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  1. Haha
    dwkeller reacted to Witherman in Bo on Flo   
    It’s amazing what you guys can turn into a three page thread lol
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    dwkeller reacted to Lurker in Bo on Flo   
    Pretty funny...
  3. Haha
    dwkeller reacted to Lurker in Snyder to NLWC.   
    As evidenced by the fact that all of PSU's individual titles over the last nine years have come via the ankle pick, you have a very good point here.
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    dwkeller reacted to PRyan2012 in Snyder to NLWC.   
    Strength - Varner is stronger than Snyder. Only guy probably stronger than Jden. 
    Scrambling- Taylor and Nickal are better than Snyder
    Athletic ability- Cassar is better than Snyder  
    Coach- Cael 
    All of these guys are Lt Heavies. Where on earth is Snyder going to get a better look and all the guys are near his size or bigger? Dagestan maybe. 
  5. Confused
    dwkeller reacted to Lurker in Snyder to NLWC.   
    Says anyone who is hearing what they want to hear and seeing what they want to see. In case you haven’t been paying attention, he is doing the exact opposite of blaming anyone in any way for anything. 
  6. Sad
    dwkeller reacted to cjc007 in Snyder to NLWC.   
    God doesn't care about wrestling.

    My point is, when I win it's God's plan. When I lose its my training environment.

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    dwkeller reacted to nyum in Snyder to NLWC.   
    I’m glad you clarified, cause I just thought you were bitter. 
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    dwkeller reacted to 1032004 in Snyder to NLWC.   
    To be fair I think he would say it was God’s plan either way.   But I don’t think God has a preference for where he trains.
  9. Thanks
    dwkeller reacted to fiveontwo in Any of you Penn Staters know this guy?   
    so an old man is cranky and complains about how things are currently.  we need someone to write an article about him
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    dwkeller got a reaction from TexRef in California's bid to overtake PSU   
    You are right, Fresno State will be a drawing card for ultra talented athletes.
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    dwkeller reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Been a long time coming   
    Take care old man

