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  1. Team points don't matter. They don't give out a team gold medal, so who cares? These guys are going to go a whatever weight is best for them. No way do I see Snyder moving to 125 and Dake will go 74.
  2. #1 for the highest murder rate in the US = East St. Louis #3 is St. Louis. That area is an absolute dump. Vegas is not in the top 30.
  3. I'm sure he would have rather beaten Lee in the semi's to give him a shot at the national championship. But hey, maybe he hangs his hat on the pin since he won't win next year either.
  4. Big Yianni fan but #WellDone I like Yianni too, but it is currently Zain's spot so he is technically the top dog at the moment.
  5. The JV guy that waits to go with the varsity guy until the end of practice so he can go 100% while still fresh The "old" guy that graduated 10 years ago that coach will bring in to go live with some of the guys. Old man strength vs high school strength isn't very fun.
  6. Throwing a chair because you are pissed and "in the moment" is NEVER understandable. It is a childish temper tantrum.
  7. Sarcasm aside, I think the moves with IU's coaching staff can/will be attractive to some of the top end talent in the state. What remains to be seen is if they can develop that talent.
  8. Not sure any of their middle weights have the talent to only give up one point. they are certainly capable of only scoring one though.
  9. No clue what they were underneath now, but I'd guess just regular underwear. Do they even make regular jock straps anymore? When my son started playing baseball, there were no jocks available that you could put a cup in. Now they are all compression/sliding shorts that have a pouch for the cup. I can't recall seeing on old school jock strap at any sporting goods store.
  10. If guys would go back to wearing jocks under their singlet you wouldn't see their junk outline.
  11. My solution to all this is have one tournament (US Open) and have the winner rep us at Worlds/Olympics. If somebody is injured and can't compete, too damn bad, see you next year. Defending NCAA champs aren't given a bye to the NCAA finals the next year even though they "have earned it." I think it is a convoluted process that needs some serious tweaking.
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