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    misterc reacted to madcat11 in Careers that could have been..   
    The Monroeville 4 minus Logan Stieber.
    Hunter Stieber 6th, 3rd, injured.  Beat the defending champ Russell as a true freshman and with the body of a child.  Probably “shoulda,” won his sophomore year, but Port upset him, “woulda,” won his junior year but he was hurt and “coulda,” won his senior year (yes in a bracket with Rutherford), but still hurt.
    Cam Tessari was 4th as a true freshman then got into some trouble.  Sounds like he eventually turned things around.
    Chris Phillips was a 4x Ohio State Champ, traded wins with Ed Ruth in HS.  Didn’t quite make it to college wrestling.
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    misterc reacted to Shiraz123 in Iran Wrestling News   
    Who  knew Hassan could speak english lol
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    misterc reacted to pamela in Pan Am Games   
    Yah, lots of extracurriculars. The chippy stuff may have been lingering hard feelings from their last match, which also had some pretty heavy handfighting and clubbing, and went right down to the wire. In either case, it’s exactly what JB will have to do to beat Dake. Go full heel, toe the line, get Dake whining to the refs and lose focus. 
    Also idk why but the PA announcer kind of bothers me, haha. Such a strange environment at Pan Ams.
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    misterc reacted to airmail in Pan Am Games   
    Heavy hands, nice double to a lace roughly 6:50 mark, post match is interesting.  
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    misterc reacted to spladle08 in Pan Am Games   
    Perfect, thank you @misterc !
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    misterc got a reaction from spladle08 in Pan Am Games   
    No, sounds like all final matches of part 1 will be one match only unless there is a delay due to injury or illness.  From the procedures:
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    misterc got a reaction from spladle08 in Pan Am Games   
    I have a feeling Imar vs Dake will be electric as well.
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    misterc reacted to DanGerMan in Should "hiding" an arm be an automatic stall call?   
    50 bucks says it's not stalling.
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    misterc reacted to sidakova4991 in Shots Fired! (Chamizo)   
    He never beat Baev this year, he beat Zhamalov in the finals.
    But Chamizo is just lying to himself.  He had a really weak draw at the Worlds last year, and the first good wrestler he faced was Sidakov in the entire tournament, and Sidakov controlled him.  
    Gazimagomedov is great, he beat Tsabolov and Zhamalov - two really tough wrestlers, but Sidakov has a better chance at 74 to get gold.  I really cannot see Gazimagomedov beating Burroughs, Chamizo, and even Dake.
    Sidakov is 3-1 vs. Chamizo, Frank is just acting salty and pretending that Sidakov is ducking him.  He will beat him again..  
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    misterc reacted to fadzaev2 in Nico - sad news   
    Best wishes Nico, and for me, anytime something has gone wrong, my motto has been....always turn a negative into a positive...you just have to figure out what that might be.  Fadz
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    misterc reacted to 1032004 in Guys with deceptive records   
    Chad Red?  14-6 but all losses to guys currently in the top 8, 3 of which to Pletcher/Lee (According to intermat plus Demas, Moran, Parker)
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    misterc reacted to LJB in American collegians at Euro's this weekend   
    you all took the bait...
    learn to internet...
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    misterc reacted to irani in My wish for each wrestling country   
    Yes, you are correct on your points above.  But let me point out an interesting change in attitude.  In Soccer, for years, Qatar fielded a national team that was a collection of Brazilian, African and other nationalities that they had paid to become Qatari citizens,  and try to compete with the regional powerhouses.
    About 8 years ago, they hired a very qualified Spanish coach who launched an academy for the youth, and coached their U21 team.  Last year, they made him the national coach, and they shocked everyone by winning the Asia cup.  They destroyed Japan in the finals.  They had very few purchased foreign born players on their team, and most of their players were the people who went through the youth academy.
    My point is that even a small country can try to build it's youth, instead of buying foreign players.  It's more effective, scalable and certainly more honorable.
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    misterc reacted to sidakova4991 in Doesn't Sound Like Pico is interested in Tokyo   
    Let's be honest, he wouldn't have made the team.  When was the last time he competed in freestyle?  2016?
    He was a decent junior level guy, but nothing special.  His wrestling certainly isn't world-class like the commentators try to have us believe it is.  
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    misterc reacted to Shiraz123 in Iran Wrestling News   
    He just failed a drug test, lol.
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    misterc reacted to irani in Aniuar Geduev   
    No one will like me after this post, but here it goes
    It is really bad form to disrespect a legend and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.Burroughs is one of the greatest of all time and should be treated with the respect he deserves.
    I am also disappointed that every time an American loses some of the posters here accuse the winner of juicing.  What happened to innocent till proven guilty?  I remember people here were accusing Hassan Yazdani of juicing because he grew very fast, but as soon as he lost to Taylor, everything was OK.
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    misterc reacted to The Genius in Aniuar Geduev   
    Normally I'm pro-Russia (especially on a forum full of 'Muricans ganging up on you) but come on man, JB is a legend and an awesome guy outside wrestling too... 
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    misterc reacted to Eagle26 in Matteo Pelicone Rome -- Saturday Thread   
    I don’t agree with guys making a big deal about Dake having close matches. I’m sure the cut is a factor and he’s not peaking for this tournament. He’s been know to conserve energy and I think that’s what he was doing. I don’t like it but we all know that’s Dake. He scored when he needed, his defense was still top notch, and he didn’t look too gassed. I’d say that’s a good first showing at 74. I’m sure he will be in top form for OTT. That said... Go Burroughs!
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    misterc reacted to NJDan in Matteo Pelicone Rome -- Saturday Thread   
    Of all the tragedies caused by 6 weights, having to leave Dake or Burroughs home is the worst.  They both belong on a box of Wheaties,
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    misterc reacted to wrestlingnerd in Matteo Pelicone Rome -- Saturday Thread   
    He didn’t look too different than he did in the tune-up tournament before his Final X wrestle-off with Ringer. Clearly not in peak shape. More tentative than optimal, which is not surprising given it’s his first time down to 74 in a few years and he’s not in peak condition. Still hard as shy to score on. He had some nice moments even when just getting pushouts. I am not at all concerned. 
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    misterc reacted to Lurker in Deja vu all over again   
    American wrestling...ehhem "fans".....were quick to jump all over JB when he didn't perform to our expectations in Rio.  I see we're very eager to go the same route with Snyder.
    Shameful.  What a proud group we are in this wrestling community.
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    misterc reacted to irani in Iran Wrestling News   
    Let's hope for the best
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    misterc reacted to Eagle26 in Criteria vs. Overtime - what's better?   
    I like watching freestyle best and enjoyed competing in freestyle more, but I still like the idea of OT. I agree you can’t argue that criteria creates great action at the end of a match... I just can’t get over the fact that a world championship could be decided based on who was put on the shot clock last. 
    Maybe there is a way to have the best of both... have a one minute sudden victory period and if no one scores, the winner is declared based on criteria? I know it doesn’t solve the problem of a tie match, but it at least gives a whole minute for someone to score to break the tie.
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    misterc reacted to Eagle26 in Criteria vs. Overtime - what's better?   
    Criteria definitely creates more action and is more fun to watch. However, overtime is better because the winner actually scores more points.
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