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  1. I've never seen this much analysis of some fun twitter trash talk.
  2. Cael and Cunningham lace one up for the fans.....?
  3. I’ve seen his net worth estimates range from 1 - 40 million. I’m sure the 40 million is real high and based on projections, and the 1 is maybe a little low and leaving out some endorsement/sponsorship details (although I’d guess it’s closer to 1 than 40). Either way, considering many are six figures deep in college debt at 24...it’s not working out too bad.
  4. Then I guess they didn’t bother you that much.
  5. Definitely agree in that I think it’s the better way to call that action, but then again like I’ve said I’ve seen that call on that action a bit, by some pretty good refs. Guessing it’s a lesser of two evils type of thing. Honestly to me the two calls on the two actions...nothing really notable. Can see people asking why one and not the other. Can definitely see your point on the C-1 on the second sequence. Just as much, can see why they went the way they did. No biggie. And certainly wasn’t a factor in the match.
  6. It is a difference in what you described in that they weren’t hand fighting to the zone. It was a direct attack into and through the zone. Again not saying the call(s) were right or wrong, just that the situations were different, as is the situation you described.
  7. Not saying I think it was right or wrong call. Just saying why I thought they called it the way they did, the difference in the two scenarios. Seeing a 1 on that second scenario is not all that uncommon, when the initial attack goes in a straight line like that. That’s why you often see officials wave their hand at the ground in a circular motion when not giving the one.
  8. In the first one ZV’s initial attack started grounded, JB’s reattack came from ground, the scrambled a little bit on the mat and went out. In the second one JB’s initial attack started from the feet and it was the continuation of the initial attack through a straight line to out of bounds. It’s a thin line but that’s the difference of the two.
  9. I believe he was asking about losses to former soviets.
  10. 74-5 correct. Sidakov(2), Gudeav; Tsargush, Bekzod (Uzbek)
  11. Went through and counted them up....of his 201 senior level matches, 79 former Soviets. (Granted a miscount give or take). 39%. That’s a lifetime of Russians.
  12. There’s a lot of good arguments both sides. For me the landscape in JB’s time compared to pre-93 is a big factor. A win in Tokyo puts him at the top for me, hands down.
  13. Just for fun sake. Let’s say that’s the path. He wins gold in Tokyo, then wins one at 79. Where does that stack up in peoples minds vs John Smith?
  14. It's very easy to sit on the sidelines and complain about officiating. It is far more difficult to actually get out there and do it. Nothing special about easy.
  15. Yeah agreed. I said previously in the thread emotion obviously played a big part in it, could see him possibly return but would have to be with his Mother’s blessing. Will be interested to see how it plays out. For some reason, and I can’t really put my finger on it, I don’t see the GSP fight playing out should he return.
  16. Dana said last night they are not vacating the lightweight title because he feels Khabib and his mothers decision was pure emotion, all along his fathers goals for him were for him to reach 30-0, and he believes after some time will be back to do it. Stay tuned....
  17. Oooh okay my bad. Sorry about that.
  18. Nothing says 2020 more than a dad bragging about his son’s social media “follows” on a wrestling forum.
  19. Not too sure he knows much about either
  20. But that’s why they have the three strikes, the understanding that things happen. I feel for him if he’s telling the truth about the three instances, but on the other hand if not for the first two instances, the third during the pandemic is pretty much a non issues. I became a little leery right at the beginning of his description when he said USADA “only” allows three strikes. Sadulaev is sitting on two strikes as well, I wonder what the American reaction would be if he hit a third in the same circumstance...
  21. It’s only stupid if you don’t care about doping controls. He knows the rules.
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