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  1. I think you're off a decimal point on the mortality rate...or two.
  2. I've heard rugby is damned taxing from a few former wrestlers. To me, the Tour de France is the winner. Roughly 3 weeks of mountain racing. I've heard it's tougher than running 17 straight marathons, in the mountains. Three of this year's legs had over 6500' climb in one freaking day. To each their own, but that's different level stuff there. Like was noted earlier it's a different kind of shape. I watched Lance Armstrong win and lose over two years at the Leadville, 100. It's a hundred mile race, I believe it had 12,000' of climb. I've done a thousand a couple of times...Let's just say, I have amazing appreciation for what those guys can do.
  3. Two studs that's for sure. Gray was just before my time, but I know he's influenced a lot of tremendous wrestling minds. I understand watching one of the truly greats like Cary and not understanding how someone 50 years before him could be his equal in any way. I remember watching Cael Sanderson win a pretty tough high school tournament in Grand Junction Colorado...as a freshman in h.s.. I had just taken my coaching show on the road to Montrose, Colorado. During and after the tournament I was asked if I had ever seen anyone like him. I had watched, John Smith, Kenny Monday, Pat Smith Kendal Cross, TJ Jaworsky and Mike Sheets all wrestle from junior high through NCAA, so I scoffed at him being better than them, but the comparison was legit. He may have been better than any of them at that stage, but you could definitely tell all of those guys were just freaking special for their time. That's how I always heard it was with Simon. In the 2000's guys were still using what he had taught them and quoting him as a great influence on their coaching career. I'll bet it's the same with Cary. I don't know if one is better than the other, but I know they are both goats in our sport. I believe either would take it as the supreme compliment to be compared to the other. I guarantee you that Cary knows what an influence Mr Simon has been to so many.
  4. I remember watching John and Joe drill before the finals in a nice college tournament in Arizona. ISU, Cal St Bakersfield when they had Mr 55-0 and 54-0. Bliss dominated a young Carr. Not that Bliss wasn't double tough, but Nate did go on to win 3 titles, so...Anyway, those two animals were smooth as silk. It's been a while since we've seen a duo like that. I guess Nolf and Nickal would be a good comparison. I remember feeling like Fujita and the Kellers were a tough spot in the line-up. I'm thinking Monday and Sheets, The Brands, the The Banachs, The Steiners. Funny how often the absolute brutes have absolute brutes for team mates...
  5. Hmm, I just heard it is a clerical error from his registering a prescription medicine. I don't want to convolute this with more rumors, etc, but I'm going to give this amazing kid the benefit of innocent until proven guilty. I think he's coming out of this chasing a world team spot. He's a tough out for anyone at 33 or 25.
  6. Alan Fried, Kendle Cross...the Branding Irons earned every title they won.
  7. Mini Dagestan in that region.
  8. I was just on the OSU forum. They're planning on him having to decide between 25 and 33.
  9. Oh wow. I had been waiting to hear if we knew for certain. What was it?
  10. I've followed us since Owings shocked us all. This is as good as I've ever seen us. When our weakest links are capable of bronze I think this is a special group.
  11. I might say 5.5 times out of 10. Simply amazing the number of world class wrestlers we are producing. I could see either of these two bringing home several world medals if they can ever make our world team.
  12. I really like that way of looking at it. That's a strong group by any measure. I watched all of those guys wrestle multiple times. I was a huge Steve Barrett fan, so I can appreciate guys like Frick, but these fans today sure missed out on a lot of absolute hammers who didn't see those guys compete. Some of the earlier ones wrestled when there were a couple hundred more teams that had wrestling. I know it's tougher today, but like I say a lot, those guys would be the studs today even though they would only have 7 minutes to do it in.
  13. My bad guys. I have thought they were from Jersey for about 40 years. Carry on!
  14. Ed and Lou Banach would be my choice over Damian and Steve, but I'm not from Jersey so you guys probably know better.
  15. They're all crazy but me and you and lately I've been worried about one of us. I think Nolf is amazing. I'd pick Dake by decisive, but I could see Nolf being the guy that gets scary good in freestyle. One thing though, Dake seems to be able to shut down world class offense like few I've ever seen, so from a match-up stand-point, I'm putting the cash on KD until he loses. He was pretty close to JB 3 or 4 years ago, so that should be an amazing series.
