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  1. D3 getting some love. I follow the team (and D3) because my brother is a professor at the school.
  2. Feel like BoJo gets a nod at 174. Possibly the Wyoming kid at 184. Think he was top seed once or twice. 4x AA. Hard to argue with the rest of them.
  3. Minnesota has one called “The Dog Days” from around Konrad’s sophmore year on YouTube. There is one about, I want to say, Minnesota mankato on YouTube. Plus all the ones Flo made about different programs, the Minny one bing the best.
  4. I watch “Keepers of the Flame” like 5 times a year. I love the ones they do on the history of teams. Edinboro one was good too.
  5. Seen “Finding Forrester?”
  6. Why do some Iowa wrestlers wear their sweatshirts inside out? I have seen this repeatedly from guys like Dennis, Gilman, and others. I get a lot of what we do in terms of how wrestlers wear stuff, but this has always confused me.
  7. Racial slurs? Are you referring to “the Jap” comment. I don’t think that was meant as a racial slur. If it was 1944, maybe, but I think it was more referring to the person’s place of origin. Only say this because saying because without context he is being painted to be a racist.
  8. Like a kitten being kicked to sleep. Even Redman was begging him not to take bottom.
  9. Askren saying the Iowa guy had track shoes on.
  10. I called 25+ college coaches last spring looking for any graduates/recent grad that might be interested in a teaching/coaching position. Colleges ranged from D1 to NAIA. Zero coaches knew anyone interested. Steve Martin told me “good luck, no one teaches anymore.” Am I barking up the wrong trees, or are college wrestlers not going the education route anymore?
  11. For some reason I remember Cael doing art or something. Wasn't he into painting?
  12. Not a meal, but I always drank not from concentrate orange juice on match/tournament days.
  13. When are they announcing Jordan successor?
  14. Kyle Ruschell named head coach at UTC. Hope this helps the program. Will be interesting to see who he keeps/gets as assistants.
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