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    ThorsteinV reacted to Wrestleknownothing in Real Woods   
    Cenzo must have a bear of a commute.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to MSU158 in D1 Day 1 thread   
    Yep.  Plus remember they wrestled the pigtails first and then stagger those guys in after they get the mandatory time to rest.  So 17 matches per weight or 170 in that first round alone!  Even with 8 mats, that is 21.25 matches per mat!  Say about 10 minutes per match for the longest mat time and you end up with 2.5 minutes over that allotted timeframe.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to ionel in D1 Day 1 thread   
    TV schedule shows 11 to 2:30 so probably close to that.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to Eagle26 in B1G Discussion   
    As much as I hate the MFF too, you all have to realize this tournament is a qualifier… nothing more, nothing less. If you are a Penn State fan and you don’t care when Michigan or Iowa wins B1Gs because you only care about what happens in two weeks, how can you care so much that another team doesn’t give this tournament much prestige either?
  5. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to ionel in If Gable were to get upset at NCAAs   
    ahh ... thought this thread was about what would happen if The Gable got perturbed at an opponent at NCAA ... carry on 
    I have no idea what I'm talking about
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    ThorsteinV got a reaction from DocBZ in OFFICIAL Penn State - Ohio State Predictions   
    Jordan’s shoulder was at least 3 inches off the ground when that pin was called. Even the BTN announcers mentioned it
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    ThorsteinV got a reaction from CoachWrestling in PSU at Iowa Match Thread   
    Yeah, PSU is definitely the favorite. Iowa is still in contention and would’ve won with acl-less Spencer 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to hammerlockthree in PSU at Iowa Match Thread   
    vak was right about the upper body thing
  9. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to TBar1977 in PSU at Iowa Match Thread   
    How many matches has Rivera tried to steal? Geez. Too bad for Iowa that PSU is just bettet
  10. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to TBar1977 in PSU at Iowa Match Thread   
    Well, at least Rivera tried.
  11. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to Wrestleknownothing in PSU vs Cornell   
    I thought I read this five times somewhere.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to Lurker in Which would you pay for first?   
    I guess there are two different perspectives someone could take. One being as you stated. Yet another being…they had the opportunity to wrestle, but Zare didn’t advance far enough in the bracket. 
  13. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to VakAttack in Suriano to Michigan   

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  14. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to Mr. Poopy butthole in All eyes on Burroughs’ calf   
    Who hurt you?
  15. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to bnwtwg in WTT Finals Thread   
    Who needs “fake, snap, fake, snap, fake, snap” when you can say “Moore will come out firing in the first period this time” when Moore’s shoulder is literally hanging on by a single ligament. Flo needs to push what they are good at and give way to others who are much, much better at their weaknesses. Bajrang Boys would be 10x better than this junk. Might as well invite Bader for another point of high school jv fan boi play by play and color commentary.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to iGranby in WTT Finals Thread   
    Yeah I always mute when malinconico is on the call
  17. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to NJDan in WTT Predictions, Upsets and Updates   
    He was upset that JB got to sit out the challenge tournament and meet him in the final. Oh, wait, never mind.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to IronChef in Hanging On Too Long   
    It takes no special effort to remember that there's one guy on a wrestling message board who always wants people to quit wrestling.
  19. Confused
    ThorsteinV reacted to Le duke in US trials upset predictions   
    I’m fairly certain DT would be in the top 3 at 92kg, too.

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    ThorsteinV reacted to Husker_Du in 2021 Worlds: Taylor vs. Yazdani   
    that's not true. 
    Yazdani The Greatest was started for Reza back when Charati was like a Cadet.
    i have a tshirt of it. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to AHamilton in Rocky Elam v. Kyle Snyder   
    When Snyder trained with Taha, he looked like he was being handled, at least for the two minutes I saw.  Even had to take a break to tie his shoelaces!
  22. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to Husker_Du in Rocky Elam v. Kyle Snyder   
    what about Gable vs. Ditka
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    ThorsteinV got a reaction from DocBZ in Rocky Elam v. Kyle Snyder   
    How about Gable vs Snyder? Am I wrong to think Gable manhandles him?
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    ThorsteinV reacted to Billyhoyle in Rocky Elam v. Kyle Snyder   
    10-0 Gable.  I want to see Gable vs Sadulaev.  
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    ThorsteinV reacted to John Morgan in Greco Roman Fix   
    Just in reference to the Par Terre defense comments.  If you are training young kids in FS or GR this may help.  The reason I created these is because I couldn't find many PT instructional vids.  
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