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  1. I guess we have 43 RTC's in 25 states at this time. Tremendous . The quality of wrestlers coming into and out of college seems to have taken a solid up tick. I know we have two here in Oklahoma, but I rarely hear any news out of their rooms, and I would like to. It would appear that Penn St and Ohio State and Iowa University are the three programs utilizing these assets at the highest levels. Is there a way to spread the wealth? How are they funded? Are funds for salaries from private donations or the US Olympic movement. Are the facilities shared with most of the college programs in the area, or do any of them have their own facilities? Do any of you believe the RTC's are giving high school kids chances to advance higher than at any time in our history? Is this the number one contributor to our increased freestyle level of competitiveness? I apologize if this topic has been covered. I thought there were just a few of these sprinkled around the country.
  2. Jordan is amazing! He very easily could have won the last two World Gold medals. Would sure be sweet to see him go out with another gold.
  3. That would be good news that in our sport you can make a decent living. Kyle is worth twice that, but if it's true it's a step up from the Foxcatcher days.
  4. How cool would that be! Man, Team USA is going to be simply overflowing with serious medal contenders. I hate 6 weights, but think we have a better chance to beat the Russians. WTH is the deal with no scoring. Please just slap us in the face again please, sir!!
  5. Absolute Stud! I wish him luck unless he is wrestling my guy D Fix.
  6. As great as J'Den is, I think it's a push if DT is at top speed.
  7. Cael is having Gable-esque type of success. I remember how helpless it seemed back then. OSU actually won a few huge duals against those great Iowa Teams, but then got Gabled at the big dance. Cael is the only guy I've seen that is as dominant as those Iowa teams. I started wrestling in 1970. I want John to win a title or two more and leave on a great run. I believe it is possible even as great as Cael's boys are, but very difficult. In fact, who the heck is out there that could even remotely attract wrestlers like John Smith.
  8. I'm curious if any of you have heard how David Taylor's knee is healing. I think Dake was about 85% this championship, and I would like to see DT get 100% to his A game. Then he will likely make the team and the finals, but Cox would be slightly favored, as they have met in the trials finals previously.
  9. I'm not at all sure Cox beats Snyder. Everyone is just assuming it's his spot at either weight. You know, David Taylor has grown into the weight, and was a toss-up when it was J'Dens natural weight. He would be making a significant cut now. As good as Cox is I put him at 60% winning either weight he goes at. He is capable of losing to either one of them in my opinion, although I would favor him.
  10. The Russian Men's Freestyle Program is the most impressive thing that I have ever seen in sport.
  11. In the interview they said 4 but I didn't realize he had 6 matches. I guess my point is that It's still mother Russia and then everyone else. In fact, I believe you could combine the field and still lose to Russia in this tournament.
  12. It's telling that all 4 of JB's opponents were either Russia or former Russian wrestlers...
  13. I wonder what's eating Kyle? I bet he will be able to take JB by March...or is he already cutting hard now?
  14. Did Kyle score a gut on this animal? I was watching the live score and it looked like Kyle and Sadulaev took turns trying to steal the crowd from each other. One would score then the other for at least 4 scoring maneuvers. I know the timing on the dashboard may not have accurately portrayed the live time, but if so, I'll bet the crowd really got into that!!!
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