  16. That's an absolutely brutal Hawkeye line-up. Congrats to Coach Brands, you guys probably got ripped off from this one, but it's not easy putting together a team like you Hawks are throwing out there next year. Winning ain't easy, but the over under may be 7 AA's and the over looks good. I was beginning to wonder if college wrestling had an answer to Cael and his boys. Good job sir, yet another example of why you will be in the Hall of Fame as a Coach also.
  17. I agree! It's not optimum, but it's waaaay better than nothing for these guys. Personally I don't like the idea of naming a champion team, but at first I didn't care to name AA's but man does this feel better for these men. I can live with any decision the NCAA makes. If you have to give it to one team it surely has to be the Hawks. I don't think it was a decided deal, but no doubt they were the best team through out the year.
  18. Nevermind was thinking of Lieberman from Lehigh and even a year earlier. My memory sucks sometimes.
  19. They are both just too good for me to pick against either one. You would think Dake is entering the middle of his prime while JB is exiting his prime, but he is superman in my mind. I would love to see JB get one more and then for Dake to get a couple more. Time will tell.
  20. I thought Lieberman was on that Wisky team too. Man, there's a lot of tough hombres in that photo. I was just an average high school coach, but I learned a lot from those guys. Camps, clinics, videos and Hellickson was very impressive in Madison. His season outline in one of his books changed the way I coached. Of course Mark Mysnik, Bobby Douglass, Gable's book on Wrestling, were my go to until videos became more prevelant. Man that was in the 8 minute era. Not too many guys in that picture you wanted 8 minutes with.
  21. I watched it too. From watching them come through the tournament you thought DT would thump him, but the rumors were that he was beating him in the Penn State room so you knew it was going to be interesting. If I remember correct, Taylor had no answer to the cradle counter to his single leg, and when it was hooked up, he certainly had no chance of escaping. It was a great performance by Jenkins imho. I've picked Taylor in every match he's competed in since he was a freshman. I've been wrong a few times, but I sure like the way he gets after it...but I give Jenkins credit in almost a Owings/Gable type way. Not as big, but a pretty big shocker in the finals. Taylor was having a near Hodge type season as a freshman.
  22. I love all of those. Probably no video of these, but I'd like to see Jackson Vs Bielenberg, and Galea upset of Kemp at the Midlands. I saw Lee Kemp's come from behind victory in Stillwater over a damned tough Cowboy named Paul Martin. Sometimes I've found my memory isn't as accurate as I'd like, but I believe Paul was ahead 7-3 with around 10 seconds left in the 8 minute match era...Lee reversed him to his back from the standing position. I thought it was like watching Fuji or Gable or the Kellers...just knew you were seeing something special. Hard to describe, but when you see it, you can never forget it. Keller dominating Larry Owing the year after he had defeated Gable would be interesting.
  23. Jake paced the mat before his semis and finals matches like a caged animal. I've never seen anyone use that even close to the way he did.
  24. I heard some pretty crazy chit about Sanders and Jean. Faking drinking a bottle of vodka after weigh-ins with the Soviet Union. Heard he lit one of their guys hair on fire at a weigh-in. I have no verification and trust me, this is said out of total respect for Rick Sanders. I watched him in the 72 Oly's and was the conspiracy theorist who thought he was offed while hitch hiking. Totally wrong by the way, but he was something else. I know John Smith made the low single famous, but Rick was the first guy I remember using it. It wasn't even related to John's, he was just down in his Spider Man low stance, and if you got close, he would snag your ankle. I coached in Colorado, and both the college and high school coaches there in Alamosa during that time were influential in my coaching career. Real difference makers imho. As per Chuck, I've heard about the deer situation in Ames, but not too much else, except he was one of the toughest men anyone had ever met. Those of you that haven't been around miners and loggers just kind of compare them to the railroad and oil patch and farming boys from the 60's and 70's. I promise you, Alamosa, Colorado has had their share of tough guys.
  25. John 6, Bruce and JB both have 5. I think ya gotta get 5 to get in that conversation. There are a few more guys that can get into the 4 club. J'Den, Dake, Taylor, Snyder, who knows maybe a Fix or a Lee or Yianni bag a few. Top 2-3 passes Kemp, Monday, Schults' and Gable. I gotta see this, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. I'd take the under, and I'm pulling for him.
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