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  1. Both of those guys put on tremendous muscle mass over the last few years. It does make you wonder how prevalent it is in wrestling? I know it's quite common in college football and it goes widely undetected.
  2. How so? I thought it was a good one. If you get 70% of the popular vote in the twenty most populated states, you win the popular vote. Politicians would have very little concern for states like Delaware, Vermont, and Wyoming.
  3. Foresight would’ve done. He already got beat by Stencel, Jennings and Singletary when they decided to pull his redshirt.
  4. Essentially all of the interviewers are brutal. I’m not sure I can handle another question about Nolf’s ankle band placement.
  5. Did they reinstate reaction time?
  6. Listen to Nolf's interview, he agrees with your assessment. He said he was continuously trying to get to his offense but credited Hidlay's defense and positioning.
  7. I thought Gable actually wrestled the first period, not sure about all the Sumo talk.. Cassar wound up with the only takedown and deserved to win but he definitely was not aggressive; additional stalling calls would've been warranted.
  8. 1. I think one issue is everyone was giving Stoll a hard time the other night when he didn't do anything and now some of the same people are giving Cassar a pass. Steveson deserved to lose that match but Cassar also deserved additional stalling calls.
  9. I remember thinking Nolf was more competitive with Hall than I expected at the time; especially, given it was in Hall’s preferred style.
  10. Nolf and Nickal do this all the time.
  11. Awful seed. It doesn’t help Parris much though, he’ll have to wrestle Jennings from Northwestern - who’s beaten him a few times.
  12. Yes, at the outset it was just a few guys traveling the country capturing wrestling footage while also allowing users to upload their own footage. Even then, Flo wasn't void of criticism, there were plenty of copyright concerns and other issues. Eventually, IIRC they took on funding from venture capitalists to facilitate growth and expand their operations. Ultimately, their founder was removed from the company. Nevertheless, I'm sure the intent was always to monetize their product; that is what business is all about, after all. And there is nothing wrong with that.
  13. Much of what you said isn't at all relevant to my post. The OP was not complaining that $12.50/mo or $150/year was too much; instead, that they viewed it as misleading. First page states: "Plans from $12.50/month," then on the second page in big, bold font: $12.50/mo. Sure, it's a marketing scheme but some people view that marketing scheme as misleading. They do not have plans, they have one plan and that plan is $150/year. Even in the fine print, they refer to monthly plans that they simply do not offer. Oh, and I'm pretty sure my local car wash allows me the opportunity to pay per wash as well; Flo not so much.
  14. The obvious difference is that with a car, you actually pay $400/month. In this case, you never actually pay $12.50/month. What are they trying to do? Demonstrate that they can divide by 12?
  15. This was precisely my point – it was not some call to arms for empirical data. I was merely pointing out that entire diatribe was based on the premise that the white, religious, conservative wrestling community is the root of all these injustices. As you mentioned, such a premise depends on one’s values, perceptions, and bias. I just don’t see it the same way as dmm. I can agree with the outcome, that we should be discussing these things, without relying on all of the political and religious undertones. How has the wrestling community been doing lately? I view the rapid growth in women’s wrestling and the expansion of Beat the Streets into more urban centers to be a positive innovation for wrestling. And these things don’t seem to be consistent with a wrestling community that is wholly apprehensive to change.
  16. I didn’t really think there would be. Okay, I’ll do that: I’ll start with Cook County in Illinois where I lived for 10+ years, I know wrestling is very popular there. Of course, the real issue is that he was presenting a narrative that depended on premises that he couldn’t truly know. If you take liberties like that, how careful and unbiased are you going to be when dealing with more complicated issues?
  17. Maybe I will, it’s probably in the Census, right? I’m stuck thinking that it might be easier if he just tells me, since he surely already looked it up.
  18. You make these generalizations with such confidence. How do you know these things? The proportion of the wrestling community that satisfies some observable characteristic (political affiliation, e.g.) is an empirical issue. As such, these claims about the demographics of the wrestling community can be verified or refuted with data; they’re not incontestable. How do you know that the US wrestling community is extremely “...Republican, religious, and conservative,” especially given that the group tends to flee from matters related to religion and politics? I’d like to see this data.
  19. While those were presented as brackets, they were actually pre-seeds. As such, they’re subject to change.
  20. There was a mass exodus following his departure - all four of their returning NCAA qualifiers transferred. Sean Russell transferred to Minnesota, Andrew Shomers to Oklahoma State, Korbin Myers and Billy Miller both to Virginia Tech.
  21. Bummer for Joe Smith. Any ideas on the deciding factors?
  22. When was the last time the US won a medal at 65kg?
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