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  1. My anecdotal evidence tells me something different. The girls in my neighborhood are out there shooting hoops, playing wiffle ball, etc. with the my son and his friends. When I take my son to hitting lessons, girls out number the boys.
  2. But thousands of young women have had the opportunity to be college athletes.
  3. wildcatfan1992

    Penn State has 3 #1 Seeds, 3 #2 Seeds and 1 #3 Seed

    Cassar White were both conf champs. White beat Cassar. Hence, White is the #1. Makes sense to me. IMO, it also doesn't matter because I see Gable wrecking Cassar in the semis and doing the same to white in the finals.
  4. wildcatfan1992

    Who repeats as NCAA DI champion?

    Lee, Yianni, Nolf, Zahid and Nickal
  5. I think that's probably why he jettisoned Bubba, knowing he would take out Taylor his RSFR year.
  6. wildcatfan1992

    The Heavyweight Match was Weird

    I think so. I think he probably felt so confident that Cassar wouldn't take him down that he believed that one TD would win and wrestled uninspired.
  7. wildcatfan1992

    The Heavyweight Match was Weird

    Steveson looked bored out of his mind to me. I think he figured Cassar had no chance to take him down, so he probably felt that one TD was all he needed to get the win. Give Cassar credit, he got a huge TD when he needed it for the win. I think Steveson opens up more at NCAA's and makes a statement.
  8. wildcatfan1992

    Big10 Predictions

    125 Lee 133 Micic 141 Lee 149 Ashnault 157 Nolf 165 Marinelli 174 Hall 184 Martin 197 Bo Hvy Gable
  9. wildcatfan1992

    Lee Threads (combined)

    Where does Robert E. rank? Or Harper Lee? Stan Lee?
  10. wildcatfan1992

    Why Are We Talking About Lee but not Valencia?

    Valencia did not get "caught" in a cradle. Lewis ran it perfectly. Just like Lee didn't get "caught" in a cradle against Picc.
  11. wildcatfan1992

    Spencer Lee and Iowa

    True, and given his performance and that Lee is clearly not the same as last year maybe people shouldn't be so surprised at the result.
  12. wildcatfan1992

    Spencer Lee and Iowa

    Results switch year to year, of course. But if somebody gave you 1000-1 odds after NCAA's that Picc would pin Lee this year, you wouldn't have taken it. it is "all of a sudden" in that this is their first match since that massacre at NCAA's.
  13. wildcatfan1992

    Spencer Lee and Iowa

    I am not making excuses for his results. If he steps on the mat then he'd better be ready to go 7 minutes. However, there is likely a reason for his underwhelming performance this season. I just find it hard to believe after watching the way Lee destroyed Picc at NCAA's last year that he all of a sudden figured him out. He was beaten way worse at nationals than at last year's dual. Why wasn't he able to figure it out at nationals?
  14. wildcatfan1992

    Spencer Lee and Iowa

    There was a significant gap between Lee and the other 125 lb returners at the start of the year. I really don't think those others have "closed the gap" that quickly. I think it is blatantly obvious that there is something wrong with him. As others have stated, you didn't see him gassing late in matches against Tomasello or suriano last year. All of a sudden this year it is a problem. To me it screams something is not physically right with him, whether an illness or whatever. I just hope he gets over it soon because a 100% Spencer Lee is such a pleasure to watch.
  15. wildcatfan1992

    End of regular season: Make your NCAA champ picks

    125 - Picc 133 - Micic 141 - Lee 149 - Ashnault 157 - Nolf (OW) 165 - Marinelli 174 - Valencia 184 - Martin 197 - Nickal Hvy - Steveson