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    LLB reacted to unknown in 2 Pat Mineo questions   
    he trys to be a twitter tough guy, who runs a private facebook group, and if you disagree with him, your booted out of the group.
    He works for Dun and Bradstreet
    He thinks rutgers wrestling is the greatest
    oh by the way, he loves the attention, does **** for clicks
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    LLB reacted to ResiliteMarine in Best restaurant within a 20 mile radius of State College?   
    As a State College area resident and former Tavern manager my first plug is for Pat Daugherty and The Tavern. You cannot imagine the contributions he has bestowed on town and campus. Wrestling is the only sport he directly supports.
    Kelly's Steak and Seafood as well as Duffy's Tavern, both in Boalsburg are terrific. Kellys has been voted best seafood and steak for 5 years.
    Hublesburg Inn, a short drive, is also good.
    If you want a true local favorite, then seek out Jim's Itailian Cuisine in Bellefonte.
    Beers? Otto's, Happy Valley Brewery and Milhiem's Elk Creek Cafe.
    Otto's also has Barrel 21 a distillery in front.
    Bellefonte has Big Springs.
    What else?
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    LLB reacted to Mokoma in tOSU/PSU discussion   
    Yes, he is.  Unlike Mark Hall, who has a loss.
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    LLB reacted to Mokoma in tOSU/PSU discussion   
    Yeah right.  
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    LLB reacted to pamela in tOSU/PSU discussion   
    Yah, idk if Shak qualifies for NCAAs like this.
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    LLB reacted to goheels1812 in Penn State VS Minnesota 2 pm 2/9/20   
    Nick Lee is on his own level this year. Pletcher has been wrestling the best we’ve ever seen him this year, but give me Lee next week. 
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    LLB reacted to Bigboi Trained in Taking bets about PSU vs Wisconsin tonight   
    Mr. Lee has def jumped levels 
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    LLB reacted to Force118 in Lee true number 1 at 141   
    http://via Imgflip GIF Maker
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    LLB reacted to nhs67 in Penn State will lose to Wisconsin and Ohio State   
    So people get sanctioned for discussing what was reported about Steveson to the media yet JC gets to run amock saying kid's are dead or at the mayo clinic with absolutely zero credible sourcing?
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    LLB got a reaction from Cruiser94 in RBY should have been DQ'd   
    Nolf vs Van brill was flagrant... look at the responses in this thread. It was obvious. This wasn’t so obvious unless you’re a Hawkeye fan or PSU hater. I’ve never in 35 years of coaching In PA or Ohio saw someone get hurt in a near side cradle - pinned but not hurt. 
    btw the Strittmatter Hawkeyes went 3-2 tonight 
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    LLB reacted to HoonMasta in DeSanto "No Mas" Against RBY   
    He got what's coming to him. What goes around comes around. This is what he gets for trying to injure Micic two years ago. He's a bum and he quit in Carver Hawkeye arena for the whole country to see! Go Hawks! yea right
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    LLB got a reaction from jon in DeSanto "No Mas" Against RBY   
    Read your bottom line, you want to be an ******* when replying to my post I can be one right back. Grow up Cornell wrestling is irrelevant. You shouldn’t be judging anyone. 
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    LLB reacted to russelscout in RBY should have been DQ'd   
    Freak injuries like that happen all the time across multiple sports. I tore my meniscus(not a big deal) in high school by swinging a baseball bat. It was weird.
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    LLB reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in Kemdog   
    He was great.  He will be the #1 seed in March and I would favor him to beat Hall in future meetings.  Looked to be a solid 20 pounds bigger than Hall.
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    LLB reacted to Mokoma in Kemdog   
    Hall will be seeded ahead of Kemerer if he wins Big Tens.
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    LLB reacted to PSUNatChamps in RBY should have been DQ'd   
    RBY did something illegal with two cradles that DeSanto stepped into? Comedy hour??? PSU at full stength (Berge & Cassar) wins this no problem!!
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    LLB reacted to Perry in RBY should have been DQ'd   
    You don't remotely know what you're talking about
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    LLB reacted to Perry in RBY should have been DQ'd   
    Should have been a straight pin for rby (twice). Completely legit, desanto had nothing.
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    LLB reacted to Marcus Cisero in RBY should have been DQ'd   
    You got to be kidding me. What Rutgers Vanbrill did to Nolf WAS intentional and that kid along with the ref for not calling it should of been DQ'd. Tonight RBY showed up and AD did not. Even the Hawkeye fans knew it. So did the announcers. Even DeSanto knows it which is why he has yet to return to the arena.
    I expect AD will return on fire but this was embarrassing and to call it any other way is not being honest.
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    LLB reacted to TBar1977 in RBY should have been DQ'd   
    Is this a joke? 
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    LLB reacted to Perry in Nebraska v. PSU   
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    LLB reacted to lost in Nebraska v. PSU   
    Agree.  He is good enough to AA this year in my opinion.
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    LLB reacted to Antitroll2828 in Nebraska v. PSU   
    Nick Lee is really on another level this year
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    LLB reacted to Perry in Nebraska v. PSU   
    Lee looks phenomenal 
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    LLB reacted to Antitroll2828 in Nebraska v. PSU   
    Meredith just lost to Deaugustino by 1 I don’t see Thomsen majoring him
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