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    dwkeller reacted to Zebra in Been a long time coming   
    This has been coming for some time but since I’ve been around for a long time I thought I drop one last line.
    I have no connection to wrestling anymore beyond this message board and what my DVR records. I have not been to an event at any level in 3 years and quite honestly don’t see anything changing soon. Last year #1 and #2 were wrestling within an hour of me and I never even considered going.
    Other than a limp which is progressively getting worse, boxes of old medals and trophies I no longer look at, and a lot of memories good and bad there is nothing for me. My life has changed too much and while wrestling was a huge part of my life (40+ years) it’s the past, not the future. I guess for almost all of us this time comes. I have other priorities and new goals.  
    To those of you I’ve loved and hated for the past 15 years, I wish you all well.     
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    dwkeller reacted to tbert in Zain's left knee?   
    Without doubt Yanni sports a better freestyle resume.   How much international experience has Zain actually had?  Took Dake and Taylor awhile to find their groove.
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    dwkeller reacted to TBar1977 in Who wins 141 in 2019-2020? (POLL)   
    Nick wrestled a little too upright. That plays right into Demas' inside trip game. I think that gets fixed. The other thing is the gas tank. Demas will need to improve because Nick's tank is huge. 
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    dwkeller reacted to BobDole in This is Weird: Jaydin Eierman replacing Zain Retherford   
    Should they have listed all the calls they made and who declined? 
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    dwkeller reacted to red blades in This is Weird: Jaydin Eierman replacing Zain Retherford   
    There is conspiracy everywhere!  I'm sure the Russians are behind this one...
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    dwkeller reacted to Fishbane in This is Weird: Jaydin Eierman replacing Zain Retherford   
    Here we go again...
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    dwkeller reacted to Mphillips in This is Weird: Jaydin Eierman replacing Zain Retherford   
    It's the way of the world now.  Folks are looking for a reason to be offended.
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    dwkeller reacted to nom in This is Weird: Jaydin Eierman replacing Zain Retherford   
    @scramble - that is the best post I’ve seen on here in a while.  Completely agree.  
    There are folks on this board that seem like they need to be pissed or annoyed at something, even if they have to manufacture scenarios in their mind to make it so.
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    dwkeller reacted to justafan in This is Weird: Jaydin Eierman replacing Zain Retherford   
    With the hearing being August 8 and Pan Ams Aug 7-10. Zain couldn't go to Pan Ams then lose arbitration and have Yianni Aug 17 in Texas.I think he wins arbitration.But I understand him not wanting to risk it
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    dwkeller reacted to BobDole in This is Weird: Jaydin Eierman replacing Zain Retherford   
    Neither probably wants to compete and make weight if there is a potential for match 2 and/or 3 coming up in a couple weeks.
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    dwkeller reacted to Savage74 in Yianni/Zain Ruling   
    This is a very reasonably thought out post and process. 
    My thoughts in response. How long after the score went on the board do you think the coaches (both FLWC and NLWC) and wrestlers (both Yianni and Zain) noticed what the score was? Specifically, do you think it took until the end of the match for NLWC to realize they were losing and the 2-2 should be challenged or do you think they realized that earlier in the match? I think they probably watched all the officials and the scoreboard to see how it was scored immediately. Just my pretty educated guess.
    You say it is a difficult decision - So? They made the decision not to challenge. That is their right to do so. Coaches have to make difficult decisions all the time. Sometimes they make the right one, sometimes the wrong one and hindsight is always 20/20.
    So lets say they throw the brick within 10 seconds of the score going on the board. I am pretty sure they knew they might want to challenge 1 second after seeing the score go on the board but lets just say it takes them 10 to find the brick or whatever. So now we have 0:23 left and the brick is on the mat. The mat chairman would see it immediately and then it is his judgement call as to if and/or when to interrupt the match. That is his job and what he gets paid for. 
    If he chooses to interrupt at 0:19, it gets reviewed and perhaps the ruling is it was Zain's points and now Yianni is down by 2. He has 0:19 knowing he is losing the match. Does he? who knows. I know i have scored to win in the last 0:19 of a match numerous times. I have also been scored on in the last 0:19 of a match to lose. We see it happen all the time.
    If the mat chairman chooses not to interrupt, then it becomes a judgement call by the official, by the rules and no arbitration is needed. Sure, the score may have changed after the fact but the rules would have been followed. Of course, maybe Yianni sees the brick and knows the outcome could be in question and from one of his strongest positions, he works a little differently to score rather than run out the clock while winning. Is he able to? Who knows. At least the rules would have been followed and the outcome could not have been challenged.
    The coaches knew the outcome of that scramble well before the end of the match and CHOSE not to challenge until they saw it was needed to win. That is not immediate and it is against the rules and the spirit of the rules. 
    To make this debate even more fun: What if they lose this arbitration hearing because the challenge shouldn't have been accepted but then NLWC wants to appeal because there was never an officials conference on the score like the rule book says?
    This is why I think the outcome of the arbitration SHOULD be one of two possible scenarios:
    1. Match 2 is thrown out because the challenge should not have been accepted which would make Yianni the winner but a conference should have been held by the officials which would have allowed for the challenge that made Zain the winner. Therefore, neither is the winner and Zain is up 1 match to 0. Yianni needs to win 2 in a row.
    2. The purpose of the best of 3 series is twofold. Make sure the best guy is the representative by: not allowing for 1 fluke win and the guy who can recover in a relatively short period of time against top notch opponents similar to how the world championships are. For this reason they determine the whole series needs to start from scratch and we are in a true best of 3 series on a single day.
    I think either is a fine representative but selfishly, I just want to see them wrestle each other more!! 
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    dwkeller reacted to nom in Iran Wrestling News   
    Just want to say thanks to the folks writing on this thread.  I enjoy reading about the Iranian wrestlers and the perspectives being shared. I know Iranian wrestling fans are legendary in a very positive way and I highly respect the wrestlers.  It is great to have a window into this community.
  24. Thanks
    dwkeller reacted to mspart in Yianni/Zain Ruling   
    It might be well to wait for the ruling.  That is what I am interested in.
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    dwkeller reacted to AnklePicker in Yianni/Zain Ruling   
    Are they any Cornell fans who think Zain should win this appeal and conversely are there any PSU fans who think Yianni should win?  Funny how that works. 
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