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  1. Sometimes it helps to read the entire article. Don't know how much the grant is, but when someone donates money for start up, it helps to tip the balance.
  2. The fact that you took the time to open and post on this thread is proof that you do in fact care about the topic. If Cinnebon were to ask you directly, you could respond with “I couldn’t care less” as not responding to a direct question is rude. However, you chose to interject. If you truly couldn’t care less, you would have not even opened the thread, let alone responded. Since you do care, you could in fact care less.
  3. ......and they offer two sessions per semester. Which is why they have two start dates and two finals periods listed for each semester. Aug-Oct and Oct-Dec. Given the wording of the second finals period in December, “Final examinations for semester and second-session classes,” they offer some classes that go the entire semester and some that only go half a semester. As long as this option is open to every other student at OSU, it should also be open to OSU athletes. Likewise, as long as online courses are open to other students, it should be open to athletes. Also, if you dig through the NCAA regs, academic eligibility is fairly easy. You can actually fail half of your fall classes and still be academically eligible for the spring.
  4. According to their academic calendar, they are. https://registrar.osu.edu/staff/bigcal.asp https://buckeyelink.osu.edu/task/all/resources
  5. Isn't Ohio State on a Quarter system? If so, minimum full time enrollment is probably only two classes per Quarter as opposed to four classes per Semester.
  6. In 08-09, Penn State was 8-12-2, and finished 7th and 17th in the B10 & NCAA tournaments. 09-10, they were 13-6-1, and finished 5th and 9th in the tournaments.
  7. I believe duels are outlawed in most states. Except Iowa, of course.
  8. Dickinson Law hasn’t been affiliated with Dickinson College since the early 1900s.
  9. I didn’t realize that he coached Cornell to four championships. Who was better, Bradshaw or Dake?
  10. The only things that the two schools share is a similar shade of blue for their athletic teams and Pennsylvania in their names which makes this an intrastate, not interstate matchup. Penn State does have some branch campuses and programs in the Philly area, but Penn is most definitely not one of them. Penn has the Wharton School of Business. Penn State has the Smeal College of Business. Penn State has Cael. Penn does not.
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