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  1. both. but only Bo can truly answer this
  2. One man wrestled the other avoided wrestling. Watch again.
  3. Valencia is of Latin origin: from Valentia meaning power or strong and healthy. It is Spanish. Rivera is both Spanish and Italian (northern Italian from Sicilian Ribera).
  4. In a full season you have a point. But that was not the case. Howard was coming off an operation, and obviously needs some muscle. Ditto Kerk re a recent operation. This was Iowa's year and Ok State has a good solid team. Hopefully next year all teams get their men 20 + matches prior to the NCAA's. Well done Iowa!
  5. Kerk is 2 years away from us knowing
  6. What is your relationship with the Truth?
  7. I am grateful for any wrestler getting a chance to wrestle. Anywhere in the world.
  8. I think being alive is better then being dead. It is only wrestling.
  9. The Big10s clearly showed Iowa superior. Iowa has a good feel about them, mature and very skilled on the mat. While I love my team (PSU), this Iowa team is fun to watch and wants the title. They will be fine.
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