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  1. But yet they beat the #3 team in the country and no threat was ever really felt?
  2. This is awesome for wrestling. Maruca wow he must really be banged up.
  3. Stick to competing with Delaware Valley & Lock Haven there champ.
  4. Read your bottom line, you want to be an ******* when replying to my post I can be one right back. Grow up Cornell wrestling is irrelevant. You shouldn’t be judging anyone.
  5. “Loser loser” Cornell wrestling right there
  6. Ahh haters we love them. I guess you’ve never been to Ohio stadium for football and had some lady in her 70’s put her middle finger in your face. I hope everyone enjoys tonight. I didn’t expect it to be this close. However I’m happy I know the water bears eggs.
  7. Did you wrestle in Kansas? Do you watch optional starts? What’s the first place the top man grabs after the arms in the back of the body? What’s the next shot? What would Nolf do in that exact position? RBY went inside right away after he gained ground. Picked the right foot and shot in on a near side cradle. None of it was illegal. You act like he sat on the back right ankle to damage it, but in a matter of less then seconds he picks at it and hits the inside (near) cradle. The second time is moot. Desanto decided to go. All Iowa fans should be happy tonight, I would be.
  8. Jesus we got all the breaks at 133 and just needed Hall to win. Let it go, Iowa was better tonight, even though there’s arguments about creativity what the hell did you think was going to happen in Carver without maybe a top 10 HWT in the world to bail you out.
  9. And Spaghetti has never stalled against Joseph with a big lead? Inside trip was pretty much out of the question tonight, I think everyone in the world knew that. Here’s to hoping they not only meet up for a B1G title but a Ncaa title as well. Hall Smh?
  10. How many States have you coached or ref’ed in? Me two, two of the best. It sucks when you have a wrestler that should win or major, that happened to us tonight against “Glass”. Point is I’ve been witness to the same move over and over again. If the Brands and the Iowa faithful can’t handle it and even though you won this bears the burden of this match, sorry. He would have been decked anyway.
  11. Negative between him an Spencer the elf they were up front trying to pull teammates back from the win.
  12. Sorry trying to get close ups while rewatching the match. Didn’t know you worked of espn/abc?
  13. I’ve seen Verk almost get his neck ripped off in numerous matches. Sorry that’s more vicious then moving an ankle outside. Everyone hates PSU, celebrate tonight!!!
  14. But only purposely to pull B1G rivals. Give me a break Iowa won the match and Desanto was walking fine cheering on Cap at the end of the match.
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