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    ThorsteinV reacted to wrestlingphish in Final X: New World Team Trials setup.   
    “Final X is not just an event series but a status,” FloSports co-founder and CEO Martin Floreani said. “Only the best American wrestlers of our generation make it to Final X, and those that become Final X have the opportunity to represent the most glorious country on earth.”
    I can't stop laughing at this quote. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to tbert in Final X: New World Team Trials setup.   
    Seems like a complicated scheme to get Kyle dake on a world team.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to IronChef in Final X: New World Team Trials setup.   
    I suppose they could have come up with a less fan-friendly format, but it would have taken some doing.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to TobusRex in Kyle Snyder the pinning machine?   
    Something tells me that a guy with several World golds around his neck doesn't worry too much about the Hodge Award.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to sansbarksdale in FLO not allowing monthly subs anymore after 1/31/2018   
    If you scroll down from that link and read the info under "What is my PRO subscription?" in the faq, it gives details. Looks like I'll be done with FLO permanently after January because I only use FLO for a handful of events and can't justify paying for a whole year. Kind of a shame because I really like the US Open and the WTT events. USA Wrestling made a big mistake getting in bed with them. They've been awful for the sport. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to WillieBoy in No National Duals Next Season   
    SuperSecret NCAA rules change under consideration will make College D1 wrestling "challenge matches only" in the future.
    You want to wrestle a guy or a school? You don't schedule them, you challenge them. Put up a purse so the winning team gets it and the challenge team gets a good payday as well.
    Highlights will be individual challenge matches with avoiding them costing placement ranking for the NCAA tournament. Avoid/evade 5 matches during the season and you don't go to NCAA's.
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