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  1. He won this coming off a torn calf at the trials. What a legend.
  2. I don't think so. I believe JB had Raymond Jordan in 2012 and Robert Kokesh in 2016. Dake would have been a bit young in 2012 and had surgery after 2016 trials. Dake was the alternate in 2013 after JB broke his ankle, but I doubt they were training together.
  3. It's been a minute but I remember the look on Askren's face as things unfolded, and it seemed like even he had no idea things were going to go that way. I think Askren or Flo even tried to steer the conversation back to NCAA topic but they were not in control. I don't think anyone on the show was prepared for it, and no matter how Askren defended it afterward, it wasn't a great look. Getting off topic some more, what I have always wondered about was when things got really sour between them. I know the tension was always there because of how the World Team Trial procedures were, but I thought they were kind of ok going into the 2018 World Championships, taking pictures together as "the old guys" in response to Imar and Zahid, with JB complementing Dake while watching him at the World Cup.
  4. Correct, JB said "scared money don't make money". John Smith then amusingly sorta butchered it and said, "I've never heard that...scared money...or ya make money. I like that." The moment itself was golden.
  5. This is the best Dake we've ever seen - focused, dialed in, injury free, rested. While JB has really lacked that unstoppable finishing power he had at his peak. If JB is able to stop Dake's run tomorrow, it will be an amazing feat adding to his legacy. Unfortunately, it will be a very tall task.
  6. Yes, the Henri Deglane - but I think that was with 2kg allowance. Either way, he looked pretty good. From an eyeball test, he looked sharper than JB did at the Pellicone but not sure if Pellicone was with allowance since it was a ranking event.
  7. Dake looked fantastic but nothing surprising. Can't wait to see him against an improved Imar.
  8. Most of my thoughts regarding JB/DT have already been stated here. They're both Kings and I'm glad they put on a show for us. I hope JB is ok after what appears to be a minor injury, since he returned to finish the match. For his sake, I hope he didn't suck it up and finish the match for the fans. I also like the fact that there is and continues to be a great deal of respect and friendship between these two. Both really respectful to one another before and after the match up. Also, someone needs to tell McKenna to picture Seth Gross's face on every opponent for the remainder of his career. No effs given.
  9. No, he was just stating making same day 74kg takes the pop out of him. In the interview after he arrived in Texas, he said he had really grown into 79kg, but 86kg was too big for him, and that the new weigh in rules really affected him (confirming what we all thought). In calling out DT, he also said he would start the cut back down to 74kg after December.
  10. Ain't that the truth. He made JB look all of 32 in the first, he was sooooo quick.
  11. Wow wow wow, Zahid is a problem. The conditioning can be addressed. JB had me worried through the first but man oh man, JB doing JB things in the 2nd. He is legend.
  12. Do you guys think we'll see the back and forth jawing and promotion from these two as we did with Dake/Chamizo (Dake plays the heel so well)? Zahid seems like too nice a kid and JB probably doesn't want to tarnish his image. Maybe we see a good ol "polite fight", lol.
  13. No, my comment was a bit tongue in cheek. I agree with you, the top 65kg guys are going to be too much.
  14. Definitely agree on Lee. We need to see him against someone from a different weight class for it to be interesting, and judging from his slaying of the 57kg weight class, it probably does need to be 2-3 weight classes higher lol. I'm hoping with no cutting, we see some vintage explosive takedowns from Burroughs and really hoping it's a shoot out like JB vs. Taylor at the 2014 Open.
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