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  1. Peso

    Oklahoma St

    Obviously, he's a big underdog in both matches, but I can't wait to see how he does. An interesting year for the Pokes. If you could take away all the injuries and put the best team on the mat, I think they would be in position for a long shot to win the title. I listen to John's radio show on 93.7, and he still has an inferno in his belly. It must be frustrating trying to put the best team on the mat with the overload of AA caliber athletes in several weights. Then throw in 4 or 5 injuries into the mix, and it would be difficult to navigate through that without losing your mind.
  2. Peso

    Best Wrestling Forum

    Who was the chick that was really just a guy who took a walk on the wild side?
  3. Peso

    Oklahoma St

    He's undefeated, and has won his 2nd Scuffle title with wins over two ranked opponents. I'd say he's tough as nails.
  4. Peso

    GFeller is gonna win NCAAs

    I like him. He's got grit and a motor.
  5. Peso

    Yojo & Gene Davis in the OSU room

    I worked out with Steve in the OSU room many takedown sessions. I weighed about 30 pounds more than him, so it was a good match, lol. Man was fun, until you shook hands, then it was down hill pretty fast. Wrestled at 42, but had the hips and wrists of a 67 pounder. Tough as nails.
  6. Peso

    Yojo & Gene Davis in the OSU room

    I was there in 76 and 77. He Mr Roderick came in the room once in a while. So did the Kellers, a couple fun guys if you were a Poke fan back in the early 70's. I don't think those guys and Fuji will ever really be appreciated by this generation. Guys like Pat Milkovich and Steve Barrett were hammers back in the 8 minute era. I could see either of them being right in the thick of things today. Same with Sheets, Schalles, Dziedzic, Taylor, Kenny, Mark, Dave, Kyle, Jordan, John, Pat, Dake and Taylor. I Put Bo and Nolf in that group. Although I'm not sure either of their games transfers to freestyle, they are the dominant wrestlers with World class freestylers in the same NCAA Tournaments... Kudos to the top program in the country, your best products are insanely good. Man, there have been so many great ones that I've gotten to see. I watched Gable and Cael wrestle approximately 25 x between them. These are special times in the NCAA Championships. I like what John has going on in Stillwater. If they can get the injury bug over with now, they could be pretty high on the podium. They have AA's out at 141-149-165-197. Doubt they all get back in the line-up. Mr Fix is a team leader. Everyone is tougher with him in an orange singlet.
  7. I saw this match! Loved Kolls reaction...
  8. Peso

    OSU vs. Wyoming

    Yes, to all of the above. Can you even believe Mark Branch has been gone from Stillwater for 11 years? Seems like just a few years ago to me.
  9. Peso

    Foxcatcher Movie

    I remember when a world team member left Foxcatcher and said in a published comment something to the effect of "don't tell me he's just eccentric, he's a sick man and I'm not going to put up with it."
  10. Peso

    World Champs vs MMA Champ

    I think it's changed a lot. Maybe 10 years ago or so, but these guys are all very proficient in all martial arts. Besides, virtually every one of us was taught to not shoot from a distance further than a bent arm. Well, if you're that close, you're gonna be eating kicks, uppercuts, etc. I say no chance with only one martial art background.
  11. Peso

    Foxcatcher Movie

    I agree with every word of that. I was so disappointed when it released. Most of us on here, me included just tried not to say anything too harsh about it. Kind of an if you don't have something good to say type of deal.
  12. Peso


    I edited this because the first thing I should have said is that I think this list is amazing! I suppose there are a few minor adjustments that most of us would make, but this hits the nail on the head. I understand it is tougher to medal today than in the "Mother Russia" era. If you give more weight for a medal, I would argue that it is closer to the same difficulty for a gold. It is my belief that you had basically the same teams as now, except to be the "starter" you had to beat all those guys. Surely the champion of that group would be tougher just from the process. I mean he had to beat all these guys just to make the team. Steel hardens steel. I remember well when It was common knowledge that The Tbilisi Tournament was often tougher than the Worlds because their was more than one Soviet Union wrestler. I think the best anyone will ever be able to do is be the best of their generation. In my opinion, we are the greatest I've ever seen period. Don't think that means, I don't think those champions from other generations wouldn't be competitive now. In fact, they would be the same innovators, and best conditioned, and most highly recruited guys now, and no doubt much better trained...but they would be the same guys. I can't give more weight to a world title now than I could in the 70's, 80's or any other decade. Just can't do it.
  13. Peso


    Thanks, I did. It was great to see him again.
  14. Peso


    Bummer, the Sanders video wouldn't work. He was one of the first superstars I was able to watch. They called him unorthodox at the time. He was amazing. I was the only person in the world who thought the story of his death was just a little too weird. He supposedly had set a Russian's hair on fire at a weigh-in. Tales of chugging vodka in front of his Russian opponent after making weight, were circulating. He was the first anit-hero as well as funky before funk. Back in the days when you were a byGawd United States free willed man representing anything anti-Russian. I'd like to see if he still looks so amazing nearly 50 years later. You inspired me to search youtube.
  15. Peso

    Worlds Should be in the USA

    I like the way you think. Sads would be loved, but our crowds may also choose to support anything Russian to the extent the Bronco Fans support the Patriot players. I'd be curious to see how that played out among other things. I'm curious why our countries do not compete against each other more. There must be political reasons why we don't have annual events in all martial arts, weight lifting, track and field, swimming, chess, hockey, billiards, band and choir, etc.