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  1. Peso

    What we learned at Dogu

    I was impressed with Shabani. Tough as nails and a man with that passion is going to be very tough in the future. Kyle has another gear, but it's not like he is playing possum with y'all. I'd say Snyder is right on schedule to peak again in September. It's no secret that Iran is going to be tough at every weight. Let's all hope that the politicians stay out of this and let USA, Russia and Iran take it to the mats in 2020.
  2. Peso

    Final Forfeits

    I would be in favor of using these tournaments for part of the seeding process, but paying a hefty prize for the championship, and the Outstanding Finals Performance to those who actually compete. I'm a retired h.s. coach which is why I look at a crowd and think gate and concession. I'd say for my 29 years of coaching, we probably averaged 20K per year from just gate and concession. I wouldn't have wanted to waste everyone's time with that crowd. What was that about? Were they protesting? Were the prices outrageous? Any grade school tournament I've ever seen in 30 years has had 10X that audience. I would think in that part of the world you couldn't get a ticket for this tournament. We finished 2nd to the number 8 ranked team in the world. Turkey. We didn't have Fix or Graff in the line-up.
  3. Peso

    What we learned at Dogu

    Kyle is amazing. He has done it all. JB and Kyle have been the core of a great run by our FS team. Sadulaev got Kyle last year. I still have Snyderman at just a slight underdog, but very capable of beating Sads. I think I'd rather see Reza than this guy from yesterday. Holy schneike, he had the look of a man who may just commit every waking hour of his life to beating Kyle. Was interesting to watch the national anthem during their medal presentation. What we are all hoping is that we can continue being relevant like we have been for a few years. We've been at this level before for a couple of years, but then we were rarely in the vicinity of a championship for quite a while. It feels like we have the talent coming up to feed it well, but some of our champions are nearing a career change. Compacting this team down to 7 weights. Mercy, that's gonna be tight. I think we will be stronger next year in an Olympic year, but it would be nice if we can streamline our scoring, officiating and procedural issues this year. It's not like a throw away year, but the Russians beat us by about 25 points if I recall last season, and we had a pretty good run with some medals that may be hard to duplicate. Personally, I thought last year was one of our top 5 teams of all time, but Russia was clearly better. I do not believe we are as good as we were last season, but we could be super strong for Tokyo. Losing Taylor this year doesn't help. Stranger things have happened than for this team to challenge, but I see it as a transitional year getting ready for the Oly's. It would be really awesome if we can finish close enough to smell a championship, but I look for next year to be one of the most epic Olympic Wrestling tournaments of my lifetime. (born in 57)
  4. Peso

    Yianni/Schultz comparison?

    Correct. Tommy wouldn't recruit Mark so Dave left. Mark if memory serves me only wrestled one year in h.s. and coach obviously made a mistake.
  5. Peso

    Yianni/Schultz comparison?

    I wasn't great friends with Coach Chesbro, but a couple of times I sat with him and had a few ice cold beers down at the Blue Room bar in Stillwater. I don't remember us talking about him not recruiting Mark. I wrestled for Tommy for 2 years, but this was 15 years later. Anyway, I was a scrub, but I could look pretty good when I out weighed my partners 10 or 15 pounds. I left the year before Dave arrived. Paul Martin, whom I believe is one of the best Cowboys to never win a title, Lee Roy Smith, Steve Barrett, Eric Wais, Jimmy Jackson, Billy Martin, John Azevedo (before he and Joe Gonzales transferred to Bakersfield) were the studs in the room. It was just as Dan Gable and the Hawkeyes were starting their dynasty, but the Sooners with Abel and Humphries coaching were damned good with the Schultz Brothers and Metzger, Nelson and Chaid, Douglass and Frizell, etc. I have wondered a few times how it would have changed the balance of power if both Schultz brothers would have been in Stillwater. Stewart and Sheets were the equal to Dave's points, but Mark would have been a big net plus in NCAA points. In my opinion, those days with the Schultz, and Banachs, and Monday, Smith, Sheets, the Brands bros., etc. was a 10-12 year period that compared with what we are seeing now as far as our world level senior wrestlers. If we continue this for another Olympic Cycle after Tokyo, I will believe we are the best we have ever been. For now, it's close enough to call it similar.
  6. Peso

    Zain's left knee?

