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  1. Yes, at least twice. Latest at the Dan Kolov. But he always wrestles JB tough.
  2. I don't think it's all that hard, right? He just wrestles at as many ranking tournaments as he can. Burroughs got to a few of them, thus earning his 2nd seed.
  3. Tough road ahead, no doubt. If he's able to win this bracket, it'll be stuff of legends.
  4. You guys....lol. Check Trackwrestling. I believe I watched the 2018 WC on their website, although it was not free.
  5. If true, it can't be that serious if he plans to train and possibly wrestle through Worlds on it.
  6. Wasn't Metcalf the gatekeeper of 65kg for a while? How'd that go in 2016. No, Zain shouldn't hang them up.
  7. This surprised me the most. For Dake to make him so uncomfortable that he didn't attack much is mind boggling. Especially since he's been attacking at will with everyone else.
  8. Dake's pretty darn good. We've known that for a long time. I'm glad he's finally get opportunities to prove it. Dake also has very notable wins over international guys but domestically, maybe Howe and Valencia could make your list. Still love the match where he spiked Imar. J'den and JB have wrestled (not sure to what extent) at world team camps but no official matches that I know of.
  9. Yeah, you gotta think the only reason Dake didn't go 74kg this year was due to the injury right after worlds. Having said that, he looked plenty big this weekend.
  10. Maybe not all but they would have had some. Cael already had DT, who I still think was the catalyst for a lot of PSU's success.
  11. We could really use Suriano and Micic here at 61kg. But the sad reality is they choose not to. Maybe there will be some more youth from 133 NCAA talent that choose to go freestyle, at least I hope. 70kg is even a tougher situation for us. A lot of the best guys, around 70kg domestically, competed against Green and he beat them. Maybe Hidlay here? I wonder if Green goes 74kg after 2020 if JB hangs them up.
  12. Thanks for take on this. I was quite surprised to see him drop that match like he did and get eliminated.
  13. I'll go with the World Champ here. Dake in 3. Did I see Gadzhi is not competing at Worlds? I know he sustained an injury earlier this year. If so, our chances for Gold here just went up slightly with either Dake or Ringer.
  14. Happy to see this but surprised, they are going back 2 cycles or taking this much time. Also, in the article they state You'd have to have made it to the semis of that side of the bracket, right?
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