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  1. I hope someone posts the entry list when registration is complete.
  2. Vito looked great. I don't think he loses to Suriano again and this weight is going to be insane. Every round past the first round will be incredible.
  3. I was told Stub Hub was the only tickets available.
  4. I've been reading the forum for a few year and you seem to always be VERY critical of the Lee kid?  Why is that?  You have never posted anything about the kid that was positive and he has done a few positive things.  Just curious--why the rant against Lee?  

    1. TBar1977


      I think very highly of Spencer Lee. Don't understand why he didn't finish the tournament. 

    2. mistydawn


      Your comments over the past few years don't support that statement.  Your posts are always critical and sharply critical at that, so I was curious if your related to or friends with someone that he has wrestled or is still wrestling (or some other reason), because I am a fan and I love his interviews and also how he wrestles.  His demeanor is great for the sport.  I was at the Señior Nationals, because they were in Ft. Worth and I watched him take pictures all day during the tournament with kids.  I couldn't believe how good natured he was when he was trying to compete and how friendly he was with kids.  He was also the only athlete that had a line at the end of the tournament to take pictures.   There was a kids tournament in the same building.  Despite all of the good, you have been a constant negative poster, so I was just curious if there is a back story.  As I stated, you have never said anything positive and it can't all be bad....  HIs performance at Senior Natonals was phenomenal and not a word, but as soon as there is something and I do mean anything to criticize you jump on it. 

      He just wrestled in the US Open, which is an open tournament that FIX, Gilman, Glory or anybody could have entered....  Anything good to say at all?  Thus far, there hasn't been any positive, but maybe I missed a post along the way.  

    3. mistydawn


      How many posts on this one topic alone and how many times have you brought up the binder etc. that Lee had nothing to do with?  

      I would like to know who you are?  I'm a fan and will share with you who I am, let's exchange contact information, so we can talk. I would love to know more about you and why you seemingly dislike this one kid.  We are all entitled to our opinions, but yours is so negative, there must be something there that is behind the scenes, because from what I have seen and heard--he's a good kid.   

      As far as interacting with kids, again, I was in Ft. Worth and wrestler and wrestler walked right by the kids holding out shirts to sign etc., ignored the kids.  I'm not being critical and I understand, because they had to be focused on wrestling, but Lee signed every shirt, shoe and took every picture.  When he was coming up his coaches stopped kids and told them to come back after his match....  All I could say is what a great young man and yes, he's good for our sport and then I read you constantly taking VERY negative shots at him.  I just want to better understand the why?  

