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  1. Well, I mean, Lee beat Suriano his sophomore year, so.....
  2. Not to mention they didn't even wrestle, being that Lee was still in HS.
  3. Well, I mean, anyone who wants to go back and look at it from the perspective of Dean got cheated, instead of you know, openly and objectively, then yeah they could say that. But no, they would not be correct.
  4. Couple things: I think your timing may be off just a tad. He starts the hip at 1:04 but Bo doesn’t actually break 45 till 1:03, he then comes back to his right over 45 (it appears to me at least) for just a half a second, then breaks again. He rolls through and is out of 45 again at 1:01. Secondly you don’t start the count, particularly when the wrestlers are neutral, at the very moment the athlete breaks 45, the position has to be established in control. Not the case at all here. It’s a case of a two to three second at most whizzer went over, came back, then rolled back trough. He wasn’t even exposed for a full two seconds.
  5. Where did I imagine it happening. Since when did wondering about something become fantasizing? I wonder if Epstein actually committed suicide or if he was killed...so by your logic I’m fantasizing he was killed??? Basically you want to keep throwing shade at Koll for following the established procedures in a match that was very obviously botched and scored illegally, but can’t stand when someone brings up your boys despicable and dangerous actions in comparison. That’s why you’re twisting and turning here again. You’re not making a lot of sense again Tbar. Come on I thought you’d gotten a little better. Have a good day sir.
  6. How do you figure this is my fantasy ending to the match? You proposed a hypothetical about coaches conduct, I proposed another hypothetical about coaches conduct should the same action produced a different call, you replied with a “bo would just have...” with action you thought you would see (which was very very unlikely because of how the actual wrestling played out), and I replied to how the actual wrestling played out. So this is my fantasy ending.....how?
  7. Seeing how the sequence finished out, there is a much better chance of Cael throwing his chair than Bo getting any reversal there.
  8. I wonder if Cael would have launched a chair at the ref if they did call it?
  9. Well, Bo was a three time champ, Dean was almost a three time champ except he fell short, losing his last match to a sophomore. If only we had actual head to head results so we wouldn’t have to rely on someone’s opinion....
  10. Which is as solid evidence as any that the right call was made.
  11. Who is the even tougher world champ internationally at 86?
  12. What is and what isn't fun is in the eyes of the beholder. (No, that's not an open invitation for you to start arguing what I consider fun)
  13. How about I just say you win, congratulations. I don't really have any more information on the original question to add than I have already stated.
  14. Obviously, as you pointed out, what is considered "heavy" would change from person to person, at each individual is at a different level. You are right, its not hard to understand. You keep putting your stance at not lifting weights. That was not the original question. If you would like to start a new topic and change the original question, you are welcome to. I thought we were talking about is it possible to become a champion level athlete without heavy lifting once you hit college. Would you like to start a new discussion on whether or not is possible John Smith did not lift weights at all. As far as continuing to assume, that's fine with me, not trying to persuade you. Whether or not you want to argue does not change facts. I'm speaking from years of study and application, so I'm confident in my position that yes it is possible to become a champion level wrestler without heavy lifting. In fact....its been proven. Good day sir.
  15. So that's now a third olympic champion quoted in just this thread that didn't engage in "heavy lifting". I guess it is possible.
  16. As I said before, the original question was "heavy lifting". Here I will copy and paste for you to read again. "Meaning once you step into college you don't do heavy lifting." I guess anyone can interpret the word to whatever meaning they want, especially if they just like to argue.
  17. No, because John Smith himself has said he didn't really do heavy lifting. Why are they my "assumptions", because you didn't like the answers?
  18. You are welcome to your doubts. I'm not sure what conjecture you are talking about, but I am sure it doesn't really matter.
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