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  1. I love when the one guy calls it a "stallmate" about 12 times a match
  2. It's ok he probably wasn't going wrestle many duels anyway this season, that's how the bukeyes roll
  3. When will the brackets be posted?
  4. He's not a Hawkeye yet... he must finish his triple doctorate from ISU before he can be admitted to Iowa (taking 21 credits for the 13 semester in a row)
  5. Cox said in an interview after worlds that he was going 92, what will be interesting is in 2020 when 92 is not an Olympic weight. Does he go down to 86 to try and make the team. If so and Taylor has a world medal in 2019 then Taylor would get the bye to the finals. I would put my money on Taylor in that scenario
  6. I agree %100, the young guys especially would benefit from this
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