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  1. Do you guys think we'll see the back and forth jawing and promotion from these two as we did with Dake/Chamizo (Dake plays the heel so well)? Zahid seems like too nice a kid and JB probably doesn't want to tarnish his image. Maybe we see a good ol "polite fight", lol.
  2. No, my comment was a bit tongue in cheek. I agree with you, the top 65kg guys are going to be too much.
  3. Definitely agree on Lee. We need to see him against someone from a different weight class for it to be interesting, and judging from his slaying of the 57kg weight class, it probably does need to be 2-3 weight classes higher lol. I'm hoping with no cutting, we see some vintage explosive takedowns from Burroughs and really hoping it's a shoot out like JB vs. Taylor at the 2014 Open.
  4. Crazy to think about guys on the other end of that spectrum - Taylor, Dake, Valencia, Burroughs, a few examples of recent greats that were still physically maturing their true freshman year.
  5. Was really thinking Dake was going to blow Chamizo out for some reason. Just a reminder how good Chamizo is and how this quarantine has really affected everyone's training, regardless of what they say. Dake looked winded.
  6. Taylor smashed Myles, geez. Great that the magic man called out Sadulaev but I'd also take another match with Dake.
  7. Spencer Lee vs. Seth Gross @ 57kg Super throwback outta retirement, Metcalf/Schlatter IV @ 70kg Mark Hall vs. Kyle Dake @ 79kg Bo Nickal vs. Z. Valencia @86kg Supermatch : DT vs. Russian Tank @92kg
  8. I'm glad JB will be continuing, and doing so with different looks and feels in his new room. I think him and Mark Hall will push each other to be better.
  9. I worked at a Pharma manufacturing plant, and everyone greeted with fist bumps instead of hand shakes. They said it was to help prevent the spread of germs. It is funny in this situation as you said though.
  10. Will the finals of the trials be a best of 3 to get to the best of 3 (final x) or at those weights (74kg and 97kg) will it be 1 match all the way through until they meet Snyder/Burroughs No, sounds like all final matches of part 1 will be one match only unless there is a delay due to injury or illness. From the procedures:
  11. I have a feeling Imar vs Dake will be electric as well.
  12. Yeah, I saw the same thing. I questioned it since the weight class didn't even look like it was finished wrestling.
  13. Did Snyder drop a match?
  14. I think so too, especially with the resources that these guys have to help them continue to manage weight. No cause for concern here except if you're a JB fan :*(
  15. I've not seen his matches but Dake's results so far don't sound out of the ordinary for him. He's always had those really well managed low scoring matches that appear as though he just wants to get through it with a win. Having said that, I don't doubt that cutting down a bit takes away some of the explosiveness that made his 79kg matches so fun and high scoring.
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