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  1. Surprised Fix lost to Gilman and then shocked about the loss to China. I expected him to win both of those matches. I don't understand people being critical of Gilman against Fix. Gilman got in on the leg a couple of times and Fix kicked away, they were good shots. Gilman was the aggressor until late in the match and Fix got busy, because he was about to lose. I agree Fix dominated the last 45 seconds. I don't understand the lack of offense in big matches going back to the NCAA tournament against Suriano. I honestly didn't think he would lose to Gilman again. The weight cut must be hitting him hard. JO seems to be getting on a roll.
  2. TBar, I guess calling me a she is another form of sarcasm and humor... The issue with Lee not traveling to Princeton was that the trip was the week prior to the Open and I'm assuming they didn't want to risk injury the week prior to qualifying for the Olympic Trials and also the fact that he was about to wrestle a different style of wrestling and they wanted him to focus on freestyle and not switch back to folk style. It was just a timing thing just as not wanting him to wrestle multiple days a week after a five match Open. If you can't interpret this dynamic then I fully understand the depth of your issues and I will become more understanding of your ongoing problems that are contributing to this lack of basic comprehension. Hang in there.
  3. Thanks, glad to know others have noticed. I have no issues with the typical conversations on a message board, but I've been reading Tbarr's critiques for years and ignored them. I won't do so moving forward.
  4. I'm watching the games as well. I love Bowl season,
  5. You can take a lesson from Spencer Lee and how he holds himself accountable. He was interviewed last week after he won the open and the guy tried to get him to call out Fix or Gilman or to say something about it's his weight and he said, that's not who I am. I don't call anyone out, I just wrestle. He has always been complimentary of his opponent and when he's lost he has never allowed anyone to make an excuse for him. Last year when his own Head Coach stated in an interview that he was dealing with some health issues and a reporter brought it up to Lee later and asked him to comment and he said no excuses, once I step on the mat, if I lose, I simply got beat, I will not make an excuse. You might want to take a lesson from a young man you have been persistent in your ongoing critiscim of and if you're going to call people out and take shots at him in a highly critical manner--then stand up and be accountable and don't hide behind a safe screen name.
  6. I'm not being critical of a young man, I'm just asking you why you have been for the past few years and you refuse to answer. I'm not piling on, just wondering what you have against Spencer Lee that has caused you to consistently be so negative over a long period of time. Let me know if you want to talk. I would love to hear your back story.
  7. Pay per view would sell out, maybe for a good charity we can make it happen.
  8. I don't take it too seriously, but your posts over the past few years have been seriously negative and pointed and I don't believe attacking these young men's character is appropriate for a message board and I don't believe it's okay to hide behind a screen name while doing so. I've been reading your posts for the past few years and just hit a tolerance level that makes me wonder what is your problem with this young men that causes you to be so consistently negative over an elongated period of time. There is not one post that demonstrates any level of positive regarding for Spencer or supporting the statement that you like him as a wrestler and a person--not one. I'm not saying that you should like him, but to be so critical of him over a span of years is also perplexing. There must be a back story--so do share.
  9. I wish I was as tough as his mom apparently is--I loved the story the NCAA told during his freshman run.
  10. You didn't answer and posted again on the same topic, so yes, I figured you were not going to answer me. If you want to call me let's talk, you can message me privately as I requested originally. I think what you've done over the years is wrong and I believe your criticism has been consistent and misguided. I truly want to find out what the back story is, because your comments have been harsh for some time now and I hit a threshold that I am not going to let go any longer.
  11. TBarr1977: You are someone that has posted numerous times on this topic and this specific post and way too many times to count in the past regarding concerns you have with Lee. Why is that? I don't see or read you taking on anybody else. I sent you a private message asking you why the focus on this one wrestler and you didn't respond. You also mix your negative shots with far more than skipping a match: you talked about a recruiting binder and a gas tank--wow, you are on a roll in being critical of this young man. I am a fan of many wrestlers and yes, I do cheer for the Hawkeyes and I love good wrestling. I also like wrestlers that provide good role models for others and I think wrestlers like Spencer and Yianni are two of those that do a good job with how they win, lose and interview. I think they are both classy well spoken young men. I am also careful to not be critical of these young men, because I don't have all of the facts nor do you or anybody else except those that are directly involved with these decisions. This is different than offering opinions regarding who is going to win or lose or projecting the future, or frustration with a a team in general--that's being a fan, but due to your constant negative banter and swipes toward this young man, I would love to know your connection and back story. Why have you have jumped on this one wrestler for numerous issues over the past few years? Are you connected to someone he is competing with or has competed with? Do you just hate Iowa wrestlers and have chosen this one to try to tear down on numerous topics over the past few years? It's easy to hide behind a screen name and be critical of a young person and attack their character. Who are you? If you want to attack someone on a consistent negative basis, please let us know who you are. Don't take shots and not stand up and be accountable--that's a lack of character. Does anyone know who TBarr1977 is? If so, please tell.
  12. Snyder wrestled like 8 total matches that year prior to NCAA's. Lee will probably wrestle 18 or 19 matches prior to the NCAA
  13. He hurt his ankle in the first period. If you listen closely to the tape you can hear him tell his coaches that he heard a pop. He was limping a little, but went back and tried to finish. I hope he's okay and it's a slight sprain or something simple that won't keep him out. He's a great wrestler and I believe he can beat Gross when they meet again.
  14. I hope someone posts the entry list when registration is complete.
  15. Vito looked great. I don't think he loses to Suriano again and this weight is going to be insane. Every round past the first round will be incredible.
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