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  1. Yeah I hear ya and was thinking the same thing. And thinking being the guy to really get things going at IU might be very attractive. But if RTC is important, and there’s an RTC calling with two Olympic champ coaches and that just bagged four Olympic medals…..tough to resist.
  2. Bwahahaaha. Guess I should have read the whole thread before responding.
  3. I've always thought IU had to be at the top of the list for him because of his hometown connections with "DaRegion". But that top tier RTC part....
  4. He wrestled Nick Lee in the state finals, Micic a senior, Lee a freshman. They could be competing side by side on the platform this year....
  5. One could go through the last couple of cycles, look at the results of the olympics, and see where those medalists spent their time in between Games.
  6. I think the real answer lies within the athletes. And that said….I think if you ask any world but non Olympic champ who had the better career, you or (enter Olympic champ here)…..they are going to say the other guy.
  7. agree to disagree. If one can't see a huge difference between between you and I sitting down for dinner and me being obese, and you and I sitting down for dinner and me being covid positive......I don't think we can really take this much further. And I'm not getting into anymore long drawn out stuff about covid. I've had enough of this damn thing.
  8. Wait.....people like me are preaching what?? You'll have to go dig that up for me because I don't recall do any such preaching. I'll wait for you to find that for me. My point was that using a disease, that is not at all infectious, and comparing it to a disease that is highly infectious is pointless. Your points about obesity being a pandemic and we do more to enhance that pandemic than to defeat it....I completely agree with. But doesn't change the fact that it has absolutely nothing to do with infectious disease, and trying to make a comparison between the two is asinine....much like your "people like you are preaching" comment toward me. For the record, and to show how asinine your comment is, I did get the vaccine, but I got it late in the game. Why? Well, one because I take very good care of my health, and don't feel I am as vulnerable as others. Two, because I wanted to let the people who are more vulnerable get in line before me. I seriously considered not getting it at all, and I watched and I read, and I realized the impact vaccinated population has on erradicating the virus, and how these continue to mutate to infect more and more until we do get it erradicated. So I got it so that we could get through this thing, not because I personally was worrying about dying. Throughout this whole thing my main priority has been others.....so you may want to take that 'argument' somewhere else. It doesn't fly here.
  9. Serious question, did your friend have opportunities to be vaccinated before he got sick?
  10. Heart Disease is not a highly infectious disease with an R-naught of up to 3.5. Context is important.
  11. Well I guess if someone is not going to be a future lawyer or doctor, they might as well just quit now. Why even go to college?? Stop acting like your life is the only way one should lead. You’ll start to see some things better.
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