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  1. I heard that Cinnabon is the leading bookie around these parts.
  2. It depends. How many records have you shattered? ;) Still nowhere near a Karelin - Gardner footnote.
  3. Exactly. You don’t win an international medal on talent alone.
  4. So the over/under for mercenary/righteous saint is 3.5? Pay your debts before placing other bets.
  5. By that logic, people should never cheer for anyone.
  6. I don’t think he’s staying in Greensboro for long either. Point being, if he was able to make 106 in Aug, it’s not that surprising that he could make it for a weekend in Oct, especially to get a chance at Bassett who wasn’t at Fargo. Knox got the early lead and was savvy enough defensively to handle Bassett’s motor.
  7. There are currently three HiWays in State College, although the one downtown will have to close or relocate as the entire block is earmarked for redevelopment.
  8. 75 best? 75? Sort of defeats the meaning of the word best. Along the lines of making a list of the 52 best Super Bowls.
  9. If they truly could not care less, they would not have posted their unsolicited opinion. The fact that they took the time and effort to post their opinion shows that they do care, at least a little, which proves that they could care less.
  10. A lot of these careers are not at all unexpected. Is it really unexpected that Neil deGrasse Tyson became an astrophysicist after getting a degree in physics from Harvard, a Masters in astronomy at Texas and a PhD in astrophysics at Columbia? Norman Borlaug, grew up on a farm and got a degree in forestry and a PhD in plant pathology goes on to become an agronomist. John Irving became a writer after getting a BA in English and an MFA from the University of Iowa Writers Workshop. Roger Frizzell, degree in public relations becomes a corporate executive. Nate Parker, degree in management, becomes an actor is unexpected. Most of the rest mentioned, not so much.
  11. Sometimes it helps to read the entire article. Don't know how much the grant is, but when someone donates money for start up, it helps to tip the balance.
  12. The fact that you took the time to open and post on this thread is proof that you do in fact care about the topic. If Cinnebon were to ask you directly, you could respond with “I couldn’t care less” as not responding to a direct question is rude. However, you chose to interject. If you truly couldn’t care less, you would have not even opened the thread, let alone responded. Since you do care, you could in fact care less.
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