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  1. Hopefully you realize you'll just be able to view it being built as you walk in from the parking lot. It won't be done until next year.
  2. If the non conference road matches are anything like the home schedule it will make for an entertainining season. As a Sun Devil fan, the conference home schedule couldn't have worked out any better with OSU and Stanford coming to Tempe.
  3. You can be D1 in some sports and not others. Not sure if football fits that bill, but to be D1 in football I believe you have to have a stadium that seats 35000, so that probably means they're a big school and would be D1 across the board. Northern Arizona University is D1 in basketball and Cross Country (they have won many national championships), but D2 in football and other sports.
  4. Short term memory lapse? Anthony earned All America honors on the mat this year,, so that makes 2. Given that he earned his undergrad degree a couple years ago, he may be motivated to come back to complete his masters, if he hasn't already.
  5. I don't have Flo, so not sure if Zahid addressed the issue in his interview there. He did stay in school and graduated from ASU in May. Most likely he knows it was his fault and accepted the consequences.
  6. 1. Zahid doesn't have any eligibility left, so that's a moot point. 2. To the best of my knowledge Anthony Valencia is the only one on the roster who has graduated and could transfer without sitting out. 3. Everyone else on the current ASU roster has already taken a redshirt year, so why on earth would they want to lose a year of eligibilty transfering to follow an assistant coach.
  7. They must have closed the site to the public again. I also went in this morning and brackets were posted for all weight classes. No chance it was last years link as Belshay, Teamer, Hall and Norfleet all redshirted last year and appeared in this mornings brackets. Someone may have jumped the gun and posted auto seeds based on the rosters sent in by the coaches.
  8. Someone posted on the ASU wrestling facebook page yesterday that Norfleet is recovering from a concussion.
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