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  1. Great stuff. I have only one rare distinction in college wrestling. I wrestled most of my career at 150, and at Central State U in Edmond, but my first two matches in the 8 minute era were at 158 and Heavyweight (Unlimited) I'm officially 2-0 for your Oklahoma State Cowboys, hehe. Before all of you youngsters start, I know that even though I weighed in at 158 and went up 4 weight classes after weigh-in, it was not illegal then. I'm sure others have done it, but probably not too many. Anyway, I always come back to this. How does the world not demand to see Russia vs USA, Iran vs USA, Turkey vs USA, AZE vs USA, I'll bet we could fill a 20 K facility here for those duals at 100 bucks a ticket for the two day event. We have a damned good program and we're the only real challenge the Russians have. I often bring up that a lot of us would pay a small ppv fee to watch something like that. I mean 15 bucks or so x a million would spread a lot of cheese, and I think in this day and age a decent promotion could achieve that easily, maybe more by keeping it low priced than something like a ufc fight where you out price many wrestling fans. Could pay for the other teams transportation and lodging. Use it for seeding in the World rankings if all the teams agree, but just bring this to us.
  2. To be a super-hero you have to beat a monster, and man do we need Russia for it to reallllly mean Champion. jmo
  3. Well, Wow! Just Wow! What a historical level of domination of men in man's oldest sport. The world will never know what they are missing.
  4. I was a wrestling fan then, but didn't know much about Foxcatcher except that I kept up with the Schultz bro.s and Metzger a couple of bad ass light weights. We were pretty good then. I thought some of the guys left the club because "he's more than just eccentric!" I remember an article where any honest program would have gotten the gist of what was coming out of that sick mind.
  5. It pisses me off that Russia cheated and has to miss this. Really takes so much away. It's going to be epic anyway, but as good as these guys are, the Big Red Soviet Union Wrestling team won 19 in a row. The USSR was most dominant on the world level in what they thought was important. 1. Wrestling, 2. Chess, 3. Hockey.
  6. Yes it was Gobshvilli. I think he was only a one time world champion, but that's definitely the guy. God how does the world not demand this dual play out at least every 2 years...
  7. How did we lose this? I bet you'd make a million bucks if you just gave us a cheap ppv with the top 6.teams all wrestling each other over 3 days. Russia is amazing, truly one of the greatest dynasties in any sport. I believe one of the World Cup matches was where big Bruce pinned the big Russian...embarrassed I can't remember his name, but he was a big bad man. Also when "Mean Gene" broke the Russians arm and...well there wasn't a lot of love lost in that dual. Man it would sure be great if that somehow came back.
  8. Thanks man. Good stuff. I'm a retired h.s. coach, but will always be a student of the game. Off topic, but a quick question if you don't mind. Do we know yet if the Russians will be in Tokyo? I haven't heard definitively. Last I heard they may farm a few of them out to other teams.
  9. I know two techniques fairly similar from there. From a crack down position similar to where the photo is in which results in a reverse carry position like Coleman Scott and the other is where Sads caught our guy Kyle last year. Maybe I'm not following your roll, but do either of those seem like your technique? Sorry my Scott comparison above was completely wrong. Coleman swam for the head, but to capture the arm and stack him up the opposite direction was one of my options I taught from that general position.
  10. I think you're off a decimal point on the mortality rate...or two.
  11. I've heard rugby is damned taxing from a few former wrestlers. To me, the Tour de France is the winner. Roughly 3 weeks of mountain racing. I've heard it's tougher than running 17 straight marathons, in the mountains. Three of this year's legs had over 6500' climb in one freaking day. To each their own, but that's different level stuff there. Like was noted earlier it's a different kind of shape. I watched Lance Armstrong win and lose over two years at the Leadville, 100. It's a hundred mile race, I believe it had 12,000' of climb. I've done a thousand a couple of times...Let's just say, I have amazing appreciation for what those guys can do.
  12. Hmm, I just heard it is a clerical error from his registering a prescription medicine. I don't want to convolute this with more rumors, etc, but I'm going to give this amazing kid the benefit of innocent until proven guilty. I think he's coming out of this chasing a world team spot. He's a tough out for anyone at 33 or 25.
  13. Alan Fried, Kendle Cross...the Branding Irons earned every title they won.
  14. I was just on the OSU forum. They're planning on him having to decide between 25 and 33.
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