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  1. There is a much bigger benefit if you qualify the weight in WFS and greco as whoever qualifies the weight gets a bye to the finals of the OTT. Thus the established and published selection criteria.
  2. That was J'den's first loss at 92 kg. His last loss was to Boke at 2018 Yasar Dogu. Would have to find the interview, but this match was one of the reasons he made the move to the OTC. By his own admission he gassed in part because he was still helping at Mizzou at the time and wasn't able to devote all his time to his training.
  3. For anyone that still cares, they finally put the arbitration award online. You can find it here. Went up less than 24 hours after my prodding email, which has me kicking myself for not emailing sooner.
  4. NJDan once again you are referencing rankings that you don't understand what they are saying or how they work. Your response from the other thread is apt in this situation as well.
  5. Did Flo take down its articles about the refereeing assignments for the 2016 Olympics? Only dead links now (though there is a cached version of one of the articles). They had some good info in them although also some potentially libelous allegations made toward Silvestri. The same guy who apparently just made Yianni's case for him at the arbitration.
  6. I doubt we get transcripts. It's no guarantee that the hearing was even recorded for a transcript to be made. A party likely would have to request it be recorded beforehand. Outside of the final award I'm not sure we'll get to see anything else. Maybe the arbitration demand/answer or briefs, but one reason people choose the arbitration process is precisely because it all is not public. All others arbitration decisions are posted here. Hopefully it will be posted sooner rather than later. May show up elsewhere first.
  7. Iran will score at least 12 combined between 61 kg and 86 kg and more likely 14 or 16. They actually max out at 138, while the USA is only at 125. USA could win at 125 kg and still get passed if things went right for Iran. I wouldn't say Iran is favored to reach the bronze match at 74 kg or 92 kg though. Iran should score points at 74 kg whether they make the bronze match or not. I think I'd rather be in the USA's position, but by no means are they almost locked into second.
  8. We won't score any non medal points from day one. Yahya was the only one to win a match and his 4 CP won't be enough to place in the top 10. Also for team race, Russia should be 7th at 97 kg so that is another 8 points for them.
  9. This indicates they are brothers. I have no idea if that is correct, although the source is very knowledgeable about various Russian wrestlers.
  10. I can't view this on YouTube, but maybe you can. I personally wouldn't call it a "shake," but a slap or touch. It's similar to the Dabir/Brands video you posted both times.
  11. They slapped hands at the beginning of the match and again to start the second period. 0:30 and 3:53 of this video. Poulin then didn't on the restart 20 seconds into the second period after blood time. Much ado about nothing IMO. End of the match had more to do with what Poulin likely felt was an unnecessary action after the match was over. You see the referee, chairman and even Iranian coach are all drifting towards that action to make sure it does turn bad. Not Poulin's best look, but doesn't register for me.
  12. From the USA Wrestling release: "Following the 2019 Pan Am Games selection procedures for wrestling, Eierman has stepped up to accept his participation in the Games."
  13. Flo's score bug is an approximation/mimic of the official score and like most score bugs runs slightly behind. The Flo high def video shows the chairman awarding 2R and 2B at around 2:24 of the video. Piecing together with the YouTube video you linked that happened around 6:28 of that video with approximately 0:37 left in the match. Flo Arena has Zain's 2 coming at 0:35. Likely the delay from the chairman holding up the "bats" (or "paddles" elsewhere in the rules) to it going on the official board. Zain's best case scenario is the 0:33 shown by Flo's bug. If we're going to be technical, might as well try to be as close as possible. As for what time "immediately after" is tied to, here is some relevant language from the rules: Art. 17 - General Duties, section g) - "All the points awarded by the judge must be announced to the public as soon as they are determined, either by means of bats or by an electric scoreboard." Art. 20 - The Judge, section c) - "Following each action, and on the basis of the referee’s indications (which he compares with his own evaluation) or, failing this, on the basis of the mat chairman's indications, he records the number of points awarded to the action in question, and enters the results on a scoreboard placed beside him. This scoreboard must be visible to both the spectators and wrestlers." Whether the Judge actually operated the scoreboard that night, I have no idea. If Zain's argument is based on whether the brick came only 30 seconds after the points were awarded not 35 seconds, he's probably already lost. A coach's most important responsibility during the match is deciding whether or not to challenge. If they don't realize what is on the board or get caught up in the action they are not doing their job. Based on reviewing the recent Article 9 arbitrations, Zain is likely named as an affected athlete, given notice of the hearing and has a right to participate. This procedure seems to have been a result of Sieracki/Linland, though I haven't taken the time to find if/when an actual change was made to the statute/USOC bylaws.
  14. Correct. There are established procedures for this, posted here. Section 4.1.1 "...If a replacement athlete is needed, USA Wrestling will work down the final trials events results in rank order."
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