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  1. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to ionel in Parris   
    I'll go a step further out on the limb and say that Stevenson will never even take the mat against Parris.  I'm not calling him a duck ... but that's my firm prediction. 
  2. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to jchapman in Taking bets about PSU vs Wisconsin tonight   
    I hope Moran injury defaults here so he can keep his #4 ranking
  3. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to Crotalus in Taylor is our rep for Pan Am Olympic qualifier   
    I wish him the best, and don't think the knee will be a problem. Really hope he can get this weight qualified for J'den.
    Glad we won't have to see blue dragons or whatever his dad's new screen name is come on here and make excuses for why PDIII didn't get the weight qualified.
  4. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to headshuck in DeSanto - Love/Hate/Love   
    “No matter how much he begs, don’t throw Terry after the match!”
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    ThorsteinV reacted to LHU125 in D1 Coaches who are not afraid to tell The Truth   
    You'll find that many Division I coaches whine and carry on like babies. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to silvermedal in D1 Coaches who are not afraid to tell The Truth   
    Many moons ago, I was a high school coach and the local paper was covering one of our duals.  We got hammered and I was interviewed.  I talked about how the other team was more prepared and aggressive.  When I read my words, my thought was: "well, who's fault is that?"  
    Someone needs to get Dresser a mirror.  
  7. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to Big Nasty in Matteo Pelicone Rome -- Saturday Thread   
    Damn.  Dake looked gassed out of his mind in the finals.  
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    ThorsteinV reacted to misanthrope in Matteo Pelicone Rome -- Saturday Thread   
    You appear to be selectively impressed.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to wrestlingnerd in Matteo Pelicone Rome Olympic Ranking Tournament   
    Fair enough but has he ever lost this badly other than to Sadulaev? That was a whoopin pf the highest order. Seriously concerning. 
  10. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to headshuck in Separated at birth?   
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    ThorsteinV reacted to VakAttack in Kerkvliet to PSU   
    I am shocked.  SHOCKED, I say.
  12. Haha
    ThorsteinV reacted to GockeS in Wiscy-Iowa on Sunday   
    dont forget 'go ahead and come on top....'
    they must forget kids are watching
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    ThorsteinV reacted to TBar1977 in Flo Disrespects ASU   
    I'd love to see Willie find someone to share a podcast with. Air it at 9am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And I say this as a Flo subscriber, but also an avowed anti cancel culture consumer. 
  14. Thanks
    ThorsteinV got a reaction from jon in Flo Disrespects ASU   
    While we’re on the subject, has anyone else noticed that the flo bros have all ‘cancelled’ Willie? He engages with them on Twitter but they essentially ignore him.  It seems as if their bosses told them not to interact with him.. pretty childish.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to GranbyTroll in Bill Farrell Discussion Thread   
    I know that Mike Mal coached and wrestled at a high level, which made that comment stick out so much for me. It sounds like something a misinformed youth wrestler's dad would say after a loss than something an informed pundit and student of the sport would say. The big question now is if Gross can be effective at that weight with a 2 day weight in procedure. 
  16. Sad
    ThorsteinV reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Bill Farrell Discussion Thread   
    gotcha, thanks. well i can't speak for Mike and can't tell you the exact point he was trying to make but i can assure you he is familiar with the concept of weight cutting, both personally as a high school and college wrestler and as a coach of many years. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to GranbyTroll in Bill Farrell Discussion Thread   
    "Gross told me that every match he just feels better. That's remarkable considering how depleted he was of fluids and nutrients from the weight cut. At the end of the day, he should be feeling that depletion more, but Gross is actually feeling better!"
    Mike Mal missed the fact that Gross only had to weigh in once this morning and probably hydrated back up to 135-140 by the finals. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to jackwebster in Bill Farrell Discussion Thread   
    Straight up racism?
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    ThorsteinV reacted to BobDole in Intermat   
    I really like Intermat's Obituary and Arrests sections.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to unbiased in Willie at Flo   
    Willie, do you accept these?

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    ThorsteinV reacted to pamela in Flo Kinda Explains why Flo is a joke   
    I’m surprised Flo didn’t put up a “why Willie left” teaser vid with the full explanation behind a paywall.
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    ThorsteinV reacted to TBar1977 in Willie at Flo   
    I liked Willie the most on FRL. Without Willie, today's FRL seemed stale and boring. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to scribe in Willie at Flo   
    This is a reminder for me that these boards were recruiting grounds for wrestling media personalities about 10 years ago. Even I was asked to get on one of the platforms and I don’t know crap about any of the wrestlers and I barely understand the rules. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to Husker_Du in Willie at Flo   
    thanks for the mostly kind words guys. (also thanks for following some of my work over the years).
    i'll give an explanation sometime in the next couple days. still love the guys at flo and appreciate all the invaluable opportunities 
    they've given me over the years. but also looking forward to doing my own thing and the excitement and challenges that come with it. 
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    ThorsteinV reacted to MadMardigain in Willie at Flo   
    They only do things by a yearly rate.  
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