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  1. And your level of stupidity is beyond belief .
  2. Actually you posted the most facked up thing biatch...trying to throw me under the bus with some convoluted bullchit. when you have no argument over Cael owning Ryan and transfer company.
  3. Better than a man crush on the losing camp.
  4. He's right youre a facking clown...POS. Nothing in any post I've made would imply I would try to gain momentum over a Childs death. GFY .
  5. Pardon me if I'm not impressed by your input at all, there is only something to "defend" in your forum world mind.. Ryan is amped up always, similar to the Desanto act, I pay plenty of attention and I se it regularly from him . I've got nothing against the guy or program, I just like Cael and companies demeanor better, I'm not the only one . I also think Snyder's comments were unnecessary, all he did was throw fuel on the fire. You must be some big time TOSU fan, I could peruse your comments to find out but it's not worth the energy . Where's his ( Ryan's )son btw?
  6. What exactly is your beef with that post expert? Instead of "trolling" with the substance of a hollow log.
  7. If TOSU couldn't get it done this year it may be a long while, and even if it's not I favor Cael's style of coaching and results to Ryan's all day long. I know I'm not exactly going out on a limb there, but it's more a gut feeling about Cael's demeanor that produces, and recruits wanting to wrestle for a gold medalist and the only undefeated 4 x champ. As I've aid earlier Ryan is sort of the hyped up Austin Desanto version of a coach( minus the cheap shots) Cael is seemingly always in better control, there is something to be said for that calm demeanor being translated into confidence to his wrestlers.
  8. I hear ya ...But a lot of those who disliked Metcalf I think was more directed at Brands, they're just Iowa haters for life. Metcalf experienced a major tragedy himself losing his brother. Metcalfs shove at the end of the Caldwell match was more out of frustration than trying to be a Bully like Mocco. Trust me he was cranking on this kids arm and the ref had to literally get down on the mat and stop him, and this kid was not good at all, nor was he cocky, Mocco was probably 19 and a half years old and this kid was probably a 17 year old junior to top it off. Mocco did this stuff every time I saw him compete basically in high school...Funny he wasn't doing it to Konrad while flying through the air to get stuck. Personally I never tried to bully an opponent I was clearly better than .....I was taught differently than that.
  9. I remember him throwing Mocco around to his back fondly. Never was a Mocco fan, I remember him at the Ironman wrestling a kid from St Eds who was not even an average HVY ...Mocco did his stare down jersey shore act and hit a couple potentially dangerous moves 1 he kept cranking on the arm in a bar and the ref had to stop it physically. I mean there is no need for that, he clearly was ions better than this kid. Not to mention the fact what was Mocco almost 20 when he graduated?? Konrad became my favorite wrestler for a long while after he slapped him in the head a few times ..then finished it off by tossing him around for the stick!
  10. Freestyle is not the same animal. Especially with Nickal's style. But you knew that.
  11. Consider however a 125 pounder wrestling a 150 pounder both elite, it's not going to matter how more "athletic" the 125 pounder is the weight is going to take a toll in a few ways. #1. The more "athletic" 125 pounders offense from neutral is pretty much negated, from top position it's gone. #2. If you've ever rolled around full go with someone weighing 28% more than you ( close enough for this discussion) much like the example above with the 125 pounder, you're drained much more quickly trying to put together an offense, and even mores defending against getting turned and leg attacks. Zain isn't the most athletic guy out there at 149.....for example Suriano is VERY athletic, both top tier at there weights .......Zain's going to crush him and do things to him Lee could NOT. The size advantage is a BIG factor, and will negate offensive scoring from the MOST athletic with that difference. My opinion is they are both big factors.
  12. Agreed Neal every match. Far more athletic and quicker than Coon....and not that much smaller. Snyder doesn't look "impressive " in beating Coon either time , I mean yes the weight difference is a factor, but he didn't exactly blow out Kasper or White , who I see Neal destroying both. And it's not like Coon is blowing out every other HVY like Neal basically did OFTEN.
  13. Trammel was VERY good, and Harry and him were a perfect fit at OU. Over the years Bruce rarely speaks of his own career, but 1 story I had to pry out of him was when he wrestled Gable in a practice environment and took him down several times in a row with his drag to a backheel series and Gable was not happy ( he was lightning fast with it ) and I was obviously impressed, then he tells me yea but once we got to the mat it was Gable's territory and he tried to punish him for the lesson in neutral. Harry recruited me out of high school but I headed south for warmer climate, the beach and more fun than discipline. Harry and Bruce were very close and went to Alaska and hunted bear several times together....Harry Houska quite the character. To sort of get back on topic. I got Nickal over Valencia 7 out of 10 matches. :)
  14. A close friend of mine ,and someone that was a mentor to me, was the only wrestler to beat Schalles at the NCAA tourney. I worked some camps for him in high school. Bruce Trammel...still selling real estate in the Cleveland area.
  15. I think it's less about NOT having triceps and more about narrow shoulders. Kid's got brass balls though.
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