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    dwkeller got a reaction from Yellow_Medal in I've seen enough former wrestlers on these cards   
    I am grateful for any wrestler getting a chance to wrestle. Anywhere in the world.
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    dwkeller reacted to Wrestleknownothing in NLWC 3.0   
    The people who make those claims about other matchups are making a faulty assumption. They assume that the person NLWC finds to complete the matchup is the first person they asked or the most desirable person. The reality is that most of these matchups are not necessarily NLWC's first choice. NLWC only controls one side of the matchup.
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    dwkeller reacted to TBar1977 in Ivy League just cancels all Winter Sports   
    Saw where Ezekiel Emmanuel wants to distribute the vaccine to other countries before covering the US.
    You pay for it, others get the benefit first, you stay locked down. 
    Happy Thanksgiving.
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    dwkeller reacted to portajohn in Most annoying in the Big Ten?   
    My #1 will always be Tom Ryan's 2018 "Positive Infinity" campaign 
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    dwkeller reacted to ShakaAloha in Most annoying in the Big Ten?   
    1. What did Limmex do last year?
    2. Why do you dislike Mike Carr?
    3. How can you like Michigan and Michigan State at the same time?  I thought it was an either/or sort of thing?
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    dwkeller reacted to nhs67 in No worlds...   
    Holy crap, guys.

    Can we just chill TF out?
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    dwkeller reacted to jsmalls131313 in No worlds...   
    Your agenda is pretty obvious to anyone reading. Keep spamming buzzwords like "pearl clutching" while trying to shift the focus to mythical "right wing terrorists"  while portraying your buddies who are burning down businesses, murdering innocent cops and harassing innocent people on a daily basis. 
    Just be happy you got your way and the US won't be at worlds. 
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    dwkeller reacted to TBar1977 in No worlds...   
    I have two eyes and can think for myself. I don't cede my common sense over to anyone. Not to the government or to those who try too hard to convince me that something I can see in plain sight is not happening. Or that something there is no evidence of is in fact happening. 
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    dwkeller reacted to cjc007 in No worlds...   
    Burning and looting buildings are part of Antifa's battle against free speech. A very undereducated violent mob of malcontents. Bums, losers, anarchists, and Communists.

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    dwkeller reacted to PRyan2012 in No worlds...   
    This is a plandemic not pandemic. 
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    dwkeller reacted to ptz305 in Pat Lugo Appreciation Post   
    Of all the wrestlers, my heart breaks the most for Pat Lugo. Despite being a Fargo finalist, he flew under the radar going into college. He took a chance by transferring from Edinboro to Iowa when many said he could not make the line-up.  He worked his tail off to become a starter and then an AA. This year he looked like a completely different wrestler. He opened up on his feet and improved on the mat. He looked poised to take home the title. I can not believe that this is how his year will end. Dude is a hammer. 
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    dwkeller reacted to Wrestleknownothing in Pat Lugo Appreciation Post   
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    dwkeller got a reaction from Marcus Cisero in How pissed will Iowa fans be if NCAAs are cancelled?   
    The Big10s clearly showed Iowa superior. Iowa has a good feel about them, mature and very skilled on the mat. While I love my team (PSU), this Iowa team is fun to watch and wants the title. They will be fine.
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    dwkeller reacted to lu_alum in Who is the biggest threat to Iowa at NCAAs?   
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    dwkeller reacted to Holtfan in Should "hiding" an arm be an automatic stall call?   
    I recall about 10 years ago or so, fans wanted stalling called when a wrestler (while in neutral) would drop to 1 or 2 knees. Now you see it all the time and it's considered strategy. 

    Here is a clue---learn how to combat the tactic or go home. 
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    dwkeller reacted to DanGerMan in Should "hiding" an arm be an automatic stall call?   
    50 bucks says it's not stalling.
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    dwkeller reacted to Marcus Cisero in Should "hiding" an arm be an automatic stall call?   
    hmmm, interesting - I never thought about that, but I guess it could be viewed both ways. One as a legal defensive tactic and one where it could be considered stalling. At least as of yesterday, it's a legal defensive tactic
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    dwkeller reacted to sidakova4991 in Saduleav cradled and exposed at Euro's.   
    Stop reaching.  Sadulaev will still beat Snyder, because he is just better.  
    He will beat Cox too, but that is interesting.
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    dwkeller reacted to Crotalus in Saduleav cradled and exposed at Euro's.   
    Not in the upcoming Olympics. Russia wont have a team. :)
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    dwkeller reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Saduleav cradled and exposed at Euro's.   
    Russians! again! pay refs! use PEDS! poor American threads. We will always find a way to kick your tender asses :)
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    dwkeller reacted to freestyle_fan in Saduleav cradled and exposed at Euro's.   
    It's not a pin for sure. But, boy what an intense moment it was!
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    dwkeller reacted to pamela in Taking bets about PSU vs Wisconsin tonight   
    Don’t toy with my emotions!
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    dwkeller reacted to tigerfan in Who wins at NCAAs? Hall or Kemerer?   
    Kemmerer's effort was so impressive, but Hall looked like the better wrestler.  It was an awesome revival of the legendary Carver Magic that carried Kemmerer to victory.  I don't think you can count on that happening again.  Hall is so technically amazing, and Cael is such a good coach, I think they'll figure it out come March.  I can't remember the last time I actually liked an Iowa wrestler, but KemDog's wrestling and demeanor after winning may have won me over. The real winner of that match were wrestling fans all over the country.  And the fact that it happened on the heels of the epic, bloody gladiator fest of 165 was awesome.  
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    dwkeller reacted to jysupert in Joseph-Marinelli   
    Really hard to cheer against either one.  That said, was two fierce competitors doing battle  on the mat. 
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    dwkeller reacted to wrestlingnerd in Joseph-Marinelli   
    Such a great rivalry. I love how fearless Marinelli was against the most dangerous over under guy in the country. Marinelli held on too long too early, when Cenzo was fresh and neither was sweaty enough. I love how he went right back to it and scored a reversal, though. 
    Marinelli has a better tank and looks stronger while Cenzo is quicker and more explosive. Better to save upper body ties for deeper waters. I hope they see each other again at B1G and NCAAs. This is one rivalry I cannot get enough of. 
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