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  1. I thought I liked Kevin Dresser back in the day but the more I think about it, he just seems to whine and carry on like a baby.
  2. 97kg - 15 lbs = 213.848 lbs - 15 lbs = 198.848 lbs
  3. While we’re on the subject, has anyone else noticed that the flo bros have all ‘cancelled’ Willie? He engages with them on Twitter but they essentially ignore him. It seems as if their bosses told them not to interact with him.. pretty childish.
  4. He saw how much fun it was training with Nickal at U23s and decided to transfer. No telling where he ends up ;)
  5. This makes a lot of sense. I always knew I could spot an academic from a mile away - arguing based on credentials is a dead giveaway. And for the uninitiated: by “tenured professor at a major university” I think we’re dealing with a sociology professor at Penn State Schuylkill or a philosophy professor at University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.
  6. Sidakov is excellent but I just can't envision him beating Dake.
  7. Can you address the OP’s extremely convoluted question regarding why FLO doesn’t hire folks with an impressive pedigree and an extensive technical understanding of the sport? I’m not one who thinks pedigree is altogether necessary for providing quality insight but I do wonder if this is something that has been pursued? If so, why hasn’t it worked out? If not, what are the objections?
  8. If it were to be easily won by Zain, this thing would’ve been resolved by now.
  9. What (if any) are the monetary prizes for Yasar Dogu?
  10. My point was that there is uncertainty regarding whether that was exposure or not - it was in response to a statement that it was factual that it was not. Sure, we want to get the call right but at times doing so has wider implications. If anything, this sequence illustrates the importance of the timing of the challenge. Yianni's urgency changes dramatically over the final 40-50 seconds of the match if he believes he is losing on criteria rather than if he's winning 8-6. There were people intimately close to the action that stated other highly respected referees were disgusted with the mat judges ruling.
  11. Exposure points, four-pointers, and other scores do not exist when you’re abstracting from procedures and rules. There are many folks -likely better informed and less biased- that disagree about the exposure. I think it could’ve went either way but it certainly is not a fact that no exposure occurred.
  12. Can we all at least agree that the rules (supposing they were appropriately applied) are sub-optimal. If there is an end-of-period review that results in a score change, the wrestling should continue at the time of the score change. The idea that the wrestler's tactics and the entire dynamics of the match do not change in response to the score change is preposterous - only to be outdone by the fact that our rules somehow do not take this into account.
  13. I was wondering the same thing. Schultz won the US Open too. What exactly is the criteria?
  14. Well Lewis won gold at Junior Worlds so there’s at least one reason to think he’s ahead of Nolf when it comes to freestyle.
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