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  1. I think being alive is better then being dead. It is only wrestling.
  2. The Big10s clearly showed Iowa superior. Iowa has a good feel about them, mature and very skilled on the mat. While I love my team (PSU), this Iowa team is fun to watch and wants the title. They will be fine.
  3. Probably a good thing this happened now. He will study film, know that others will study film, get in better shape and be ready. Hard to see him losing.
  4. Lee is taller. I think Pletcher needs to think through this. And, do not choose down.
  5. Perhaps that first move Hall made sapped his energy. Looking forward to the Big 10s.
  6. He looked fine. Coaching would have won 2 he lost. 6 months training/conditioning and he will be top 6.
  7. Agreed, Zain will change as needed to win, as that is his intention.
  8. I am a PSU fan, and graduate. AB is very good and by year end may be great. Zahid is better.
  9. Many US Wrestlers profess faith in Christ/God. What is the difference? Muslims use Allah as their name for God. No one should be banned for believing in God.
  10. So all other teams suck? Iowa is good but other teams have great wrestlers at various weights. Let's revisit after PSU decides to wrestle, say mid-Feb. Tho if PSU does not get its's wrestlers back, Iowa wins going away.
  11. Most great HS wrestlers, IMO, want the change to wrestle for the Gold. It does not matter who we think will do better. You win the wrestle off, you go.
  12. You only get 1 chance in Life? No.
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