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  1. dwkeller

    Dake/Dieringer Final X location?

    David Keller. Wrestled for State College PA. Same town as PSU. I was OK at wrestling, tho was "unaware" that I had sports induced asthma. Made it hard to run and get into great shape. HS grad 1969.
  2. dwkeller

    Who wins 141 in 2019-2020? (POLL)

    After you wrestle someone and lose you pick up your game. I saw the match and Nick made the same errors repeatedly. Doubt this happens again. I also expect Demas to know this and add to his game.
  3. dwkeller

    Cox deserves a nickname (and a shoe)

    The River As in strong and powerful, with reference to the obvious. Shoe name: The Ocean.
  4. dwkeller

    Dake/Dieringer Final X location?

    funny, wasn't thinking of that, just day dreamin at work (LA baby)
  5. dwkeller

    Dake/Dieringer Final X location?

    how about in a movable octagon, with water injection values and 15% spin dynamics. First to 20 wins. No breaks.
  6. dwkeller

    Zain's left knee?

    I have watched these 2 wrestle some years now. As I see it Zain's muscles are a bit memory locked into Folkstyle. He needs more time. Yanni seems to be there now. Their matches hinge on only 1 or 2 moves. An enjoyable toss up for now.
  7. dwkeller

    Bo Nickal

    U23 allows one to wrestle. From that perspective it is important. You get to explore your skills against those you may meet in the future. For US wrestlers transitioning into Freestyle a needed platform.
  8. dwkeller

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    Yes, let's promote the talents of a man who decided not to go to college. Great example for our children. And then picks a career that requires multiple concussions to succeed. Yea, I'm on board with that. See Johnny, what you can be when you grow up.
  9. dwkeller

    Bo Nickal to Wrestle Off for U23 Team at 92kg

    My son in law. No joke - in 15 years, other than talk about his family and children, not 1 adult conversation about anything that matters.
  10. dwkeller

    Bo Nickal to Wrestle Off for U23 Team at 92kg

    Cox and Bo have many things in common, other than their body shape. Both intend to win and will do anything to make this happen. That is why I love both wrestlers. They demand of themselves perfection. Bo finished folkstyle a few months ago: let's see where he is at in a year. Cox is amazing now. Both are highly ranked. A win win for fans of wrestling!
  11. dwkeller

    The DECISION (yianni v retherford)

    I trust my eyes. Zain won both and was the better wrestler. That was then.
  12. dwkeller

    The DECISION (yianni v retherford)

    My eyes have Z better than Y in both matches. Y was tentative, waiting for the action to start. Now go win.
  13. dwkeller

    The call

    2 great wrestlers!
  14. dwkeller

    The call

    Both wrestle in a way that, in Freestyle, is hard to judge. 2 A+ wrestlers. Love em both. Zain has improved more over the last 2 months - and from my eyes won both matches. But did he under Freestyle rules? I do not know. If they wrestle again start all over - not just 1 match. But that booing was beneath many. We all support who is chosen.
  15. dwkeller

    Who wins the team title next year?

    That being said, Berge did look good. Lookin forward to Iowa vs PSU.
  16. dwkeller

    Who wins the team title next year?

    Boys - bored heading into Summer? On a PSU note - Berge looked very strong in Freestyle this past WE
  17. dwkeller

    The Mekhi Lewis Juggernaut

  18. dwkeller

    Did Rahseed duck?

    Take a look at the PSU team pictures after they won the B10's. Rasheed was very unhappy and covering his head with a hoodie. I sense Carl kept him out and that Rasheed would have liked to wrestle. Carl was thinking team for the Nationals and Rasheed wanted to go.
  19. dwkeller

    I dislike Cael's doughnuts

    Played DB at State College PA, oddly, the same town PSU is in. We were very mean. You create a triangle (higher math skills), 2 throwing at one. And we through fast and hard (and sometime low, if you know what I mean). I also wrestled. And I take partial blame for ending the DB practice in schools. But man oh man, was it fun! There is that "fun" word again.
  20. Does someone need a snickers bar?
  21. dwkeller

    Eliminate neutral.. mat wrestling only.

    How about we put wrestlers into inflatable body balloons that raise the wrestlers into the air, say 4 feet. Not sure how to score this as what would a pin look like. But could be fun. Googles are worn as each fan base is armed with paintball guns.
  22. dwkeller

    Not the best day for PSU

    My take (PSU is where I went to school): 1 - while Lee was undefeated we really did not know if he was better than last year. Great endurance, looks a bit stronger, but ... My take is he needs to have other options on take-downs. He is well scouted now and needs to evolve as a wrestler 2 - Wisconsin made a point of tying up the PSU wrestlers. Unlike Northwestern, they came to wrestle. Tho a limited style as they had few take-downs. Still, nice to see another Big 10 team in the mix 3 - Berge - he is good. But do we really know his upside yet. He has 2 months to improve Overall a good outing but not a great one.