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  1. misterc

    What we learned at Dogu

    I wouldn't disagree with that. 2017 World Champ JB looked phenomenal compared to 2018 JB. I mean it says a lot to see a lot of the international guys move 1, even 2 weight classes since the rule change. Also, Salkazanov actually beat Gor in the bronze medal match. Maybe we're sleeping on Salkazanov...
  2. misterc

    What we learned at Dogu

    I don't think Green has been the same since the weigh ins changed.
  3. misterc

    Japan playoff matches

    Wow, interesting to see the back and forth of those competitors. What was the score of the Otoguro/Higuchi match?
  4. misterc


    Not sure if you're serious but I have been on the Dake at 86kg wagon for a while. The new weigh in rules obviously favor Dake more than Cox at 86kg, I think Dake can do it.
  5. misterc


    Dake's only beaten JB once. No man has beaten JB twice (Jokingly)! Seriously though, going 3 straight with JB, even fresh, is hard. In 2017 Dake faded hard, but understandable due to the format at the time. I was surprised this year when IMar faded almost just as hard in the 3rd match. He admitted this himself. JB and Dake are not that far apart in age, 30 and 28 currently. It seems when JB 'slowed' down and stopped blasting people to Mars, it was out of no where. Same thing could happen to Dake. It's not unreasonable to think Dake for 2020 but with Dake coming off injury, we'll just have to see where he is at.
  6. misterc

    European Games

    They said the same thing about Tsabolov when he laid waste to his side of his bracket at 2017 Worlds. I even bought into it and thought that JB may have to settle for Silver at that point. Then JB came out on a mission and beat him. Having said that, yes, Sidakov looks great and I am worried. Both are great wrestlers meeting at a point in their careers, heading in the opposite direction.
  7. misterc


    Opening wrestling clubs seems to be trending and I bet lucrative, especially when you’re the King. One of his gripes about coaching college was the recruiting process. Which he obviously wouldn’t have to deal with in a wrestling club. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and his wife collaborated on a few things also. I believe he designed the camo shark singlet that was well received at Final X. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. misterc


    JB will win another championship if not rattle off two straight, cementing his legacy. However, he doesn't have another quad in him. His recent interviews suggest his focus shifting more to his family and trying to get back to NJ. I'm not sure Dake will easily get by IMar by next year.
  9. misterc

    Way too Early 2020 Olympics Team Picks

    Just a few differences, but essentially yes. You'll have the 2019 Olympic Trials Qualifier (I think this takes place of US Open), and a handful of other qualifying tournaments and then the OTT. OTT challenge tournament finals on day 1 and best of 3 on day 2. 2019 Olympic weight medalists will sit until best of three. 2019 non Olympic weight medalist gets bye to OTT challenge tournament semis.
  10. misterc

    Way too Early 2020 Olympics Team Picks

    I haven't heard the rumor of Dake retiring after 2019. That would seem odd as you're only a year away from the Olympics. Dieringer has already said he's going 86kg for Olympic year. If there is no Dake, it will probably be a battle between IMar and Burroughs again. Don't be concerned about JB. He's already one of the greats and a 5Xer. Just enjoy the end of the journey as we are near the end of his career. I don't think he'll quit after 2019 regardless of what happens at Worlds, but I think he retires in 2020 regardless.
  11. misterc

    Date set for Dake/Dierenger

    So, if true, it sounds like he'll be wrestling the earliest he is medically cleared to.
  12. misterc

    Should I-Mar leave Illinois

    I think he's fine. He did beat JB and smash the rest of the field at WTT. So he's improving. Having said that, if I had to pick another club for him I'd pick NLWC with Cael and crew. They are already training a few foreign guys to beat JB.
  13. misterc

    Steveson in trouble

    Ouch, this could be bad. Terrible to see.
  14. misterc

    Final X - Lincoln

    A bit of an overreaction here. His opponents do make adjustments and improvements. Saw the same thing against Taylor and Dake. If there are issues, we'll see them at the Yasar Dogu and Pan Am games.
  15. misterc

    Final X - Lincoln

    That doesn't line up with what he said after the matches. He said the cut wasn't bad and he was 2 lbs under after his morning workout. Tried to rehydrate up to 74kg using other scales in the building and then that scale was going back and forth .1kg over. I think Snyder was also over and had to come back and reweigh.