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  1. Their HWY recruit just pinned the 8th ranked guy in finals to win NHSCA Senior Nationals too. Probably a good pickup for another program.
  2. I have a buddy looking for 2 tickets for NCAA all sessions but doesn’t want to pay online broker prices. Anyone have a pair at a decent price they are willing to get rid of?
  3. Just so no one thinks I’m full of sh*t
  4. I’m a buckeye fan and wished they obviously would have won, but I looked forward to this dual for a couple weeks and it didn’t disappoint in terms of excitement.
  5. 49 guesses (plus scribes) and no one got it correct. That’s more shocking than the end of this dual. Maybe not. In lue of the lack of a winner, I’ll donate $20 to the gofundme of the paralyzed wrestler. I’ll do this again for total points of winner of NCAA finals. Thanks everyone for participating.
  6. Snyder Pin and Sstark46 wins. Snyder tech and Bigtenfanboy wins. No one has 19-18 PSU and no one has 19-19bucks by criteria. Oknowwhut also had 20-19 bucks but he didn’t predict it first.
  7. Bad 2 count again. Count started with 1 on the clock and got 2 count
  8. Let’s say all tickets were $10 with unlimited seating potential. How many people show up?
  9. NaTo never seemed the slightest worried.
  10. How about the first year after college?
  11. Picks are locked. Good luck everyone. Let’s hope for a great dual.
  12. Make sure to have all score predictions and edits in by 7:50 PM Eastern.
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