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  1. That is true. He is a good top wrestler. My position is that he is not good in neutral, and uses his length to fend off attacks without a real offense of his own. He certainly won the title without controversy. I am not trying to discredit any of that. He might develop into an offensive threat in neutral, but it isn't there now. Once Joseph got turned, it became a defensive stall from Lewis to close it out. Nothing wrong with that.
  2. Most boring? Did you watch the Fix-Suriano match at all? Snoozer. The only thing more boring than that was their dual matchup. The 197 final was not close to that level of boredom. As others said, this was last because Bo Nickal is highly marketable and had the best potential to put on a good show for the casual wrestling fan. A slight leader in points per match, giving him the title of most dominant wrestler, and a good chance at the Hodge. Why not showcase him.
  3. A bad year? Only measured against his previous accomplishments. He finished 2nd. With 2 losses on the year. He had a dominant year. Still subjective if you want to include him on your list or not, but the hyperbole of "bad year" is fake news. And I'm not sure you would say Lewis dominated him. Lewis is a counter puncher, and Joseph fell behind. Had to play into his game. Lewis could retreat and counter, and he won because of that. Really, he beat marinelli that way too. Brilliant strategy and execution, but I never call a counter puncher "dominant".
  4. The question would be ... who are the champs that OSU would have? Its a given that they have great depth and could place their entire roster (if healthy), or at least 7 AA. But who gets the big points? White? Picc? Fix? OSU needs to produce well above their seed to challenge, and they need champs.
  5. You need more real friends. But OK, you drop a lot of oddities. Your title is "Is he overrated"? That implies a personal rating. What is your rating? Most rating services rate Nolf as the most dominant wrestler at NCAA 157 pounds, the top pound for pound wrestler, and front runner for the Hodge this year. So do you think your assessment is overrated? Deeper ... he has lost twice to IMar in awesome matches in his freshman year. He also took a loss in his Junior year as an INJ default. That's it. And to say that he "can only be a 3x champ" ... well, that is pretty awesome. Also "he isn't acomplished freestyle" ... OK this again goes to your assessment. I think he is the best folkstyle wrestler in the NCAA today. Most accomplished, and most dominant. Then you go into "not top 5 all time" ... wow, you must have a pretty high opinion of him. Maybe I need to come up to your level. I guess you confuse me!
  6. If the staff thinks this might be the case, then perhaps we see him take a RS. Would he help them in duals this year? No doubt. But the goal is always March. If they project him to not score team points, a RS is a real possibility. Barring injuries the team will rack up a lot of points from 141 to 285 this year. 125 and 133 can be building years for 2020. The rebuild from the 2019 Nolf/Nickal squad will not be like the rebuild from the Taylor/Ruth squad. No taking the year off.
  7. A lot gets said on forums that just isn't true. I don't know either, but I would be willing to wager that Mark Hall is not going to 184. No way.
  8. Not being an OSU fan, but a fan of wrestling in general, I would love for Fix to go out at 125. I think the Lee v Fix potential is a headliner. Toss in Suriano if you want, but there is star power in the weight with Fix v Lee. Following on, is Brock out of 133? Picc is not very big and I think will struggle up at 133. Tough to see him not in the lineup though. Bottom line, if Fix can hold 125, and he has shown through a redshirt year and freestyle events that he is doing that, then Fix is Top 3 at 125. What is he at 133? More team points and a potential champ if Fix goes 125.
  9. He will have to get a dreaded asterisk for the possible accomplishment. Eligibility wise Brooks would be a true FR in 2020, but he graduates in 2018 and is spending 2019 at the OTC. Isn't that like the Cornell kids spending a pre-enrollment year at a prep? That said, Brooks is one of the rising stars on the scene and will make an impact the minute he enrolls at PSU.
  10. Well no, not really. OK, you are correct that they will not get 20 points from Berge. But PSU loses a whole lot less than OSU does. PSU lost Zian, while OSU lost Bo Jordan, Captain America and NaTo. PSU may not score the same point total, but their gap to second place will be bigger. This isn't PSU's "vulnerable" time. 2020 will be. And I expect Iowa will be peaking for that opportunity. It will take injuries to derail PSU's title chances this year. IMO.
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