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  1. This is what I think of Mohammadian. That Matteo Pellicone tournament where he smoked all his opponents including Kyle Snyder. After that performance, I was beginning to think that this would be the one to stop Sadulaev’s reign. But instead, Mohammadian seemed to shut down a lot. It makes me wonder how was he so dominant at that tournament with a good number of past World and Olympic Medalists and dominating them. And after that, slowed down and was never the same. It would have been a far better deal if either Goleij or Shabani were at Tokyo. I’m beyond excited for Goleij to be Iran’s entry till at least 2024. He just missed a win over Snyder by 3 seconds that obviously ticked him off terribly. But I’m confident he’s going to use that defeat as motivation to do better down the road. I can see him beat Snyder. I know it’d take more work to beat Sadulaev, but I can count on him. I like Goleij for Iran at 97kg. The whole team is consistent of winning medals.
  2. This was in deed the best combined performance (Freestyle, Greco-Roman) Iran has had in History. Within the 20 wrestlers in both styles, they accomplished 13 Medals (7 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze). It’s above and beyond gratifying watching them perform that great! Plus a young team that can show great potential for Paris 2024, especially with 5 of the 6 Olympic Weights winning Medals. I’m beyond proud of what this team accomplished. I look forward to seeing most of them next September in Serbia.
  3. Anyone else having issues this morning under FLO wrestling? I haven’t had this problem till today as the steam keeps freezing and doesn’t go. Not able to watch as it goes for seconds and immediately freezes. Every device I’ve used, same results.
  4. Wow! They did it for both Men and Women Freestyle. Suspicious why they don’t do it for Greco in particular? Not that I’d expect anybody to know. Anyone that does, I’d appreciate an answer.
  5. What happened to the FLO Zone Camera and commentators during today? If anyone knows, I’d appreciate your time, thanks.
  6. So the team that I expected isn’t the line up at the World Championships? This is what I expected the Russian Freestyle line up to be. 57kg. Nachyn Mongush 61kg. Abasgadzhi Magomedov 65kg. Zagir Shakhiev 70kg. Israil Kasumov 74kg. Razambek Shamalov 79kg. Akhmed Usmanov 86kg. Artur Naifonov 92kg. Magomed Kurbanov 97kg. Abdulrashid Sadulaev 125kg. Sergey Kozyrev
  7. It’s strange as a year and a half shouldn’t make a significant difference. But somehow it managed to make a huge difference for Mohammadian. At that tournament where he beat Snyder. He was on fire and on a mission, I literally felt that Mohammadian would have given Sadulaev a run for the Gold. But instead it only took 18 months approximately for Mohammadian to slow down and not be anywhere close to where he was at that tournament in 2020.
  8. Then I wonder what it was that Cox had something going in not being able to make weight at the Olympic Trials as he was meant to compete at 97kg. That’s what got me curious. Otherwise yes he is indeed the best at 92kg.
  9. Does anyone know if Dake will retain at 74kg or go back to 79kg? Also with J’den Cox, if he will be at 92kg. Only reason is remembering he could make weight at 97kg to compete at the Olympic Trials, makes me curious if he won’t have a problem going back to 92kg.
  10. I’d like McKenna at 65kg, not sure which weight Nolf is currently competing, but would like him at 70kg assuming Green retired. Is Cox comfortable at 92kg. He couldn’t make weight to compete at 97kg at the Olympic Trials. Not sure if Gwiazdowski retired, but would like him again at 125kg, if not Mason would be great too. Does Anthony Cassar compete. The lone folkstyle wrestler in college to beat Steveson? I’d like him too. Have all the Olympic Medalists mentioned they will compete at the World Championships? In case not, their is decent backup Vitali Arujau at 57kg, Dieringer at 74kg, Bo Nickal at 86kg, Cox at 97kg in case he can’t make weight at 92kg, then Zahid Valencia would be great at 92kg. All in all, I am not 100% what weight everyone is competing currently.
  11. No one can obviously take away from Brandon of the fact that he soundly beat Bouvaisa Saitiev just to advance from the Pool. That tournament (2000 Olympics) was a huge year in Americans beating the best at their weight class from Russia (Rulon over Kareline, Lowney over Kogouashavili, Slay over B.Saitiev). In my opinion, I felt Slay's win over Saitiev was more stunning that Rulon over Kareline. Because Slay as I mentioned soundly beat Saitiev and proved it was no fluke. Rulon's situation was a penalty point, didn't soundly beat Kareline. But because Kareline was unbeaten while Saitiev wasn't, most may view Rulon's victory being bigger. Although Brandon may have been one and done after the Sydney Games, nobody can't take away what he accomplished. That match with Leipold (GER) was only a show as Leipold played an acting game too much to win cheap. But also dependent on Roids to get him there.
  12. At 125kg, nothing to do with the Uzbek that got stripped of the Bronze as the Iranian was on the opposite side of bracket. However on the Iranians side of bracket, the Syrian that placed 5th (Making it to the Bronze Match) was DQ from his 5th place honors (assuming also doping). With him getting DQ, the Iranian moved into the top 6. Qualifying the weight class for the Olympics and gaining 3 more points for the team. As Iran had 93, USA 94. The 3 extra points got them to 96 Points and getting ahead of USA.
  13. Just found out today that Khadjiev (FRA) and Rakhimov (UZB) who have officially won Bronze Medals at 2019 World Championships have been stripped. At 125kg, Deng Zhiwei of China becomes the New Bronze Medalist who also won a Silver in 2018. At 74kg, Daniyar Kaisanov of Kazakhstan becomes the new Bronze Medalist. As Kazakhstan already finished 2nd in the team race, it made the points better. Then USA fell from 3rd to 4th, Iran moved from 4th to 3rd.
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