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  1. Are you saying Verk and Parker won’t make NCAA’s? Or that they won’t win a match there?
  2. LLB

    Never Been Pinned

    Kollin Moore of OSU has never been pinned
  3. LLB

    Cassar granted 2 more years!

    it would be great if you were actually relevant at the sport
  4. LLB

    Rumor - Beau Bartlett will flip to Penn State

    Keeping O$u at #2 is what we aim for. The only season they we’re relevant was when we RS’d the whole team. That dual in February was a joke.
  5. LLB

    Cassar granted 2 more years!

    That’s ok, the best you will ever do at this sport is #2. Enjoy that!!! Plus that’s a pro Blackeye site, I could post articles from BWI all day.
  6. LLB

    Cassar granted 2 more years!

    Yep but they still can’t read or write while Cael’s boys are not only champs but academic all Americans.
  7. LLB

    Cassar granted 2 more years!

    Ask Ohio State Football the same question, it seems to happen there a lot. The ncaa needs their cash cows to stay relevant.
  8. You do know Verk has beat him before right? I mean pretty much embarrassed him? Right?
  9. LLB

    Why I think Penn State is about to decline

    Not sure where we’re going here but I’ll take a mild take. I only see It PSU winning 2 titles in the next 5 years - next season and maybe one other. You don’t replace the last three guys who left. To your points... 1. Make that three over the past two season, Berge/Verk, Pipher, and Conel/Beard can’t make up for that. 2. It is, has, and will be but Matty Parker makes up for that - we’re not asking him to AA, just win a couple of duals and qualify for NCAA’s - breath of fresh air. 3. Ahh you’re better than that, RBY is an interesting wrestler but I could probably put at least one B1G wrestler above him in stalling. He’s a work in progress and I hope he doesnt take a RS 4. Not sure on Lee, he lost one dual but couldn’t get it done vs McKenna. 5. Verks a solid wrestler, probably would have been at least a 3x PIAA champ but had issues with the coaching staff in HS. Berge was sucking wind, but I’m not sure he’s a true 157. 6. Joseph seems to get it done when it matters, that’s why I’m shocked he lost to Lewis. Sad he couldn’t win 4 because all of my PA buddies root against him as well. I guess he just had Imars number. 7. Beard and Brooks will be fine, not 4x champs fine, but fine. Not sure about spot on but it’s fair to say this team will regress. My title pick for next season is Iowa even though I think PSU finds a way.
  10. It’s clear this lineup is for the taking, probably more open then 9 years 125 Teske too small 133 RBY great weight class 141 Lee never has won a title but has only won one big match 149 Verk probably wish he wrestled at B1G and nationals 157 Berge not impressed 165 Cenzo who knows but the hooks aren’t working 174 Hall RS, who fills in 184 Shak knee injury 197 Conel but a shoulder issue HWT Cassar defending champ but who knows if he honors the 6th year, basically his dreams have come true.
  11. Why are you upset? We won’t be clear cut front runners as usual.
  12. Darrell Bevell says hi
  13. LLB

    NCAA Session 6 - Championship Finals Thread

    Must really have a hard on for PSU
  14. LLB

    Derek White -- how big?

    98 my freshman and sophomore seasons, 118 in college. 195 now, I’m on the same plan. The first thanksgiving I could eat my great aunt puked all over the dinner table before we were served, kind of ruined it for me.
  15. I only wish we had the money osu has for football.
  16. LLB

    Iowa loses 1 team point on DeSanto

    Yeah I really didn’t like that episode at Nebraska but Berger kind of egged him on.
  17. LLB

    Iowa loses 1 team point on DeSanto

    Starting liking the kid after the dual meet season, really started to show some class. Didn’t see this recent issue.
  18. Sorry fellas the run is over, but we have the memories. Probably preseason #6 next year. I love PSU and have since Troxell, Kolat, & Abe.
  19. LLB

    Bye Bye Marinelli

    What Nolf Does, win
  20. LLB

    Bye Bye Marinelli

    You’re right, in real life my name is Austin Desanto
  21. LLB

    Bye Bye Marinelli

    Yeah but TBar the greatest 165 of all time just lost.