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  1. I see the schedule is: Saturday, September 14 11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (GR 55-63-72-82kg) 18:00-19:30: Semifinals (GR 55-63-72-82kg) Sunday, September 15 11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (GR 67-87-97kg) 11:00-16:00: Repechage (GR 55-63-72-82kg) 16:45-17:30: Opening Ceremony 18:00-18:45: Semifinals (GR 67-87-97kg) 19:00-22:00: Finals (GR 55-63-72-82kg) Monday, September 16 11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (GR 60-77-130kg) 11:00-16:00: Repechage (GR 67-87-97kg) 17:00-17:45: Semifinals (GR 60-77-130kg) 18:00-20:30: Finals (GR 67-87-97kg) Tuesday, September 17 11:00-15:00: Qualification Rounds (WW 50-53-55-72kg) 11:00-15:00: Repechage (GR 60-77-130kg) 16:45-17:45: Semifinals (WW 50-53-55-72kg) 18:00-20:30: Finals (GR 60-77-130kg) Wednesday, September 18 11:00-15:00: Qualification Rounds (WW 57-59-65-76kg) 11:00-15:00: Repechage (WW 50-53-55-72kg) 16:45-17:45: Semifinals (WW 57-59-65-76kg) 18:00-21:00: Finals (WW 50-53-55-72kg) Thursday, September 19 11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (WW 62-68kg // FS 57-65kg) 11:00-16:00: Repechage (WW 57-59-65-76kg) 16:45-17:45: Semifinals (WW 62-68kg // FS 57-65kg) 18:00-21:00: Finals (WW 57-59-65-76kg) Friday, September 20 11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (FS 70-74-92-125kg) 11:00-16:00: Repechage (WW 62-68kg // FS 57-65kg) 16:45-17:45: Semifinals (FS 70-74-92-125kg) 18:00-21:00: Finals (WW 62-68kg // FS 57-65kg) Saturday, September 21 11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (FS 61-79-86-97kg) 11:00-16:00: Repechage (FS 70-74-92-125kg) 16:45-17:45: Semifinals (FS 61-79-86-97kg) 18:00-21:00: Finals (FS 70-74-92-125kg) Sunday, September 22 15:30-17:30: Repechage (FS 61-79-86-97kg) 18:00-21:00: Finals (FS 61-79-86-97kg) In stating on the 14th that the qualification rounds start at 11:00 AM. Is that our time or in Kazakhstan time? I live in Illinois, I was wondering?
  2. Understanding, this being the year before the Olympics. It is as you mentioned to qualify the weight class for their country in placing in the top 5 the previous World Championships. I would of thought Aslanbek Alborov would have represented Azerbaijan at 97kg. But guess Azerbaijan will put Sharifov to go at it.
  3. One part that got me was showing that Sharif Sharifov (Azerbaijan) is listed as representing 97kg, not 92kg. I wonder if it was an error or if Sharifov is going to wrestle 97kg? Yes as with 79kg, it's a joke compared to 74kg. Only Dake and Hassanov are the 2 quality wrestlers there. The rest is a matter of the draw as to who can be the 2 Bronze Medalists.
  4. I will appreciate if someone can post the results. Not every detail, but who won and will represent USA in September. Thanks!
  5. Others having problems with live stream this morning on Track Wrestling. Mine has been down last 10 minutes.
  6. As I am under the track wrestling site to purchase the live stream. It does not seem to be getting to where I need to in purchasing it. Anybody know what I need to do? I'd appreciate all the help possible. Thanks.
  7. I can't find the brackets. I'd appreciate if someone can guide me where to find it? Thanks.
  8. I live in Illinois which is central time zone. I do see that Budapest is 7 hours ahead of my time. Does anybody know comparing the difference between my time and Budapest in what time the World Championships will start? I saw in a schedule for Eastern Time it starts Saturday October 20 at 4:30 AM.
  9. Thanks bud, appreciated your help.
  10. Yes, but only question I have now is this. It only shows 57kg. I was attempting to click on the other weights. As I tried, it does not get to it. Is there something different I have to tap? Appreciate your help.
  11. I know going through all the weight previews, they did mention the ranks. But as I am trying to go back and find what they posted prior (weight previews from the start till now, I can't find). Is their a way I can find it? If anyone knows, I'd appreciate it if you can let me know. Thanks.
  12. I agree with most everything you mentioned. Even though this doesn't happen too often. Not sure if you remember past wrestlers. Brandon Slay (USA) who lacked international competition prior to the Olympics. Then went in the Olympics and defeated the best Freestyle wrestler ever from Russia. Seldomly it happens. But there is always hope as they say. Yes best Hadi can really do is Bronze. It would take the miracle for him to do more, but just for Bronze he must be in the game fully and not give up as you say. If Karimi is 92kg, I have high hopes for him. Maybe to even have Ebrahimi at 97kg is the best Iran can do at the moment at that weight. I wonder if Abbas Tahan will ever return?
  13. Alright I got you now. But still with 92kg and 97kg I feel the team will be best using Javad Ebrahimi 92kg and Alireza Karimi 97kg. Golej I don't believe will do much. Karimi has potential. I like Hadi at 125kg. So this will be first experiences for Yakheshi, Nasiri, Emami. There are surprise results in some wrestlers first years competing. I hope those 3 can make a mark. Thanks for the info.
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