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  1. dwkeller

    Did Rahseed duck?

    Take a look at the PSU team pictures after they won the B10's. Rasheed was very unhappy and covering his head with a hoodie. I sense Carl kept him out and that Rasheed would have liked to wrestle. Carl was thinking team for the Nationals and Rasheed wanted to go.
  2. dwkeller

    I dislike Cael's doughnuts

    Played DB at State College PA, oddly, the same town PSU is in. We were very mean. You create a triangle (higher math skills), 2 throwing at one. And we through fast and hard (and sometime low, if you know what I mean). I also wrestled. And I take partial blame for ending the DB practice in schools. But man oh man, was it fun! There is that "fun" word again.
  3. Does someone need a snickers bar?
  4. dwkeller

    Eliminate neutral.. mat wrestling only.

    How about we put wrestlers into inflatable body balloons that raise the wrestlers into the air, say 4 feet. Not sure how to score this as what would a pin look like. But could be fun. Googles are worn as each fan base is armed with paintball guns.
  5. dwkeller

    Not the best day for PSU

    My take (PSU is where I went to school): 1 - while Lee was undefeated we really did not know if he was better than last year. Great endurance, looks a bit stronger, but ... My take is he needs to have other options on take-downs. He is well scouted now and needs to evolve as a wrestler 2 - Wisconsin made a point of tying up the PSU wrestlers. Unlike Northwestern, they came to wrestle. Tho a limited style as they had few take-downs. Still, nice to see another Big 10 team in the mix 3 - Berge - he is good. But do we really know his upside yet. He has 2 months to improve Overall a good outing but not a great one.