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  1. I would love to be in Iran if they win the men's team race tomorrow. Wow. Win or loss a great team effort!
  2. Been a wrestling fan for over 55 years. Grew up in State College, PSU fan forever. Let's be real here: there are many great college wrestling schools who produce amazing wrestlers. A few go on and translate their skills to fit the International norms. PSC is on a roll, like OSU and Iowa have had and will have again. We need this healthy competition at the college level. We are happy when our team wins and sad when they do not. But damn, do I love wrestling. So yes, Cael is doing an amazing job, as are so many others. This is the time to express our Love for USA wrestling and for all the Great Programs, Coaches and Wrestlers. A gritty tough sport. My heartfelt appreciation!
  3. No. PSU is a team. All help all. Coaches, wrestlers, staff, students + fans.
  4. I was thinking 1 year to completely heal. This allows complete confidence in going all out. The 2 year is to see how good you really are. I am down with 1 year too.
  5. Or, he just f'ed up and had poor weight/time management skills
  6. both. but only Bo can truly answer this
  7. One man wrestled the other avoided wrestling. Watch again.
  8. Valencia is of Latin origin: from Valentia meaning power or strong and healthy. It is Spanish. Rivera is both Spanish and Italian (northern Italian from Sicilian Ribera).
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