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  1. so, not antivax. i agree that it's not good to say that vaccines could cause autism but hes not against them
  2. i searched through his twitter history and only see tweets saying he supports vaccination.
  3. Where did the notion that Tom is an anti-vaxer come from?
  4. Interview starts at 24:00 https://twitter.com/SteelwoodRadio/status/1176850302034698242?s=20
  5. It would make more sense to have McKenna vs. Yianni. Yianni being the NCAA Champ and McKenna the World Team Member. McKenna is the highest placing returning wrestler from this weight class since Logan is retired
  6. Actually they'd be able to score 30.5 if they're in a rat tail
  7. Actually, if you win your first match, lose, then win out, assuming all wins are by pin, you'd score 27.5. 3rd place has higher scoring potential than 2nd(24pts)
  8. Nickal did not look himself. He was backing up the entire match. That was the third time we saw one of the "locks" not look themselves (Martin v. Dean and Nolf v. Hidlay)
  9. I don't think the 133 loss factors into seeding
  10. Marinelli could be in contention for OW at NCAA's, but not Hodge.
  11. I could have been off on the spelling but that is how it's pronounced. He discussed it in an interview on our podcast a while back.
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