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  1. 2016 trials were great in Iowa City, the matches that were going on at the same time were crazy, the finals of the 2020 trials will be worth it for sure. I think the crowd and atmosphere will be even better in 2020. Iowa City was not sold out in 2016, I think penn st will sell out.
  2. Rashidov will have some tough matches if he has to go through Russian Nationals, Ramonov is coming back at 65kg and is very tough when healthy.
  3. Although he won a world title pretty handily, looked like he didn't have 6 min of juice and not his usually timing. Also would benefit from getting down to 74 and competing, especially against some intl comp. Hope he goes somewhere before April.
  4. Not sure how, but he claims he is going down. Him vs Frank would be a great match to watch.
  5. 57 Nico 65 Yianni 74 JB 86 DT 97 Jden 125 Gable
  6. Pantaleo is going 65kg, it will be interesting to see how he does.
  7. Gross is a confirmed 57KG from his twitter.
  8. Petar thinks he knows everything and really is not that informative. He's a pass for me. The others are pretty good. Vinay Siwach posts a lot about team India.
  9. Which group do you think is most likely to produce the 57kg rep. Group 1- nico megaludis, Daton fix Group 2- spencer lee, nashon garret Group 3- joe Colon, Thomas Gilman
  10. Yianni has said that due to injuries he feels he has missed a couple freestyle "seasons" so he really wants to get out and compete internationally to make up for those missed years.
  11. Downey will have a real tough time getting gold, also zain will have a tough cuban.
  12. Agreed on Clark, thinking about him vs Frank or JO just seems ridiculous.
  13. Which way do you think these 61 kg guys are going? Going down to 57 kg? Colon Nico Nahshon Clark? Graff? Palmer? Suriano? Going up to 65 kg? Brewer Whitford Gross
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