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  1. I think he’s progressing just fine. I tend to go by what I’m actually seeing than the score. Not going to split hairs. And I don’t have a problem with it, I have a different opinion. Sorry if that constitutes a problem. All good. Have a good Sunday.
  2. I understand what you are saying, I just respectfully disagree.
  3. You do realize the once you get to a high level, like say a level where you’re beating world silvers, going to criteria with Olympic champs, winning world ranking series events....your rate of progression isn’t going to look as “fast” as as when you were 16, because the things you are focusing on for your progression at that point are much different. You do understand that right??
  4. This is hilarious. Doubts about future potential, “bad loss”, progression slowing, because a college guy who hadn’t yet made a world team lost a criteria to a world and Olympic champ. Good stuff.
  5. Still no clue what you’re talking about, but no matter. Have a good day.
  6. This is true. I run a few athletic facilities and we have had a number of cases since we started reopening things (no outbreaks though). And yes the 15 minutes is a factor, but there other factors regarding within that fifteen minutes. Haven't come across a wrestling case yet but having gone through the tracing process a few times I have to think it would be considered a contact. A big factor in that fifteen minutes is whether or not masks were worn.
  7. Yeah don't know really. Just seems like there's potential of any kind of transmission with body fluids.
  8. The outside is the big thing. You do have alot more players but you also have a lot bigger playing surface. when you factor in the space the 'ratio' is a lot closer, you also have consistent body to body contact in wrestling, sweating directly on each other, etc. I don't know that soccer is a good metric to use to see how wrestling might go. Basketball would be much closer a comparison in my opinion, as far as scholastic sports go.
  9. Okay well I never said that so... what I was responding to you about was your saying it was never discussed. I didn’t follow your conversation with him. What was this “disbelief of something you hold true comment” all about?
  10. I'll try to take this step by step: LOL...so it's your opinion that when somebody makes an incorrect statement that it's the doubter's duty to verify the story is true for them? Seems rather ass-backwards, doesn't it? Or is it some sort of aspersion against myself because I expressed disbelief at something you seem hold true (if incorrectly)? The latter, I think. In this particular case, an incorrect statement was not made. There was discussion among the big12 officials, and they elected not to dissolve and move to the Pac-12. That information was out there. If this were a court of law and I was making an accusation, yes it would be my duty to verify that information. But it is not. If you desire to have complete and accurate information, then yes the duty is on you to seek it out, the duty is not on anyone else to provide it for you. As for "aspersion against myself because I expressed disbelief at something you seem to hold true", I honestly don't know what you are referring to. So no, definitely not that. For the record the links Juanma posted above do not verify the statement that the "Big 12 was going to disband". NOWHERE is that stated in either article. What those articles show are stories about the schools that did leave, or didn't leave the conference, and rampant speculation by the sportswriters (as I said before) about lots of things. I have not yet opened Juanma's links, but the statement was not the Big 12 WAS going to disband, the statement was that there was discussion among Big12 officials. There was, that information is out there. If you want to open your mind to all information on the subject, you will seek it out. Another thing to consider is that since I'm a lifelong OU fan and have been following the Big 12 since literally the day of it's conception and keenly follow conference stories that affect the Sooners (who as the best team in the conference for the last 20 years were involved in ALL the speculating) that MAYBE I happen to know more about the topic than random guys on the internet who don't follow the Big 12 very closely at all. You are no less a random guy on the internet than I. The difference between us in that regard is that I don't assume to know anything about you when it comes to how much you follow the Big12. What I do know is that according to news reports, there was discussion among BIG12 officials. How long you have been an OU fan is totally irrelevant to that fact.
  11. I've found that people who aren't open to another point of view unless someone else goes out and finds the information for them and provides it to them, instead of doing a tiny bit of research for themselves, are not really interested in gathering information from all sides to form an opinion. They're just interested in staying stuck on their opinion. I've also found we are gaining more and more of them. As a country, we would be doing so much better if this weren't the case.
  12. I'm not really familiar with the phrase "bro science". But I am familiar with the phrase "figure of speech" Come on man.
  13. It was discussed and voted on by the schools' officials, on the heels of the Pac-10's bid to absorb all of the big 12 schools except Baylor.
  14. The protocols that have been put in place are second to none. I really don't get all the backlash toward the conference here, and this idea of impending lawsuits. The conference said no. The players and their families immediately united and took action against the conference. A group of players from one school filed a lawsuit to play. A group from another school were right on the verge of doing the same. Players from all schools were coming together and speaking out against the decision. The conference went back to the table and came up with the most comprehensive and safest program that has been developed, short of the bubble, which they just simply cannot do. Every player has the choice to opt-out without any risk to scholarship if they are on one. In terms of lawsuits, they are all legal adults. All this lash out against the conference is just wanting to have something to gripe about. (I mean, it is USA 2020, so why not?) But the fact of the matter is that the Big 10 has done more to protect their players than any other league in sports that is playing, again save the bubble. But people who don't want them playing don't want to look at that. And according to one columnist, its the darkest day in B10 history. That is such a horribly wrong statement, in so many ways. But hey.......USA2020
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