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  1. How about Gable vs Snyder? Am I wrong to think Gable manhandles him?
  2. It was also quite obvious that Snyder didn’t have that extra gear of Taylor and Gable to go get it late.
  3. Suppose we quadrupled the Living the Dream Medal payout for Greco Roman wrestling, how much would that improve medal output?
  4. When do 57kg repechage matches take place? Tomorrow morning?
  5. Stevan Micic won bronze at junior worlds for the USA. I wonder how much he had to pay to transfer to Serbia
  6. I believe he’s talking about the exhibition on Flo. I don’t think it was 74kg though, if that was your point.
  7. I’m not sure it’s a pseudonym but it’s certainly not my real name. Are you the A. Hamilton I remember from my government class? Of course there’s a difference between posting anonymously on a wrestling forum and publishing an article for public dissemination. I certainly exist, I’m merely an economics professor. Most wouldn’t call me a scientist!
  8. I recall inquiring about the individual’s authenticity at the time and it was never clarified that the name was a pseudonym. I guess I was holding you guys to a higher standard. I can’t imagine any other media outlet referencing a professor (or any person) by a pseudonym and not providing that information to the reader - it’s a bit peculiar.
  9. It was often repeated back then that University of Missouri had “the best wrestling school in the SEC.” Maybe I heard it enough that I didn’t find it as hilarious.
  10. Spey seems like one of those fake smart guys. I remember the time he wrote a story that cited some research professor that didn’t actually exist - since I share that profession, it was easy to debunk. He really isn’t the ideal candidate to log on here to dismiss the criticisms of Flo. One has to hand it to him though: he toes the company line but it isn’t a long-run equilibrium. Flo is losing ground fast.
  11. I would find the Spencer Lee banner link less striking if he was done wrestling for Iowa.
  12. Spencer Lee’s not listed on Iowa 2021-2022 roster. Is he not competing next season? https://hawkeyesports.com/sports/wrestling/roster/season/2021-22/
  13. Who would’ve won this weekend in a fantasy match?
  14. I remember hearing that Gable lost close matches to both Gwiz and Snyder years ago at the OTC. It seems he would have little problem with Snyder and Cox these days
  15. Zahid probably finishes that if he wasn’t in such horrible shape!
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