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  1. Minnesota can't have him because then they wouldn't have anything to complain about! :) sarcasm fellas
  2. Damian has a good staff under him. With Cody on staff they have a really good in for the Iowa kids. Damian and Chris with the Minnesota kids and hopefully a few that Damian can pluck from out east. Cam has insight on the MI,OH,IN areas so there is a really good mix for recruiting. Oh ya and they are really good coaches and it sure looks like the team is having fun. The whole staff really seem like the guys you would want your kids around to grow not only on the mat but also to become great young men off the mat.
  3. I was really surprised by the brunner loss. Pohlmeyer is now 3-0 vs. Thomson the last two years.
  4. The best announcer at the scuffle! Had it on the TV and my fiance finally said "who is that announcing, he is good!" Have him call the finals!
  5. I was a teammate of a Matt Burns. Where did you go to school?
  6. I''m interested golfforfood80@hotmail.com
  7. I would have to assume that they are not trying to provide what people view as a bad product. I see very few problems with the stream and enjoy their content. I always enjoy when people jump on board and say "I don't subscribe" because of "XX". Key word if you don't JOIN quit complaining! Quick story, we had a racetrack that everyone complained about and now it's closed. Figure out the moral of that story. If it's gone what would anyone have to complain about.
  8. Gable coasted the entire day. Last year he had something to prove would be my only explanation. I'm not a gophers fan either but watched all his matches in person.
  9. Gross was working for a major on McKee and gave up a late take down. The match wasn't as close as the final of 9-4.
  10. I would agree with the picks above by tigerfan. I also agree that Brock is the second best in the field but will be the 3 seed and that he and Gross will meet in the finals.
  11. I think Gross is still ducking him! :)
  12. http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/PortalPost.jsp?TIM=1519937223636&twSessionId=eqjrlelerwdsguf&postId=606490132 Here is a story and video of the match.
  13. SDSU will qualify 6 125,133,157,174,184 and 197
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