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  1. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to VakAttack in Post Your Most Anticipated Match   
    Rare for somebody to be looking forward to the 1/33 matchup, but you do you.

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    ThorsteinV reacted to wamba in Gable is the best wrestler in college and it's not close   
    We are so spoiled to have Gable and Lee at the same time in college.
    Watching Gable toy with Parris was honestly ridiculous, especially given Parris’ victory of Gwiz.
    That being said, anyone who thinks that Lee isn’t close to Gable’s dominance is being disingenuous. Lee is one of the more dominant wrestlers we’ve seen in college atm. I mean, most of his matches end in the 1st period.
    We should be praising both wrestlers as they are incredible.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to ugarte in Matteo Pelicone   
    this response from chamizo when amine got a leg is downright disrespectful in the best way

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    ThorsteinV reacted to Gantry in February 23rd NLWC Matchups   
    Dake is just toying with Joseph and looks REAL big. 
  5. Sad
    ThorsteinV reacted to nhs67 in America's Cup Wrestlers   
    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, high chances are that it is a duck.
    I know I can be the worst, too.  Worst is worse than fckn idiot, so there is that 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to nom in America's Cup Wrestlers   
    He did not say 74kg was not an option.  You seem to want to be pissed so you are making up an argument.  Have fun with that.
  7. Haha
    ThorsteinV got a reaction from nhs67 in America's Cup Wrestlers   
    Another post with even more substance! You’re right: I’m a stupid, idiot. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to AnklePicker in JB and DT moved to Lincoln.....   
    Not close to a TD?  He had his leg in the air. I get it finishing on DT is tough, but not close?  
    That slip cost JB. Not sure if it was the giant logo on the mat, or remnants of Cox’s sweat!  Hats off to both guys for putting it on the line. Good go for both of them.  DT doesn’t have that crazy gas tank he used to have. Needs to compete a ton like he did in the run up to his world title. Shame he isn’t going to France I take it?
    Man McKenna is looking so good. Wasn’t close with Gross and Chittum is a gonna be a problem in college eventually. Very impressive. 
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    ThorsteinV got a reaction from MPC in Economics of Coronavirus for College Sports   
    Haha. It wasn’t a burn: MPC is an economic concept and you started an economic thread.. as an economist, I had to ask! 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to VakAttack in No fans at NCAAs   
    This is going to be odd.
  11. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to stp in NCAA BRACKETS   
    Was gonna watch, then I saw Shane Sparks.  
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    ThorsteinV reacted to Perry in Flo's Rankings are atrocious!   
    I agree, their rankings have seemingly gotten somewhat worse this year 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to TBar1977 in Flo's Rankings are atrocious!   
    At one point this year Flo had Nelson Brands ranked 5th while Aaron Brooks was like 25th. Nuff said. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to Katie in A new era at Iowa?   
    Iowa used to have a bad-boy reputation. Brands, for example, once said that "[w]hen I get on top of an opponent, I want to rip out his arm and hand back a bloody stump. ... I thrive on the brutality of the sport."
    But now that the entire Hawkeye lineup is imported from out of state, they seem to have adopted a new philosophy. S. Lee -- soon-to-be the best Hawkeye of all time -- is just smiling and having fun like every tournament is surprise birthday party for him. Lugo wants nothing more than to work on his technique, strategy, and beach body. Bull just wants to respect his opponents. Kemerer might actually be an accountant. Some of you might bring up ADS, but we've all seen how Brands watches him like a mother hawk watches a hatchling. 
    So... is it just me or has Iowa entered a new chapter in its history?
  15. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to DocBZ in JO Spending Time at PSU   
    Is he rooming with Kyle Snyder in Cael's basement?
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    ThorsteinV reacted to ironmonkey in Flo   
    It would be nice if the scoring graphics could be read in the split screens during the first few rounds.    
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    ThorsteinV reacted to MedicineMan in Big Ten Session 2   
    Russel!   Tbar! ...

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    ThorsteinV reacted to uncle bernard in Big Ten Session 2   
    Exactly why my main critique is of the ref. RBY wrestled a smart match and much of that was dictated by the official. If the official doesn't make you engage, why engage? The official has to make him wrestle. He doesn't have to give a point, but the warning at least makes him engage. That's why the rule exists.
    And nobody should be debating TBar on this. Just a waste of time. Roman could have been doing literal sprints around the edge of the mat running away from Desanto and TBar would maintain that he was circling in.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to russelscout in Big Ten Session 2   
    I expect a 16 page thread of outrage since RBY ran Desanto on to the other mat for pretty much no reason.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to RavishingRickRude in Iowa St. Open (merged topic)   
    Makes me laugh that this thread is now 4 pages long and the topic is all over twitter, yet this was the first response. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to Show_Me in Iowa St. Open (merged topic)   
    Isn’t this the same Coach Dresser that called out Coach Brands for “Ducking” his team while at VA Tech ?
    Pot, meet kettle.
    Perhaps even worse is how he is blatantly gaming the Allocation System with these bogus “Injury Default wins”....... which were obviously pre-meditated.  These shady tactics will take AQ's away from other wrestlers/conferences.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to Mpchillin in Iowa St. Open (merged topic)   
    It seems pretty strange to have your starter sit out a dual while having him accept 3 forfeits to teammates at a tournament in Ames.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to AKHUNTER in #1 Spencer Lee vs. #4 Nick Piccininni   
    Spencer Lee doesn't wrestle very many second or third periods............ sooooooo OF COURSE he doesn't score in those periods........ the graph is pretty meaningless in this instance.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to Antitroll2828 in Willie’s Tweet   
    I think it refers to the fact that wrestling is treated like a second class sport at the Olympics and suggested many times over the years we just say forget the Olympics and just continue to build up the the world championships and not shift the wrestling world for an event that tried to kick us out for speed walking a few years ago 
  25. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to nom in Parris   
    For those that are slow.  Gable’s last name doesn’t have an ‘n’ in the middle of it.  Now reread the posts above.
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