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    LLB reacted to Housebuye in Beer and wrestling?   
    People are bringing in liquor either way...
    Who pays? The person responsible for the action. I shouldn't be penalized because some idiot doesn't know that they shouldn't drink and drive.
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    LLB reacted to paboom in 2018 Southern Scuffle - Ranked Wrestlers   
    Can't wait to log into Flo for this and not be able to watch it until the following day.
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    LLB reacted to BigTenFanboy in Big Ten Predictions   
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    LLB reacted to JasonBryant in "We are!"   
    I lived in Lancaster for three years and frequently covered duals in State College when I was with the NWCA. Was every match a sellout at Rec Hall between 2005-2008? No, but it’s not like they went from empty stands to selling the place out. They didn’t often drop below 3K and I covered a couple of duals that were sellouts during the Sunderland era.
    BWI and FOS messageboards have been active on PSU wrestling long before Cael showed up. The whole “most of these people weren’t fans” schtick is tiresome, even for those who aren’t fans of any specific team.
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    LLB got a reaction from PSUMike in MyMar NCAA Champ?   
    Simple - Bo stays away from the throws he beats Martin. For the most part Bo’s losses have been bad throws and great counters by mymar.
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    LLB reacted to TBar1977 in Penn State is still gonna win   
    7 minutes with Jason Nolf is like 14 years in a dog's life. 
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    LLB reacted to Frank_Rizzo in Tomasello #1, no matches this year and last at 125 was 3.19.16   
    Darian Cruz is the undefeated, defending champion FWIW. 
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