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  1. I worked at a Pharma manufacturing plant, and everyone greeted with fist bumps instead of hand shakes. They said it was to help prevent the spread of germs. It is funny in this situation as you said though.
  2. Will the finals of the trials be a best of 3 to get to the best of 3 (final x) or at those weights (74kg and 97kg) will it be 1 match all the way through until they meet Snyder/Burroughs No, sounds like all final matches of part 1 will be one match only unless there is a delay due to injury or illness. From the procedures:
  3. I have a feeling Imar vs Dake will be electric as well.
  4. Yeah, I saw the same thing. I questioned it since the weight class didn't even look like it was finished wrestling.
  5. Did Snyder drop a match?
  6. I think so too, especially with the resources that these guys have to help them continue to manage weight. No cause for concern here except if you're a JB fan :*(
  7. I've not seen his matches but Dake's results so far don't sound out of the ordinary for him. He's always had those really well managed low scoring matches that appear as though he just wants to get through it with a win. Having said that, I don't doubt that cutting down a bit takes away some of the explosiveness that made his 79kg matches so fun and high scoring.
  8. Nothing wrong with wondering what their thinking is there. I'm wondering too. Seems like Olympic Champion would be an "all in or nothing" type commitment. As with a lot of the folks here, 86kg seems more like the all in type commitment. I even feel like he would fare very well against Taylor. Bo's got the type of athleticism that Taylor seems to struggle with (Dake, Cox, & Burroughs).
  9. I'm not sure if they'll hold another Olympic year World Championships but I'd have to imagine the loser goes to Worlds. Should be a cakewalk championship for either. I'd really like to see JB at 79kg. It may bring back some of the pop from 2017 and earlier. I know we are all pretty sure Dake is going 74kg but he is looking huge lately. Although not as big and puffy as from 2016. It would be funny if he announces he's going 86kg again. I think he wins that weight class as well.
  10. Could he? Absolutely. Will he? Doubtful, all signs point to him coaching if he chooses to retire after 2020. Physically, he looked very Yoel Romeroesque in that video though. What a monster.
  11. This. Bo's not looking for a slow start so he's adding to the resume. Same thing Pico did becoming a top MMA prospect because of his accomplishments. More hype, more options, bigger pay day. Better to get paid early before you realize you don't have a chin.
  12. Really didn't think Sasso was going to get handled like that.
  13. I've been really impressed with Pletcher this tournament. I have to agree with the Flo guys, the guy looks to be on a new level. Much more dynamic than I remember him in years past. He also reminds of D. Schlatter every time I see him.
  14. I"m a bit surprised at Meredith also. Can hang with the best of them in folkstyle but just doesn't seem like he's transitioned very well to freestyle. I want to think that he'll continue to improve training with the guys at the NJRTC but he's got his work cut out for him. I would really like to see him do well.
  15. Don't worry, there's more us level headed folks that aren't sold on that claim. Although, I would pay to see that match.
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