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    Cyclone Lowdown from Mudflap

    ha. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Tennesea_hubcap

    So what's the deal with your screen name?

    Mine is based on my father KMF
  3. Tennesea_hubcap

    Offseason Map Back for Hawkeyes

    well it gets old if he is your old man....posting demeaning offensive rhetoric about women is inappropriate and should not be allowed
  4. Tennesea_hubcap

    Offseason Map Back for Hawkeyes

    The old mans shtick is getting old. Retire already
  5. Tennesea_hubcap

    Season is way too long

  6. Tennesea_hubcap

    How many NCAAs have you attended

  7. Tennesea_hubcap

    Coon... Zero Shot Attempts

  8. Tennesea_hubcap

    Trouble Gents

    i am looking for work
  9. Tennesea_hubcap

    How do you beat Zain?

    Head and arm his arse in the first 14 seconds. Boom
  10. Tennesea_hubcap

    KMF Interview

    Was my name mentioned? I think i heard Tennessee waterfall or something like that
  11. Carrs had a couple on a team way back when i think..... Hawks with brand brand Steiner Steiner was a brutal consecutive set
  12. Tennesea_hubcap

    The Lightest Heavy?

    Agree zabriski
  13. Tennesea_hubcap

    Bad Coaches Kill Programs not Title 9

    Mom is demanding 1/2 of the roofing business and the title to the conception cabin -- she's seeking paternity (using your cigarette filters for DNA)
  14. Tennesea_hubcap

    Coon vs Snyder full match video

    Big man vs small man
  15. Tennesea_hubcap

    Loyalty to Your Team

    Iowa Because dad does
  16. Tennesea_hubcap

    How to Beat Penn State

    Mom needs rent money. THC
  17. Tennesea_hubcap

    Iowa Wrestling Next Steps from Mudflap

    . Dad? Mom said i would find you here ! THC
  18. Tennesea_hubcap

    The Hawks can beat Penn State

    i like this path to victory...never know
  19. Tennesea_hubcap

    PSU v tOSU

    Very enjoyable match up -- was fun to watch
  20. Tennesea_hubcap

    PDIII Options now?

    Attend Jon Hopkin university
  21. Tennesea_hubcap

    Anyone else think John Smith's job is in jeopardy?

    I think john smith will coach 5 more years
  22. Tennesea_hubcap

    Ohio State at Penn State is 87-1

    Med time.....bed time......zzzzzzzz
  23. Tennesea_hubcap

    The 2018 Yarygin (Jan 26-28)

    Good job USA
  24. Tennesea_hubcap

    Dan Dennis and the Pullup Record

    Very difficult...is there a rule on how you grip bar? Overhand or underhand?
  25. Tennesea_hubcap

    Flo Apple TV app vs streaming on computer

    Flo apple works well