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  1. Who will finish their career with the lowest golf score? Golf score = total of their ncaa finishes. I.E Imar = 6 (1+1+2+2) Zach Sanders 19 (6+5+5+3)
  2. Seems big for Brands even being 184.1
  3. Before the season starts it is always interesting to see where guys are eligible for weight wise. I looked on trackwrestling and it looks like Iowa has done their certification. Interesting that Cullan schriever seems light, eligible for 133 currently. Nelson Brands eligible for 197 currently!
  4. Who is the guy that does the stalemates show??
  5. Have mine and will be going. It will happen April 10th and 11th with fans. Book it. 279 days away.
  6. Tough when he deletes the wrong stuff!
  7. He recently said JB to Penn RTC..... you see how that story has turned out.
  8. Reminder that Mineo is only correct at about a 5% clip.....
  9. In order of where I think he lands: Princeton Oklahoma St Cornell Northwestern Oregon st
  10. I heard he was eating Jimmys Cinnabon.
  11. It's Mexico and I am guessing they will have guys like Carr, degen and Parker go what weight is best for them, others fill in around them. Gomez isn't in the good graces of Dresser with how heavy he always is.
  12. That Bishop Lynch team had a lot of nationally ranked guys, none seemed to ever start at a D1. I remember them entering the Dvorak in Illinois one year.
  13. Mark would beat Downey and I aint a Hall fan.
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