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  1. Petar thinks he knows everything and really is not that informative. He's a pass for me. The others are pretty good. Vinay Siwach posts a lot about team India.
  2. Which group do you think is most likely to produce the 57kg rep. Group 1- nico megaludis, Daton fix Group 2- spencer lee, nashon garret Group 3- joe Colon, Thomas Gilman
  3. Yianni has said that due to injuries he feels he has missed a couple freestyle "seasons" so he really wants to get out and compete internationally to make up for those missed years.
  4. Downey will have a real tough time getting gold, also zain will have a tough cuban.
  5. Agreed on Clark, thinking about him vs Frank or JO just seems ridiculous.
  6. Which way do you think these 61 kg guys are going? Going down to 57 kg? Colon Nico Nahshon Clark? Graff? Palmer? Suriano? Going up to 65 kg? Brewer Whitford Gross
  7. Lee is wrestling this year, Desanto can't make 125, Renteria might not even get down to 141 and I doubt ever wrestles a match for Iowa. Kem is going 174. 125 Lee 133 Desanto 141 Murin 149 Lugo 157 Young or Brands 165 Marinelli 174 Kem 184 Wilcke or Assad 197 Warner HWT Cass
  8. Graff and Green will be sent to one more tournament as well, in Europe.
  9. I know he has already said he is taking an olympic redshirt, but if Yianni takes an olympic RS this year, it would really be Eierman's best shot at an NCAA Title this year at 141. I don't think he gets one in 2021 with Yianni back. I also do not think he beats Oliver, Zain or Yianni for the Olympic spot in 2020.
  10. Most likely! Pablo is not use to losing, the ultimate GOAT.
  11. Agreed, but people get real upset after the worlds before the olympics when we don't have weights qualified.
  12. Zain will win the arbitration hearing. Many people will be upset. He is not going to qualify the weight for the Olympics at worlds, many more people will become upset in September.
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