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  1. wildcatfan1992

    NCAA approves shorts

    No clue what they were underneath now, but I'd guess just regular underwear. Do they even make regular jock straps anymore? When my son started playing baseball, there were no jocks available that you could put a cup in. Now they are all compression/sliding shorts that have a pouch for the cup. I can't recall seeing on old school jock strap at any sporting goods store.
  2. wildcatfan1992

    NCAA approves shorts

    If guys would go back to wearing jocks under their singlet you wouldn't see their junk outline.
  3. My solution to all this is have one tournament (US Open) and have the winner rep us at Worlds/Olympics. If somebody is injured and can't compete, too damn bad, see you next year. Defending NCAA champs aren't given a bye to the NCAA finals the next year even though they "have earned it." I think it is a convoluted process that needs some serious tweaking.
  4. This is not a good look for Dake at all. If he's healthy enough to wrestle in Spain, he should be mandated to have the wrestle off now. The winner needs maximum prep time to peak for world's. I want the best team to compete, and I hope that Ringer is that guy now.
  5. wildcatfan1992

    Mudflap Update

    Such poetry in this line. The imagery is stunning. LMAO
  6. wildcatfan1992

    NCAA approves shorts

    I don't know a single person that became a fan because of the uniform. In fact, I don't know a single person that is a fan that was never involved in wrestling in some capacity (parents, siblings, etc.). I just don't see how shorts will draw in a whole new fan base and make the sport "mainstream". with that said, I prefer the singlet, but I don't care if teams wear shorts.
  7. wildcatfan1992

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Hard for me to include somebody from the 1930's that had an extremely small bracket/limited teams to navigate through.
  8. wildcatfan1992

    Who do you guys like watching? ?

    Spencer Lee. The way he rides and actually looks to score points from the top position is fun to watch. I hate watching guys on top just hang on to get the RT point. Go to work on top and try to get some turns.
  9. wildcatfan1992

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Yes! My bad leaving him off the list. Should definitely be on it.
  10. wildcatfan1992

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Indiana has very little international success, so it limits us to pretty much HS and college. Angel Escobedo Andrew Howe They are the top 2. The next two could be any of the following: Reece Humphrey Sarah Hildebrandt (world silver) Nick Lee (depends how he finishes up) Jason Tsirtsis Kelvin Jackson (NCAA champ at Mich st) Alex Tsirtsis Brayton Lee and Mason Parris could throw themselves in the mix in the next 3-4 years One to keep an eye on just finished his freshman year in HS, Jesse Mendez, currently ranked #2 in the country in his weight class and made the world team this year. He has a chance to be one of Indiana's best ever.
  11. wildcatfan1992

    Suriano vs lee

    If somebody can't see the difference in Spencer Lee from 2018 to 2019, they are either blind are just anti-Iowa. To me it was very clear that he was not right, and to question his "toughness" is ridiculous. Sure, Picc can say he pinned the national champ, but then he has to turn around and say he couldn't get it done when it really mattered. I guess if he wants to hang his hat on that more power to him. But I'm pretty sure he'd prefer a win in the national semi's to a pin in a relatively meaningless dual.
  12. wildcatfan1992

    Wrestling and IQ

    He was in an a capella group at Cornell called "Here Comes Treble". LOL
  13. wildcatfan1992

    Wrestling and IQ

    Let's take Yianni for example. He obviously has a brain in his head since he's at Cornell. But do you really think that his freakish scrambling ability is due to the fact that he is smart?
  14. wildcatfan1992

    Fix oly redhirt?

    Well, the Olympics start on July 24 so they need to get the team set.
  15. wildcatfan1992

    The DECISION (yianni v retherford)

    Right about 2:48-2:49 they gave Zain 2 for exposure. You can clearly hear the commentators say it.