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  1. You seemed to be very interested in Spencer Lee, can I ask who you are and what the connection is?  Serious question? 

    1. Mokoma


      Just a fan, he’s easily my favorite college wrestler currently.  What’s yours?

    2. mistydawn


      I'm a huge fan of him, but also several other guys that push the pace and score points.  I love to watch Nick Lee as well.  Yianni is another, but for his creativity....  My pet peeve has been so many and they are the same posters that constantly take shots at Spencer Lee on this forum.  It really is the same posters and they always tear down any post on the kid.  I've decided that I'm not going to sit back and read them any longer, but start responding and taking them on attacking conjecture with facts, myth or negative perceptions with reality.  

      I truly wish all of the posters that take negative swipes and often attack heart or character would list their real names.  They attack these wrestlers by their real names, yet they hide behind fake screen names, which I find to be cowardly and weak.  

  2. I've been reading the forum for a few year and you seem to always be VERY critical of the Lee kid?  Why is that?  You have never posted anything about the kid that was positive and he has done a few positive things.  Just curious--why the rant against Lee?  

    1. TBar1977


      I think very highly of Spencer Lee. Don't understand why he didn't finish the tournament. 

    2. mistydawn


      Your comments over the past few years don't support that statement.  Your posts are always critical and sharply critical at that, so I was curious if your related to or friends with someone that he has wrestled or is still wrestling (or some other reason), because I am a fan and I love his interviews and also how he wrestles.  His demeanor is great for the sport.  I was at the Señior Nationals, because they were in Ft. Worth and I watched him take pictures all day during the tournament with kids.  I couldn't believe how good natured he was when he was trying to compete and how friendly he was with kids.  He was also the only athlete that had a line at the end of the tournament to take pictures.   There was a kids tournament in the same building.  Despite all of the good, you have been a constant negative poster, so I was just curious if there is a back story.  As I stated, you have never said anything positive and it can't all be bad....  HIs performance at Senior Natonals was phenomenal and not a word, but as soon as there is something and I do mean anything to criticize you jump on it. 

      He just wrestled in the US Open, which is an open tournament that FIX, Gilman, Glory or anybody could have entered....  Anything good to say at all?  Thus far, there hasn't been any positive, but maybe I missed a post along the way.  

    3. mistydawn


      How many posts on this one topic alone and how many times have you brought up the binder etc. that Lee had nothing to do with?  

      I would like to know who you are?  I'm a fan and will share with you who I am, let's exchange contact information, so we can talk. I would love to know more about you and why you seemingly dislike this one kid.  We are all entitled to our opinions, but yours is so negative, there must be something there that is behind the scenes, because from what I have seen and heard--he's a good kid.   

      As far as interacting with kids, again, I was in Ft. Worth and wrestler and wrestler walked right by the kids holding out shirts to sign etc., ignored the kids.  I'm not being critical and I understand, because they had to be focused on wrestling, but Lee signed every shirt, shoe and took every picture.  When he was coming up his coaches stopped kids and told them to come back after his match....  All I could say is what a great young man and yes, he's good for our sport and then I read you constantly taking VERY negative shots at him.  I just want to better understand the why?  

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