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  1. Who would’ve won this weekend in a fantasy match?
  2. I remember hearing that Gable lost close matches to both Gwiz and Snyder years ago at the OTC. It seems he would have little problem with Snyder and Cox these days
  3. Zahid probably finishes that if he wasn’t in such horrible shape!
  4. Gable is absolutely amazing. He deserves some legitimate praise not these behind-the-veil comments aimed at disparaging Spencer.
  5. Another post with even more substance! You’re right: I’m a stupid, idiot.
  6. There was a lot of substance in your post. You make valid points demonstrating my ignorance. I now accept that Mark Hall needs to undergo a lengthy acclimation period before he can duplicate DT’s success at 86kg and that it’s simultaneously likely that he’ll consider cutting down to 74kg.
  7. Thanks, I understand that but the point remains the same.
  8. Oh, I know. But the notion that it takes time to acclimate to the weight (86 kg) is considerably different for Dake/Taylor then Mark Hall. Dake and Taylor wrestled 141 and 157 in college, respectively; while Mark Hall was wrestling 185 before he was even in college. That fact also makes it a lot less surprising that Hall isn’t interested in cutting down to 74kg these days.
  9. Big difference in that Mark Hall was wrestling 84kg seven years ago.
  10. Haha. It wasn’t a burn: MPC is an economic concept and you started an economic thread.. as an economist, I had to ask!
  11. Does your handle really stand for marginal propensity to consume?
  12. I wonder if it has anything to do with peaking? Nick Lee always wrestles an insanely high pace, if you’re not in shape he’ll eventually break you. That seemed to happen to Pletcher at the dual. Maybe these guys train for March and are just now in sufficient shape?
  13. I thought I liked Kevin Dresser back in the day but the more I think about it, he just seems to whine and carry on like a baby.
  14. 97kg - 15 lbs = 213.848 lbs - 15 lbs = 198.848 lbs
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