. And I’m not saying he’s close minded because he disagrees, but because as usual refuses to engage in any discussion lines or questions that could possibly go against his stance. So it’s not the term “lawyering up” I’m arguing as much as it’s spewing of misleading information about people. And the way our friend has went around the last month...well it fits.
  12. Lurker

    Bo Nickal

    The post I quoted and responded to said simply “benefitted from not having any competition in college”. Would you like to stick to the subject I’m speaking to when quoting me, or are you trying to make your argument by going a different direction? Edit: my apologies as I just saw that I didn’t in fact quote that post. But if you’ve read the thread not too hard to figure out what I was responding to.
  13. 1st. I don’t really understand your point. He might have a chance to beat the guy that has went 1-1-1-2 the last four years at worlds but....worlds. 2nd I guess if people on message boards don’t believe he can beat bo, then you’re right, he can’t beat Snyder. 3rd He’s going to have advantages in speed, athleticism, and technique (I believe). He’s going to give up a little strength. But he wrestles in a manner that KS’s biggest strengths are somewhat nullified. (In and out, wrestling from space, not staying in the handfight very long). Its a hell of a match up and a toss up match but I don’t think it’s crazy at all to pick Cox. It’s not crazy to pick either in this matchup.