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    LLB got a reaction from krippler in Big Ten Session 3 Thread   
    Let’s over analyze the hell out of it. It was stupid but really stalling? Count how many shots Pletcher actually takes during a match then talk to me about stalling.
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    LLB reacted to buckshot1969 in Big Ten Session 1 Thread   
    We all need to take a beat and remember that Iowa are dual meet co-champions.
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    LLB reacted to PSUSMC in Iowa wins Big Ten dual championship   
    Congrats to the mighty Hawks.
    Hopefully, this takes some of the pressure off of Coach Brands.  It's been a while since 2010 and this shiny object can detract from that.
    Plus, the program can point back to Coach Gable's accomplishments and shift the focus to "One championship at a time. We're building. We'll be back!"
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    LLB reacted to TBar1977 in Iowa wins Big Ten dual championship   
    Nice subject line. You are right, nobody in their right mind thinks Iowa would beat PSU. They think the exact opposite. 
    The Big Ten Tournament will sort things out. Lopsidedly.
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    LLB reacted to TBar1977 in Rasheed not expected to be granted 6th year   
    If they are going to redshirt Beard it might be Kyle Conel who starts, assuming all the rumors are true about Conel transferring in. If Rasheed gets 6th year they can redshirt everyone and their upper weights will look like this:
    165 Cenzo
    174 Hall
    184 Rasheed
    197 Conel
    Hwt Cassar
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    LLB reacted to TBar1977 in Ohio State- Nebraska   
    Keep doubting Cenzo. Keep doubting. His Mom is gonna wear that woolen hat and pull Cenzo thru with her good luck charm. 
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    LLB reacted to TBar1977 in Penn State @ Ohio State   
    Penn State was pretty loose last nite.
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    LLB reacted to Mphillips in Penn State @ Ohio State   
    1 match suspensions coming soon.
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    LLB reacted to 1032004 in Penn State @ Ohio State   
    When I read BTFB’s post I thought it was sarcasm and maybe there was some sort of argument.  But it was literally just a friendly conversation.  Not sure why that’s really noteworthy.
    But anyway, what’s up with 149 for PSU?  Is Verk now the starter?
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    LLB reacted to meluvwrestling in Penn State @ Ohio State   
    I'm sure Jaggers told Cenzo, "I wanted you to be a Buckeye but I got vetoed. We messed up not offering you a scholarship on your official visit."
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    LLB reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in Penn State @ Ohio State   
    Manville did pretty well for wrestling the #1 184 as a 165 pounder.
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    LLB reacted to TBar1977 in Penn State @ Ohio State   
    I can't even picture this. 
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    LLB reacted to Nicky_Pipes in Penn State @ Ohio State   
    18-17 PSU with both RBY and Rasheed in the line up.
    Part of me thinks Cenzo can get the major but i going to leave it as is. It's going to be a great dual, hopefully tOSU fan base can fill the arena. The the last few home duals have been pathetic with attendance.  
    125: tOSU dec. 0-3
    133: tOSU dec. 0-6
    141: tOSU Maj. 0-10
    149; tOSU dec.  0-13
    157: PSU maj. 4-13
    165: PSU dec. 7-13
    174: PSU maj. 11-13
    184:  tOSU Maj. 11-17
    197: PSU dec. 14-17
    285:  PSU maj. 18-17 
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    LLB reacted to lu_alum in Who's the most hated coach in college wrestling?   

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    LLB reacted to MadMardigain in RBY possibly just tore his ACL   
    That’s one way to finally get a solid 125lber. 
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    LLB reacted to StallWarning in Nebraska at Penn State   
    If you're going to troll at least make it a half decent troll attempt.  You're too obvious.  There are plenty of people on this forum who could train you to be an average troll.  You won't ever reach the height of trolldem here but you'll be better than average with some coaching.  
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    LLB reacted to dmm53 in Nebraska at Penn State   
    Huh?  In a high school match, Berger once edged Nolf.  Since then, Nolf has tech-ed him and majored him twice.  
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    LLB reacted to VakAttack in Rutgers vs Iowa   
    If he beat Suriano, he can beat those guys.  Especially Pletcher.
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    LLB reacted to StallWarning in Rutgers vs Iowa   
    "He has a disorder that makes him act like a total *******, cut him some slack!"
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    LLB reacted to TBar1977 in Penn State vs Kent State Thread   
    Iowa celebrating fantasy wins now? Priceless. 
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    LLB reacted to TBar1977 in Penn State vs Kent State Thread   
    All of whom I predict will be beaten if and when they wrestle their Penn St counterparts. That includes Hwt., no matter who is wrestling. 
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    LLB reacted to Housebuye in Penn State vs Kent State Thread   
    RBY looked fantastic 
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    LLB reacted to Buckxell in All-time Favorite Wrestler   
    My favorite from those Iowa years was McIlravy. I would argue that he was more diverse in attacks than most of his time. Very fun to watch.  
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    LLB reacted to TurdFerguson in What it takes for Penn St to close the gap at NCAA's   
    Small tournament favors the team with a more balanced lineup (Ohio State)
    Big tournament favors the team with more all-stars (Penn State)
    I think it all comes down to whether Nolf is 100%. He wins and Penn State probably gets it. He's still hurt and doesn't place, I could see Ohio State winning it.
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    LLB reacted to ionel in 1st Round Big Ten Upsets   
    157: I'll go with Nolf loses to Tucker and will go way out on a limb and pick exact score - loss by MFF
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