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  1. Green retired? I don't think so. Nolf is too big now to make 70KG. Cox will go 92KG. Ringer is not ever making 74KG, he is a 79/86. Zahid will be at 79 as well.
  2. "pacificity" Wow that gave me a good laugh!!
  3. Just look at what was going on in the MLB at the time, you call it his prime, i'll call it a "magical" run.
  4. Williams beat him over their careers about 8 times compared to the only time Slay won was his "magical" run in 2000.
  5. Alright now that NCAAs are done, anyone else have any recommendations? Getting real excited for these matchups in two weeks!
  6. Wentzel vs O'toole quarter, winner will make the finals at 165.
  7. If you had tickets to 2020 trials at state college you got a code for this morning at 10 am for a presale.
  8. Alright, now that I got my tickets for the second time, anyone have some tips or insight on places to go see, eat and drink at in the Ft Worth area around Dickies arena?
  9. I know he had surgery on his shoulder a while back, has anyone heard if he is good to go for the trials? You'd think he would've tried to at least get a match or two in by now if he was wrestling in April.
  10. With some schools not wrestling this year (Cornell, Princeton) it seems like this year would be an asterisk year, but with the free year we see a ton of true freshman going that may not have. Brackets will still be difficult and the champ shouldn't get an *. I know, I know, a team or individuals will test positive before the tourny and we may not have a couple seeded wrestlers, champs still do not need *. It'll be well deserved for anyone that wins it.
  11. It is crazy to me how many people are taking Suriano. Suriano is not running through a bracket with Lee, Fix, Gilman, Gross and Vito in it. He can beat one of those guys, but he is not beating multiple in one day.
  12. Why is you pick um contest so far behind on results
  13. When is the pick um contest going to update results, two weeks behind.
  14. Ah gotcha, still not too far from now. Hoping the TV schedule has back to back Friday nights and something on Saturday and Sunday.
  15. Has BTN released a TV schedule with any wrestling duals on it for 2021??
  16. Who will finish their career with the lowest golf score? Golf score = total of their ncaa finishes. I.E Imar = 6 (1+1+2+2) Zach Sanders 19 (6+5+5+3)
  17. Before the season starts it is always interesting to see where guys are eligible for weight wise. I looked on trackwrestling and it looks like Iowa has done their certification. Interesting that Cullan schriever seems light, eligible for 133 currently. Nelson Brands eligible for 197 currently!
  18. Who is the guy that does the stalemates show??
  19. Have mine and will be going. It will happen April 10th and 11th with fans. Book it. 279 days away.
  20. Tough when he deletes the wrong stuff!
  21. He recently said JB to Penn RTC..... you see how that story has turned out.
  22. Reminder that Mineo is only correct at about a 5% clip.....
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