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  1. No better time to gain experience than the present.
  2. Does anyone know why the Greco team isn't doing their selection process this way? I know its ultimately up the the head coach, but you'd think they would want the exposure.
  3. https://bwi.forums.rivals.com/threads/coaching-change-at-binghamton.195284/ Interesting takes on this thread at the moment.
  4. How crazy would it be if Cox just torched Sadulaev? This forum might fall apart.
  5. Indiana- Angel Escobedo Purdue- Chris Fleegor Indiana State- Bruce Baumgartner Notre Dame- Bob Golic Ball State- John Smith
  6. http://www.flowrestling.org/article/62801-flowrestling-kicks-off-season-with-multi-year-big-ten-agreement#.We9052hSwdU Big move by Flo
  7. Absolutely, but I still have Angel edging them out. The lack of an NCAA title for Reece and no international results for Tsirtsis is all I need. Fun fact: Angel and Reece wrestled in the first round of the 2002 Indiana State Tournament at 112lbs. Angel won the match 13-5 and would win that title along with the next 3 to finish as a four timer. Reece would go on to win the next 3 titles, he beat a freshman Andrew Howe to win his 3rd in 2005.
  8. Indiana: Angel Escobedo (3X B1G Champ, 4X NCAA All American, 2008 NCAA Champion, 5th in the world 2013)
  9. Not really fair that they put the team loss on Sadulaev. Makhov coming back for Euros will be exciting for sure.
  10. 57 Gilman v.s NATO 61 Brewer v.s Wright 65 Zain vs Stieber 70 Green vs Oliver 74 Burroughs vs Dieringer 79 Dake vs Reader 86 Taylor vs Heflin 92 Cox vs Moore 97 Snyder vs Gadsen 125 Gwiz vs Bradley
  11. I was actually thinking about this today as I was watching. I think deciding who would go down first would be the biggest bone of contention.
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