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  1. Daryl Thomas ODU is probably pretty high on people's list.
  2. I like the 2 minute OT on the feet. The OOB rules were horrendous, as well as the non stall calls. Cody Sanderson was running away the entire match as Juergens was attacking. Interesting that Cael was going to a half for his turns for the most part. Brock did not have any offense from his feet.
  3. Looks like you can see the scoreboard clock. Pretty close to exactly 4 seconds when he gets him on his back. If they threw the brick today, I think 2 and 2 would stand.
  4. Gary needs to drive himself over to the portal!
  5. There is no exiting the ranker's guild once you enter. It is until death. Or medical FFT.
  6. I think Lovett keeps it to a major against Gross. Red will not major a tough Moran, that is a toss up match. Scharenbrock looked tough against minnesota, I think he loses by dec. Wick over White. I like Venz big over Sebastian.
  7. No, Parris is much improved and I think has a good chance to be a finalist this year, but he is not beating gable. He is also not the favorite coming in. Gable will beat him three times this year.
  8. They had to rank him at one of the weights, he has been at 86 more recently then 97 so that is probably their logic. I think he is going 86, but I don't think this is the first clue.
  9. Ben Whitford, get him somewhere where he can get his academics in line.
  10. 125 Lee Fall Cullen 6-0 133 Gross Dec Desanto 6-3 141 Moran Dec Murin 6-6 149 Lugo Dec Martin 9-6 157 Young Mdec Model 13-6 165 Marinelli Dec Wick 16-6 174 Kemerer MDec Krattiger 20-6 184 Brands Dec Sebastian 23-6 197 Warner Dec Christensen 26-6 285 Hillger Dec Cassioppi 26-9
  11. 2016 trials were great in Iowa City, the matches that were going on at the same time were crazy, the finals of the 2020 trials will be worth it for sure. I think the crowd and atmosphere will be even better in 2020. Iowa City was not sold out in 2016, I think penn st will sell out.
  12. Rashidov will have some tough matches if he has to go through Russian Nationals, Ramonov is coming back at 65kg and is very tough when healthy.
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