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    ThorsteinV reacted to wrestlingphish in The upside case for Snyder   
    I heard through my Russian sources that Sad was absolutely distraught at how close Snyder came so he was asking around what the best excuse would be to explain his lack of leg attacks and the Facebook poll he created overwhelmingly went with 'leg injury' and so that is the story he told. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to wrestlingnerd in The upside case for Snyder   
    I saw no improvement. The short time of 27s left was telling. If the stronger, bigger, better conditioned guy can't even sniff a point with the match on the line and Sadulaev in blocking mode, I don't see a path to victory. Snyder wasn't even able to move Sadulaev out of position once the entire time.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to Chet Hanson in Discussion thread for 57kg (m), 57kg (w), and 86kg (m)   
    Correct. They will wrestle those before the first session of 74kg, 125kg and the weight class that Winchester is in.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to GoNotQuietly in Discussion thread for 57kg (m), 57kg (w), and 86kg (m)   
    That was a pin!!

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    ThorsteinV reacted to LJB in Odds for Freestyle Olympics   
    i'm not saying debbie downer...
    debbie downer...
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    ThorsteinV reacted to Husker_Du in Does being a 4X high school champ increase the likelihood of being an NCAA champ?   
    yes but he hates to be called that. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to flyingcement in Why are wrestling OTT so early??   
    Weird it seems like you like talking down to people.  Hope you are doing okay
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    ThorsteinV reacted to bnwtwg in JB vs IMar   
    Imar was chonk at the US Open. His cankles were bigger than Cohlton Shultz's neck.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to lu_alum in Poland Thread   
    Yes.. that was my point.  The point of the other post was that Dake did better at 79kg than 74kg, using is close win over Chamizo as a reference.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to Sstern in Adam Coon is now a Tennessee Titan   
    Clearly drunk posting last evening.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to AHamilton in Flo New Setup   
    I most certainly am not the first Secretary of the Treasury. The fact that I lack a .50 caliber hole above my right hip is proof of that!
    What are your thoughts on Hamilton's "First Report on the Public Credit?"
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    ThorsteinV got a reaction from AHamilton in Flo New Setup   
    I’m not sure it’s a pseudonym but it’s certainly not my real name. Are you the A. Hamilton I remember from my government class? 
    Of course there’s a difference between posting anonymously on a wrestling forum and publishing an article for public dissemination.  I certainly exist, I’m merely an economics professor. Most wouldn’t call me a scientist! 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to AHamilton in Flo New Setup   
    Ahhhh.... thats right.  While the Tigers are barely an SEC member in football, they are still a member.  I was thinking of the SEC with no wrestling schools, forgetting that Mizzou was technically a member.
    I had a coach who wrestled for LSU.  How crazy is that?
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    ThorsteinV got a reaction from AHamilton in Flo New Setup   
    I recall inquiring about the individual’s authenticity at the time and it was never clarified that the name was a pseudonym. I guess I was holding you guys to a higher standard.  I can’t imagine any other media outlet referencing a professor (or any person) by a pseudonym and not providing that information to the reader - it’s a bit peculiar. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to MSU158 in Dake may legitimately be the best current US wrestler there is, but.......   
    The guy is OUT THERE!!!! lol.
    It won't let me embed it, so anyone that can, please feel free to do so.
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    ThorsteinV got a reaction from portajohn in Flo New Setup   
    Spey seems like one of those fake smart guys. I remember the time he wrote a story that cited some research professor that didn’t actually exist - since I share that profession, it was easy to debunk.

    He really isn’t the ideal candidate to log on here to dismiss the criticisms of Flo. One has to hand it to him though: he toes the company line but it isn’t a long-run equilibrium. Flo is losing ground fast. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to dman115 in Spencer Lee Out Next Year?   
    He must not have liked Iowa's Covid policies
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    ThorsteinV reacted to AHamilton in Spencer Lee Out Next Year?   
    He would quickly lose his 'inner peace.'
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    ThorsteinV reacted to Lurker in Spencer Lee Out Next Year?   
    The most interesting thing on that webpage is the second tabs row from the top:
    Wrestling         Recruiting         Schedule         Roster         Spencer Lee          News             More
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    ThorsteinV reacted to BobDole in Flo not paying women from Captains Cup?   
    The biggest difference is working with sildanefil is really hard.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to dmm53 in Nolf Question   
    Perfect example of a defensive philistine who no doubt knows nothing of the challenges, depth, or beauty of philosophy,  art, literature, and the like.   Or, in the words of Alan Watts, a mere "prickly" personality:
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    ThorsteinV reacted to CA_Wrestler in Nolf Question   
    Dake taught him a refresher course in physics.  Nolf passed with flying colors.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to AHamilton in Nolf Question   
    Kinesiology may have saved him from serious injury courtesy of  the Dake "hate crime."
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    ThorsteinV reacted to headshuck in Dake vs. Taylor   
    Every time he loses a fantasy match, his ears grow a millimeter.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to uncle bernard in Semis   
    He deserved to win, but it's a travesty Fix didn't even get a warning. That was insane.
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