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  1. B10 is incredible. The Big 8 was the dominant conference for half a century. There was a time when we had the big 4 in college wrestling. Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Oklahoma and Iowa. 3 of those battled it out every year in the big 8. I imagine they had a few years where there were comparable numbers, but imo the big 10 is raising the bar.
  2. Fix--Bronze JO--Gold JB--One last Gold DT--Gold J'Den--Silver Gwiz--Bronze Team Champs :--)
  3. Peso


    A little surprised you guys favor Parris over Gable. We shall see.
  4. Peso


    He looks really good. Is anyone else surprised a kelly or short carry is making a come back and at heavyweight no less.
  5. Thanks, my memory wasn't good enough to recall which schools, I just remember looking at that and thinking how can anyone doubt which state is the toughest high school state? Kind of wondered what would happen if a coach came in that could bring in the best talent from the keystone state and a smattering of cherry picked recruits from anywheresville...I guess we found the answer. I grew up and wrestled in Oklahoma as I mentioned, but just the sheer numbers of great programs in Pennsylvania has been impressive for half a century. Some of the guys they don't recruit tells you how elite their mind set is.
  6. One year within a couple years of these guys, Pennsylvania had 6 teams ranked in the top 10. Just taking a guess since I'm an Oklahoma boy, but Penn, Penn St. Clarion, Slippery Rock, Lehigh and maybe Edinboro or East Stroudsburgh.
  7. I know the Pokes aren't a great team this season, but this was a huge win for UNI. They are the favorites to win the Big 12 and this has to be good seeding criteria at several weights. Maybe I overestimate our importance in the world, but I think UNI beating OSU like they did is probably the biggest thing a non OSU team has done in few years.
  8. It's good to see him get back in the line-up. UNI thumped us pretty good, but today was a better day. Just looking at it from a developmental point of view, the Pokes are going to be relevant again next year. I feel like these freshmen wrestle like Espo...he may not have been the absolute best, but he brought it. I think the Poke message board spends a lot more time talking about this freshman group and the senior level guys than anything else. It's tough to coach your own boy. A lot of great men have found it didn't work for some reason or another.
  9. Kyle has such a unique place in US Wrestling History. World and Olympic Titles, and only 2 years ago, was considered the top p4p guy in the world after he beat Sadulaev. Suddenly it's a real question if he will ever win another title. If he had somehow upset Sads again last year, he would have been in really rare air. I'm one of the few who believes he can win it all in the Olympics, but I would like to see the Russians in the field. Clean of course, but Russian.
  10. Probably put more butts in the seats if we let the juicers piss pound the civilians. Kind of a gladiator thing. You know we may need the bigger arenas after all.
  11. Not to mention the inspiration and founder of "The Heil Rule". I'm glad we don't have to watch that situation in wrestling played out anymore. I was never good enough to tie Dean Heil's shoe laces, but I would have had a difficult time re-inventing that wheel. The sport is better because we knew him, and rejected his go to offensive sequence. Still I don't remember anything quite like this since "The Oliver Rule". :--)
  12. Of course it was. It's one of the most important aspects of the sport that you can do anything about. Mark Mysnik said it best, but I was being snarky and I'm not very good at it. I cannot believe the percentage of people that believe roids don't help hitters...or pitchers for that matter.
  13. Nope, strength probably has nothing at all to do with your ability to execute technique against opponents who are weaker...
  14. Hard to believe an average junior high dual in a non wrestling state would have a bigger crowd than the qualifier for the Olympics. Maybe if the rest of the world changed to our style of wrestling it might become a little more popular.
  15. Beating Dee and Ree, the hydration brothers is an art form.
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