    There has to be a point where they need to be training for specific opponents...
  7. Peso

    Yianni/Schultz comparison?

    Yep, Ricky pinned him in the finals with a carry. He beat Mike on criteria in the finals. That was no easy task. Kenny was something like 8-1 career against him. Sheesh, we were good at the world level back then, and then it seems like it fell off for quite a while until a strange brew of some combination of Zadick and Zeke and this current group, and our OTC developing studs came together. I love Dave. I was at his weight at the Great Plains in Lincoln Nebraska when he defeated the defending OW from the NCAA Championships, Chuck Yagla in the GP Finals...while he was a senior in high school. He had also had a silver medal at Tbilisi, which was considered the toughest tournament in the world, not to mention the US Open greco-roman championship as a senior in high school. We all thought he would be the first 4-time NCAA Champion, and I'm super impressed with anyone that ever beat him. To consider the Schultz, vs Monday, Sheets, Stewart trio all from one school is mind boggling.
  8. Peso

    Yianni/Schultz comparison?

    Dave took 3rd at the NCAA's as a freshman wrestling for Oklahoma State. Lost to an animal named Mark Churella. For a shot of giggle juice who can name the 3 Oklahoma State wrestlers that had victories over Dave?
  9. Peso


    If 3rd in the World is 2nd tier, it's a pretty tough top tier. As for can Steveson compete, it looks like we'll never know, but I would say not at this time. Man o man though, he's better than Gwiz or Bruce or any of them were when they were 3 years removed from cadet.
  10. Peso

    Yianni at Yasar

    I've been told that John Smith is extremely strong. I just watched Yianni's youtube interview after he had won his 2nd cadet world title in 2016. Hard to believe he was a cadet in September of 2016. What a freakin stud. Zain Retherford is one of the most dominant college wrestlers of the last 80 years. Yet after he's out of college and a full time freestyler this sophomore in college is at least his equal. I hope everyone appreciates what we are seeing with our USA program at this time. JB-5X World Champ, Kyle Snider, 3X World Champ, J'Den Cox, Kyle Dake, David Taylor, Yiannni D, Daton Fix, Spencer Lee and maybe Steveson...Gwiz may not have the titles, but one more top 3 and he joins pretty rare air at heavyweight for USA.
  11. I like both guys a lot, but I think no one holds Yianni back from Tokyo. I wonder if he's going to take an Oly Redshirt?
  12. Peso


    I'm curious how Zain does with that animal. Last I heard, he was hanging out with some roofer guys smoking pal mal cigarrettes, out by the stabbin cabin.
  13. Peso

    Stevo Poulin

    I can't think of too many wrestlers that I would call an internet sensation. I had a lot of wrestling fans and even people that had never watched wrestling ask me if I knew who this kid was. I'm glad to hear he's still successful. I worried a little that he would also only be a youth sensation. There have been a few of those I'm sure who never made it to high school. That kind of intensity was impressive, but it made me worry he could have a hard time if/when he lost. I'm pulling for him.
  14. Peso


    I think you nailed it. I never thought I'd see anyone that I thought was a better athlete than Kenny Monday, but here I am marveling at what a finely tuned physical specimen Jordan Burroughs is. He's also unbelievably appealing to the camera. He is the picture of confidence yet humble, smart, and well spoken and just...likable. We couldn't make a better representative for our sport if we had a hundred years. All good things must eventually come to an end, and it will be a sad day when JB is not our 74 guy, but he won't be unemployed for long.
  15. Peso

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    He does sound good. Very coherent, and man enough to accept anything he got. He knew he went pretty low to promote, and he even appreciated the perfect knee. I get Ben. If he feels he can fight again, I would think it would be with the stipulation that he retires immediately if he gets concussed again. I dunno. I can't see him fighting more than a couple more times either way. He's upped the class of fighter and If he is not in denial, he must admit he is in "proceed with extreme caution" from here territory. My homies remember when we used to pre NCAA tournament bet whether the majority of champions would have square or round chins. Ben was a hot damned hall of famer in our group. He's got a few Okies that appreciate that chin.