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  1. SteelwoodRadio

    Seeding 174 NCAA?

    I don't think the 133 loss factors into seeding
  2. SteelwoodRadio

    Could Marinelli take the Hodge this year?

    Marinelli could be in contention for OW at NCAA's, but not Hodge.
  3. SteelwoodRadio

    Pinned through NCAAs

    Bill Koll 1948
  4. SteelwoodRadio

    Ohio State- Nebraska

    I could have been off on the spelling but that is how it's pronounced. He discussed it in an interview on our podcast a while back.
  5. SteelwoodRadio

    Ohio State Recruiting

    Brendan Fitzgerald
  6. SteelwoodRadio

    NC State vs Ohio State 1/6/19 6:00 EST on ESPN2

    Disagree with a lot of the takes on 157. Hayes was clearly the aggressor during the match. The only thing Hidlay did was dig an underhook and drive. He took zero risk.
  7. SteelwoodRadio

    Which #1 Is Least Likely to Lose This Year?

    Good point on freestyle not being a direct translation. My point really comes down to that my mind isn't blown if Moore pulls it off. He nearly beat J'den Cox as a freshman. Sebastian Rivera beating Spencer however would be much more surprising to me. It's splitting hairs but its my take
  8. SteelwoodRadio

    Which #1 Is Least Likely to Lose This Year?

    I would put Spencer over Nickal. 197 has Kollin Moore who just got a silver medal at U23's. He's certainly not the favorite, but i'd be far more surprised to see Spencer lose than if Moore beat Nickal.
  9. SteelwoodRadio

    How can another school overtake PSU and OSU?

    Bingo! The math on this actually checks out! If we take the best wrestlers from Iowa(3rd last year) and Michigan(4th last year) to make a super-team they would beat at least one of those teams.... barely... 125-Lee 27pts 133-Micic 19pts 141-Turk 3.5pts 149-Sorenson 13pts 157-Kemerer 16pts 165-Marinelli 13pts 174-Amine-15pts 184-Abounader 10pts 197-Wilcke 4pts 285-Coon 19pts The Iowa Wolverines would have scored 139.5pts, edging out Ohio States 134.5pts and falling just short of Penn State's 141.5. Feel free to check my math, i calculated all of their points by hand. This obviously doesn't account for certain variables but goes to show just how good OSU and PSU were last year.
  10. SteelwoodRadio


    It think that has more to do with Lizak. He did not perform well on 1 hour weigh ins. The Lizak that lost to Nate in the dual would not have been able to beat Cruz at NCAAs
  11. SteelwoodRadio

    Ohio State next year

    Are you not aware that Cael was also recruiting Mckenna?
  12. SteelwoodRadio

    Best 3x Champ?

    Zain also almost lost to Collica last year. Snyder is definitely ahead of Zain even when only looking at only NCAA. He has a higher freshman placement (2nd vs 5th) and has faced vastly tougher competition. 149 the past three years has been relatively weak outside of zain. Heavyweight has had some very high level wrestlers.
  13. Its Zeke Jones, Pat Santoro, Brian Smith, Tom Ryan and Cael Sanderson.
  14. SteelwoodRadio

    Which Greek God has it in for Nate Tomasello?

    NATO could have easily been the #1. He has FAR better wins. Cruz has wins over #11, #12, #18. NATO has one loss, which he avenged, while having wins over #4, #5, 2x#8, 2x#15, #16, #18.
  15. SteelwoodRadio

    Let’s have some fun....

    36-8 tOSU