  5. This kid gets more criticism than anyone and it makes no sense. He could have taken an Olympic Redshirt and focused on Freestyle. He could be training with Vito in Europe or going to Rome with Fix or others with a focus on freestyle instead he's helping his team fight for a team title. He just wrestled in the US Senior Nationals, which is open to anyone in the nation. Glory, Fix, Gilman or anybody could have entered. Lee obviously needed the matches and the coaches pulled him for whatever reason. One coach is an Olympic 'Gold Medalist and the other a World Champion. Glory looked a little off all weekend. He was about a second away from getting beat in OT and he won in the finals 4-0. Lee looked really sharp again this weekend. If he stays healthy he will be a tough match-up for anyone in Folkstyle or Freestyle. I was disappointed to not get to see him on day two at Midlands, but I'm also thankful he didn't take an Olympic Redshirt. It would be the safer route to only have to peak or get ready for two weekends versus 15 or so. Oklahoma State misses Fix and Cornell misses their guys as well and Iowa would miss Lee, so good for him and it's good for College wrestling that he's trying to balance both. There are certain posters that always take shots at Lee, but NEVER post anything positive and there has been many positive aspects to his career. He's a great representative of the sport. He's been humble in victory and also in defeat and he's won two NCAA titles in dominating fashion. When he's been defeated the wrestlers have ran around the mat and made a spectacle of themselves in celebration and when he's returned the favor and defeated them, he's simply walked back to the middle, shook their hand and said good match. Some of the posters on this forum could take lessons from him about character. It's easy to hide behind screen names and take shots at these guys. I get the fact that we all have our opinions, but to only point out the negative makes me think certain posters have axes to grind. I also think there's no need for such negativity pointed directly at the wrestlers when all of the reasons on not known. It's simply wrong. I wish all of these boards forced everyone to use their real names, because there would be far less posting by some very brave souls that can hide behind screen names.
  6. Even Tom Brands noted that "Spencer Lee is one tough character and he needs to give himself credit." That is a bold statement coming from a coach that doesn't make excuses. Lee was hurt the entire year that impacted his ability to train and that is well-known within the Iowa circles and by his head coach. His freshman year he was coming off of knee surgery and he got it done. I look forward to his match with Fix, because it won't be close. The Fix that wrested Suriano in the NCAA finals loses by a wide margin to a Spencer Lee that wasn't 100% healthy last year.
  7. Lee beats Suriano and Fix. Fix would never sniff an escape and would probably get turned. It would be an ugly match for Fix in folk style.
  8. Russia brought a tough team this year. I couldn't believe the guy that beat Fix lost in the finals 12-1 to the Russian.
  9. I agree with much of what has been stated here and it's obvious that both are great wrestlers and I'm talking about Fix and Lee. I look forward to them wrestling and I for one hope Fix goes 125 next year at the NCAA's. I've watched Daton a lot and I saw him get turned by Marcus Simmons and Luke Karam and while that was a awhile ago, Fix still took neutral at the collegiate tournament he was in earlier this year when he was down by one and that guy was no Lee he was wrestling from the top position and while he earned the victory with a TD, it showed me he lacks confidence in bottom. If Lee gets a TD it is over and three years ago, Lee took him down 4X in two matches and in folk style that would have sealed the match. I can't believe we're still talking about a match 3-years ago, but everyone wants to reference that match, but again, Lee made 110 a week later and he's not making 110 now. The size difference between the two was easy to see. Lee has grown into the weight and looked great at the NCAA Tournament. As far his early season struggles, Lee was off the mat from March through November when everyone else was training hard. Once he got back on the mat, got in shape and got his timing back, adjusted to College wrestling, we all saw what happened. He basically tech pinned Piccinni and he only beat him 10-5 earlier in the season and he would have been winning 12-2 had NATO gotten off his back at NCAA's and we all know that Lee won the first match 4-3, but I thought NATO out wrestled him and then Lee lost 2-1 when I thought Lee outwrestled NATO but NATO won that one. The bottom line is look how much progression Lee showed in a short period of time. Those early season matches was after an 8-month lay-off. So, I like Lee's progression on the mat, I like how he has finally grown into the weight class, remember, the biggest criticism of his ability to do well in College this year by many was that he was too small. While I like both wrestlers, I think Lee wins by a lot in Folkstyle, (it won't be close), and by less of a margin in freestyle, but I think Lee wins in both styles now.
  10. Some perspective on how Lee and Bo compared for the 2018 Outstanding Wrestler: Lee: 27 Team pts (2 pins, 2 TF) Nickal: 23 Team pts (1 pin, 1 major) Lee: opponents: Unr, 14, 6, 2, 4 Nickel: opponents: Unr, 16, 9, 5, 2 Lee: Match points 60-4 Nickal: Match points 47-20 Both wrestlers pinned former national champions Seems like Lee to me....
  11. Wow, terrible match and he still beat Rivera with a solid win. Suriano only beat him 7-6 earlier this year. Impressive given the fact Lee's only been back on the mat for a limited period of time. I just watched the match and the score could have been 10-0 after one, but he was called out of bounds on a big turn. With Lee still working himself back into good form, I think we will keep seeing him develop, but I'm not surprised by the inconsistency, since he didn't get back on the mat until December. Solid win for a true freshman against a likely top six guy come March.
  12. I thought Lee looked the best he has looked this season on his feet last night against Mattin from Michigan, who is fresh off an upset win over Lizak. He was quicker and sharper than any other time I've seen him this year. It makes sensé, since the kid missed 8 months of training earlier this year rehabbing an injured knee, while others were training. Someone said something very interesting on a PA Power Podcast. The guy said that he picked NATO to win, because for a true freshman to miss the months of June, July, August, September and October as a true freshman was a huge disadvantage. He said that in those months true freshman make huge gains in the room as they adjust to College and Lee didn't have any of that to benefit from and that is why he picked NATO to win and he was totally shocked that Lee pulled it off. I thought it was an interesting perspective. It also supports the progress Lee has made over the past month.
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