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  1. Dan Russell was a four-time DII champion. https://goviks.com/honors/portland-state-athletics-hall-of-fame/dan-russell/62/kiosk
  2. Out of the 50 National Governing Bodies under the USOPC, I believe USAW is the only one that has a message board. With the emergence of Twitter, I don't think it's necessary, but they like the ad revenue. Being a mod was one of my least favorite parts of the job.
  3. Anybody who questions your journalism cred either lives under a rock or is intentionally obtuse.
  4. Honestly don't know what happened. I'm at the World Championships and this is the first time I've checked the forum in the past 48 hours.
  5. Here are the rules. Go post on a different wrestling forum if you don't like them.
  6. Lincoln: http://bit.ly/2KrHCjl Rutgers: http://bit.ly/2KrG7Bt
  7. Legal Matters: Legal issues surrounding athletes either in college or high school will be removed. These include any type of matter that involves arrests or pending charges. This does not include eligibility, however, pointing out legal matters as a means to tear down others will not be tolerated. (Dec. '10) This rule has been in effect for nearly a decade. For full forum rules see below.
  8. Austin Blythe, starting right guard for the Rams was a three-time state champ in Iowa. Does anyone know if there are any other wrestlers playing in the Superbowl?
  9. Jordan was on the initial roster sent to UWW, but he will not be competing.
  10. Jordan was on the initial roster sent to UWW, but he will not be competing.
  11. Last year USAW implemented a new system that seeds based on criteria. I'm not sure all of the criteria off the top of my head, but it included wins over common opponents, head to heads etc. The computer spits out the seeds, then the coaches either approve or vote to change the seeds.
  12. USA Wrestling is still doing our #TakedownTowel fundraiser (takedowntowel.com), and if you haven't donated yet, Giving Tuesday is a good day to do so. Your donations directly impact USA Wrestling and are greatly appreciated! That being said there are a lot of other awesome wrestling organizations out there that you can give to and make a positive impact on the sport. Whether it's your local RTC, Beat the Streets Program, Wrestling for Life, The National Wrestling Hall of Fame... Your contributions do make a difference to these nonprofits! So if you don't usually give, I'd ask you to consider it. It is one of the most direct ways you can promote growth in the sport.
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