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  1. The answer is yes and it seems to start at the top. At the decentralized, personal level most of their guys (CP, Nomad, even Willie) will address criticisms and entertain ideas and views opposite to their own. Scale it up, however, and the default response is to ignore and suppress. Even if you have a legitimate issue, you’re likely getting nowhere with their customer support. For example, after having a monthly membership for some time, I purchased an annual membership for $150. Later on, I realized they were still charging me for the monthly membership. I contacted customer support a day after the payment cleared, requesting a refund but they wouldn’t even refund the most recent duplicate payment. Flo got $270 from me this year but they’ll never see another penny. I’d be ashamed and embarrassed to conduct business in such a manner.
  2. https://twitter.com/CPyles8/status/960618349792079872
  3. Exactly. Your opinion is needed.
  4. Go to BTN and watch the sequence in slow motion. If you're unbiased, then I think you will realize the official made a really good call.
  5. As Tom Ryan said in the post-match interview, Snyder needed to win the match by at least 12 points for OSU to gain criteria.
  6. You said: "Cael Sanderson never said anything." I merely showed that your comment was factually incorrect. What I want my coach to hope is beside the point.
  7. Here's the link: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/5062547-cael-sanderson-addresses-nick-surianos-health-prior-to-ncaas Also, straight from Coach Sanderson.
  8. Man, that's two abhorrent racist comments in one thread. Fortunately, you edited out the blatantly racist aspect of the second post.
  9. If he wins the U.S. Open, then he goes directly to the Final X thing; where he'll wrestle the winner of the WTT challenge tournament.
  10. This is obviously a step in the right direction. Hopefully, they'll get it entirely right next year with all ten Final X weights contested on ten consecutive weekends in ten different cities!
  11. You do realize in your diatribe against ad hominem attacks, you called someone a fool and referred to another as an idiot? In describing the latter as a bully, you invoked their physical appearance; ironically, bullies commonly make fun of others for being overweight.
  12. I’m curious of Flo’s rationale for eliminating the monthly subscriptions only for Flowrestling. Is it a short-sighted tactic to prevent unanticipated demand from overrunning their streams on popular events? That makes sense if they don’t want to upset their core fans/subscribers; a la OSU vs. PSU. However, it does not make sense for a forward-looking company concerned with gaining additional subscribers. A more desirable long-run solution would be to invest in improving their streaming capability, right?
  13. You can pay monthly for a cell phone. You can pay monthly for Netflix. The op wasn't complaining about the subscription model in general but the move away from the monthly subscription to the annual subscription - if you only watch the Midlands, the Scuffle, the U.S. Open and the WTT, then the annual subscription makes you worse off. Consumers prefer choices and variety so it's a reasonable complaint.
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