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  1. FlyinLion

    Career Senior Freestyle Records

    First glance, I noticed Jaime Espinal (Olympic Silver 2012 84 kg ) isn't listed as a medalist for Cox. He faced him at 2019 PanAms. Thanks for sharing.
  2. FlyinLion

    Career Senior Freestyle Records

    I had been working on getting J'den's match results on his wikipedia page. This is the prodding I need to publish I guess. I don't list the record in the table like Snyder, but has all matches from 2016 OTT to present. Haven't gone back to 15 Open or 14 WTT to get those match results. J'den is 50-10 over that time. 26-6 at 86 kg and 24-4 at 92 kg. Interesting to me is that he has yet to face a Russian (at least one wrestling for Russia).
  3. FlyinLion

    2020 US Open?

    From the posted procedures it will only be top 5 at the Olympic Trials Qualifier. In 2016 they took the top 7 from the trials qualifier. If I were to guess, the change is to keep semifinal losers from defaulting out/not weighing in again like we saw at the open this year.
  4. FlyinLion

    J'Den "Lion Slayer" Cox

    That is consi-semi of the 2014 WTT not for 3rd at the 2015 Open as you kept saying.
  5. FlyinLion

    J'Den "Lion Slayer" Cox

    You keep saying Cox lost to Bergman, but did they actually wrestle a match at the 2015 Open? Track lists it as an injury default and I don't find any mention of an actual match.
  6. FlyinLion

    New Flo Rankings

    The redshirt and non-D1 losses may not factor in NCAA criteria or seeding, but FLO regularly notes and adjusts rankings based on losses to redshirts (typically giving them less weight). Case in point, Degen moved down a spot after his loss to Mauller while he was still on redshirt. Just another question for them on what all they do/don't consider.
  7. FlyinLion

    New Flo Rankings

    I almost emailed Spey and CP about the same thing. Martin's ranking is basically from the fact that he beat Berge. Three of his 7 losses are to the top 3 guys, although the closest was still a 5 point loss to Kolodzik. You don't even mention Martin's non-D1 loss to the #1 guy in NAIA (who got teched 15-0 by #17 Olivias two matches later so not likely a top 20ish guy in D1). Martin's wins don't come close to offsetting his multiple okay to bad losses. He's 0-4 at NCAAs so not like he should get the benefit of the doubt a returning placer might. I don't see Berge as much of a buffer between Martin and Mauller as his resume is fairly thin as well with wins over #13 Degen and #15 ven der Merwe, with a loss to #6 Finesilver to go with his loss to Martin. Heil, too, is fairly thin at #8 as his best wins are #12 Thomsen and #15 ven der Merwe, with his six losses breaking down as 4 to guys that are (or were for Zacherl) ranked above him, an injury default to #16 Lugo (down 6-0 at time) and then a “bad” loss to Blees. I don't follow the reasoning, but hopefully they will shed some light on their thinking.
  8. FlyinLion

    Living the Dream Checks

    It's 250-50-25 and 50-25-15 Greco gets the same as freestyle. Coon got $25K and Bisek got $15K for his bronze in '14. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/December/20/Living-the-Dream-Medal-Fund-sets-new-record-for-Worlds-payout