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  1. Have mine and will be going. It will happen April 10th and 11th with fans. Book it. 279 days away.
  2. Tough when he deletes the wrong stuff!
  3. He recently said JB to Penn RTC..... you see how that story has turned out.
  4. Reminder that Mineo is only correct at about a 5% clip.....
  5. In order of where I think he lands: Princeton Oklahoma St Cornell Northwestern Oregon st
  6. I heard he was eating Jimmys Cinnabon.
  7. It's Mexico and I am guessing they will have guys like Carr, degen and Parker go what weight is best for them, others fill in around them. Gomez isn't in the good graces of Dresser with how heavy he always is.
  8. That Bishop Lynch team had a lot of nationally ranked guys, none seemed to ever start at a D1. I remember them entering the Dvorak in Illinois one year.
  9. Mark would beat Downey and I aint a Hall fan.
  10. It is a list of whatever you want. Just remembering some guys Shaka, say whoever you want!
  11. Add whoever you'd like... Iowa- Jake Marlin Illinois- Bryce Brill, Lee Munster, Matt Boggess Kansas- Nathan Furches, Sharky Slyter Ohio- Collin Palmer, Tony Jameson, Sam White New York- Steven Keith Arizona- Ryak Finch
  12. A highlight video of Jesse Delgado and Dean Heil.
  13. Looking at the lists of Dave Schultz Excellence Award winners, a high percentage have an ncaa title, a couple busts in there. Will Amos win an NCAA title? All-Time National Winners of Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award 2020 - Braxton Amos, Parkersburg South High School, Mineral Wells, West Virginia 2019 - Cohlton Schultz, Ponderosa High School, Parker, Colorado (Greco-Roman Cadet World Champion) 2018 - David Carr, Perry High School, Massillon, Ohio (Junior World Champion) 2017 - Daton Fix, Charles Page High School, Sand Springs, Oklahoma (Junior World Champion) 2016 - Mark Hall II, Apple Valley High School, Apple Valley, Minnesota (NCAA Champion and 2X Junior World Champion) 2015 - Zahid Valencia, St. John Bosco High School, Bellflower, California (2X NCAA Champion and Junior World Silver Medalist) 2014 - Chance Marsteller, Kennard-Dale High School, Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania 2013 - Zain Retherford, Benton Area High School, Benton, Pennsylvania (3X NCAA Champion) 2012 - Taylor Massa, St. Johns High School, St. Johns, Michigan 2011 - Morgan McIntosh, Calvary Chapel High School, Santa Ana, California 2010 - Logan Stieber, Monroeville High School, Monroeville, Ohio (World Champion and 4X NCAA Champion) 2009 - David Taylor, Graham High School, St. Paris, Ohio (World Champion and 2X NCAA Champion) 2008 - Jason Chamberlain, Springville High School, Springville, Utah 2007 - Zachary Sanders, Wabasha-Kellogg High School, Wabasha, Minnesota 2006 - David Craig, Brandon High School, Brandon, Florida 2005 - Troy Nickerson, Chenango Forks High School, Chenango Forks, New York (NCAA Champion) 2004 - Coleman Scott, Waynesburg High School, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania (NCAA Champion and Olympic bronze medalist) 2003 - C.P. Schlatter, St. Paul Graham High School, Urbana, Ohio 2002 - Teyon Ware, Edmond North High School, Edmond, Oklahoma (2X NCAA Champion) 2001 - Steven Mocco, Blair Academy, Blairstown, New Jersey (2X NCAA Champion and Olympian) 2000 - Ben Connell, Lugoff-Elgin High School, Lugoff, South Carolina 1999 - Zach Roberson, Blue Valley North West High School, Overland Park, Kansas (NCAA Champion) 1998 - Garrett Lowney, Freedom High School, Appleton, Wisconsin (2X Olympian) and Justin Ruiz, Taylorsville High School, Salt Lake City, Utah (Olympian) 1997 - Jeff Knupp, Walsh Jesuit High School, Akron, Ohio 1996 - David Kjeldgaard, Lewis Central High School, Council Bluffs, Iowa
  14. Madison is one of the closest schools to his home besides Iowa, UNI and some d3 schools.
  15. I was wrong on Mcdonough to Oregon st. Looks like NATO is trying to get a job, Maryland, Air force and Illinois seem interested.
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