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  1. There’s a theory going around that the Coronavirus has been supplanted by the Chinese into the 5G networks as an attempt to eliminate a good portion of the world population.
  2. What is the benefit of being at the top of the list
  3. So you’re answer to my question would be Kem - Hall, correct?
  4. Are you most looking forward to at BigTen? Don’t give me a few with explanations for each. ONE MATCH. GO! Steveson vs Parris. Mainly because we haven’t seen it yet.
  5. When was this tournament scheduled?
  6. So let’s forget about Flo rankings and tournament index for a bit (Tbar you even said at beginning of season they were out of whack) and just look at the athletes and weight classes. 125. For Lee anything other than champ with some bonus points is underperforming. But I wouldn’t go to collapse territory unless he was 4th or below. For PSU, two wins is a bonus. 133, both are in the same boat. They should be top 4, they both could win it. I wouldn’t say collapse unless they were in the 6-8 range. Could be PSU 1, Iowa 4, and I don’t think that would be a collapse. 141 a collapse here for Iowa would be not making the podium. I don’t think we expect him in the top three but we expect him to be on the stand. For PSU it’s finals or bust. 149. Such a tough deep close weight, I think we can call this a collapse only without the podium for Iowa. I don’t think you can call anything 2-5 underperforming, the top 5 are all right there. 6-8 I wouldn’t go as far as collapse. 157 Same thing for Young here. Collapse would be not making the podium. Anything on the stand would be above that even if we feel top 4 is where he should be. 165 and 174 are same boat. We expect both in the finals, second wouldn’t be a choke. Collapse would be finishing out of top 4 184 and 197. Honestly I just don’t know. 285 collapse for Iowa would be off the podium. I know he’s been ranked top three all year but I just don’t think a fifth/sixth place finish is that unrealistic for Cass. So it’ll definately take more things going right for PSU and not Iowa. But I don’t think it will take an Iowa collapse or choke. It will take some guys not finishing where they need to finish, which is not necessarily mutually exclusive with where some think they “should” finish, with PSU having a near perfect tournament (relatively speaking).
  7. A very non essential being. I.E. “spoke on a wheel”; “dime a dozen”....
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