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  1. And in his interview, you get the feeling he's more than okay with that. I don't think his feelings are hurt in the slightest bit people saying he was humiliated and looked like a clown. He would probably admit it himself. But the fact we're all here, and wherever else, talking about it and talking about himself is good for Ben business, no matter how much people here want to think this circus hurt his potential bottom line. 'Stardom' today has much less with your skill level, and much more to do with how much attention you can attract. If you need further proof, just look at his opponent....
  2. Day 3 begins and the coffee is a little stronger. The suspense is killing me A hearing, will there be I don't think I can take it much longer. A hearing and a decision to set this board on fire The fallout too great of the weight being too late Makes you wonder how many will retire. At the end of at all a gold medal at stake All so anxious to see The exhilarating match three Or is it time for the Iranian to eat his cake??
  3. Day two of quarantine, time just creeping slower So watching flim, A trip to the gym, My squat used to get much lower. Dreaming of what might have been, had KJ read the letter Or only if Cox had pulled up his sock Just 14 minutes better. But the Euro matches, they sure scratch the itch. Man these guys wrestle Acrobatics incredible I wonder who's the Russian Mr. Fast twitch??
  4. Yah. That’s what I assumed the eight years referred to.
  5. They are some smart mutha****** Gotta give them that.
  6. For as he stepped off, he had nowhere to go
  7. Yeah, things have certainly advanced since those days as to when to stop a fight.
  8. I'm sure, but I don't know that comparing ref's response in one of the biggest heavyweight title fights in history to that of a semi-celebrity exhibition bout is really comparable. To the contrary, Meldrick Taylor was TKO'd in a fight he was winning with about four seconds left, because he didn't step forward upon request. Good stoppage/bad stoppage is one thing. But claiming it was a fix when the guy obviously went stiff and out is another.
  9. Post every video of J’den Cox and Kyle Snyder you can find.
  10. What was the diagnosis on his knee?
  11. Getting hit real hard a lot of times by Lawler, and then getting knocked out cold to a knee to the head, can very easily, and does, contribute to taking a shot to the temple at another later and going stiff as a board instantly, which is exactly what happened. Diminishing returns when you get your lights put out. If the fix was in, he knocked his ass out anyway, Askren went stiff, he got knocked out.
  12. Day one of quarantine, and I have so much to say. The series' are old the coffee was bold So looking forward to this every day. We're falling way behind, certainly have slowed our pace. But Cox was late I won't mention the weight. So we surely have plenty of space. The hearings may be coming, the board will sure catch fire. But wouldn't it be a hoot, If all of this is moot, And it turned out KJ's a liar??
  13. The point of evaluating after a knockdown isn't to see if the fighter could continue, but whether the fighter should continue. Otherwise there would be no such thing as a TKO. If you wobble when you step to the ref, its automatic. Over.
  14. JB isn't much one to control center. I think the no step outs would actually help him. He lost last two world's on step outs...
  15. Saw a clip from a different angle than the one that was floating around here......when he took the punch he went stiff almost automatically, he went out. He came to, stood up, ref had him take a couple steps forward, and it was a legit wobble. Ref waved it off. Legit, and the right call.
  16. Spent 20 years of my working career in wrestling, never competed past the junior college/junior international level, never made a lot of money at it. But man, traveled the world, front row seats to the best action on the planet, tons and tons of friends, experiences, and memories. Lots of stress and frustrations along the way, but wouldn't trade that 20 years for a lottery ticket.
  17. And that rule they have about threads sticking strictly within the defined parameters of the titled topic, is enforced quite vigorously around here...
  18. Agreed, completely. I think that was my point I didn't clear very well. There's physical freak strength. And there's "a guy put his hands on you and holy ****" strength. By most accounts Smith was the latter.
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