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  1. It doesn’t appear that he understands that Tyler’s real name is Kyler.
  2. Questions like these do not have easy answers. As Jaroslav suggested, it is a counterfactual; what would've occurred had things been different? Most research in the social sciences deal with counterfactuals, it is technical and rigorous and only rarely is it fanciful. There certainly are statistical tools to deal with this sort of problem given that the data is available. Suppose the NFL realizes record profits while participation rates plummet (perhaps due to CTE/concussion concerns), would you consider that growth? I think the NFL would and I'd tend to agree with them.
  3. Does anyone know if HEW runs in the Valencia family?
  4. With a torn ACL no less! Score was 7-5 but that match was never in doubt for Yianni.
  5. I think you could seed him 2nd given Eierman's loss to Alber. However, I don't think he matches up well with Yianni or Eierman.
  6. Right, I was backpedaling because I realized it wasn't mentioned on here. Looking back, I made a few claims: 1) I don't think Nolf will medal this year; 2) I did not think that the Nolf-Green freestyle match was as close as suggested; and 3) I think Green is the favorite over Nolf at 70 kg this year. None of which was ever intended to suggest that Nolf can't beat Green or that Nolf would never make a world team. I can see how I came across in a different way but I think Nolf is great - I just try to temper my expectations concerning world medals. I voiced similar concerns regarding Taylor prior to the world championships and I was glad to be proven wrong. Dude had to dig deep against that russian and showed a lot of toughness that someone like him typically doesn't have to display -- I thought it was awesome.
  7. I've always thought the reason for the high marginal cost to new customers was a barrier to prevent them from overrunning their bandwidth and crashing the feed. As I said previously, if that is no longer an issue perhaps it is time to bring back the monthly memberships. Personally for anything above $90 or $120, I do not feel that the value outweighs the cost so there's no deal. I watch NCAAs DI wrestling and freestyle; with BTN2GO, ESPN, and various ways of watching UWW events, I really only need a Flo membership for 3 or 4 months. I'm an economist, it's not the monthly budgeting that concerns me.
  8. I've heard people claiming he'll win world gold this year but I think that was on Twitter not on here. To be fair, it's certainly a lot more plausible that Nolf will win a world medal this year than that he'll never make a world team; the outlandishness is not symmetric as I implied.
  9. I've seen (and been a part of) the skepticism regarding Nolf's freestyle career. There are outlandish takes on both sides of this argument - no doubt - but generally the pessimism surrounds his near-term odds of winning a world medal not that he'll never make a world team. And go over to the UWW database, you'll see that Junior World medals forecasts senior level medals significantly more than NCAA dominance.
  10. You're obviously right. The fact that Flo doesn't offer the monthly memberships indicates that they do not find it profit maximizing to do so. They should be indifferent if the typical monthly member maintained their subscription for at least five months ($30x5=$150); unless they have working capital problems. Additionally, the absence of the monthly memberships provides insight into their customer base; e.g., that the typical monthly member does not (or really did not) consume more than four months of wrestling in a year.
  11. I probably read too much into this: I guess it might just be that he's not eligible to be ranked at 165 for the Coaches ranking.
  12. Supposedly Joseph Smith is not competing in the post season.
  13. It's obvious that Picc and Rivera improved dramatically over the season and that Spencer is less than 100%. It's a complicated world, multiple things can go on at the same time. What's surprising to me is the number of people who still seem to think Spencer is a favorite to win NCAAs. It's certainly possible but I haven't seen anything lately that would suggest that it's likely to occur. It kind of reminds my of Matt McDonough and Jesse Delgado final seasons.. I hoped they'd return to form but it just never came.
  14. Flo has improved tremendously over the past few years. But I do at least understand some of the criticism. I'm still not sure why they don't offer a wider variety of pricing/membership options; especially if the streaming capacity issues are less of a concern. $150/year is certainly economical but some potential users are budget constrained while others may not view sufficient content to justify purchasing an annual membership. Why not offer the $30/month memberships for casual fans? I'd think that would more than offset the liquidity concerns or cash flow problems it may present.
  15. That celebration was a thing of beauty. The kid has panache
  16. It would've been 15-1 if Picc got off his back.
  17. During the NCAAs he pinned him though.
  18. I think it was because he lost. Or were you just trying to be obnoxious?
  19. You're probably right. I know Mark Hall has commented about never wrestling 74kg again. I suppose he can always bulk up to 86kg and move to Penn RTC or the OTC.
  20. Pretty crazy to think a few of those matches were at 84kg and that there's a chance half a decade later we could still see Mark Hall at 74kg.
  21. Mark Hall probably deserves consideration over the bulk of the names you mentioned. I get that he doesn’t always light up the college scoreboard but his freestyle resume is better than all of those guys, right?
  22. Bobby Telford needs to spend more time with Terry practicing his taunting. It clearly doesn't come naturally for him.
  23. I think the correct answer is 25%. Although, it could be argued that it's zero percent since Cael didn't technically win a world medal his first year out. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt since he didn't get the opportunity to compete in Tehran in 2002.
  24. That's precisely why I used the word "almost"!
  25. I realize this was a completely genuine request, so here's some data: 39.29% of three time NCAA champs went on to win a world medal. Winning 4 NCAA titles is almost a guarantee for a world medal though.
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