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  1. bnwtwg

    Battle of the Italians

    +1 PBJ from Boiler Room to start the weekend
  2. bnwtwg

    Cassar vs Stoll

    Ugh I think I saw you in a video recently?
  3. bnwtwg

    Kurt McHenry is at Michigan Now

    How does early enrollment work for a wrestler since it is a two-semester sport? What about redshirt(s), etc? Genuinely curious, because I don't know if anyone around my time did this, or if anyone else has previously?
  4. bnwtwg

    Bey with a right hook

    He threw a short punch, then ripped off his top, then did the "hold me back bro!" routine twice. He did it all wrong and needs to watch the NBA more often to figure out the correct order of operations
  5. bnwtwg

    Cox vs Nickal

    As a senior, Cox won NCAA's and then won a bronze at the Olympics a few months later. Hopefully that puts it in perspective.
  6. bnwtwg

    113 pounders in College

    He had an unfair weight-cutting advantage by removing both his knees
  7. bnwtwg

    Is taunting legal now?

    Who came up with "shooting the guns?" If you can dish it you need to take it. As far as Brands, maybe someone should leave the mat and screaming for TTTTTWWWOOOOO would be the proper response? But yes, John Smith and Brands are both amazing for what they did on and off the mat (moreso Smith)
  8. bnwtwg

    Unpopular opinion - we need more DeSantos out there

    Thumbs up during a lift? A-hole move but not horrible; lost a team point, albeit because of the excessive celebration but the real reason was known by the refs most likely. Other post-match stuff? Who cares - walk your talk at the end of the season. But that leads into... If you can't handle a loss and less than a year ago you tried to injure your opponents in horrific ways? That's why people don't like him. He wasn't wrestling, he wasn't even being cheap, he was trying to deck and wreck. That's the difference.
  9. Can’t lose to Stoll if he’s quacking. And Steveson is most likely going to embarrass him when they finally met up
  10. bnwtwg


    Sooooo like I said, they want winners but they promote knockout artists as their business has grown? Why do you think Aaron Pico gave up his Olympic-level (in most countries outside of US or Russia, and *almost* in the US) wrestling and went to a more "flamboyant" style? I hate to say it. Hughes was a relic, but at least people watch his knockouts of Frank Trigg and Carlos Newton. And then MMA caught up to the wrestlers.
  11. bnwtwg

    Snyder to MMA after 2020?

    No, but if Cox moves up then 2020 will light the message boards on fire. Dake by major.
  12. bnwtwg

    So what is up with JO?

    It is concerning that a person would convince a seven year old child that they must observe that person in-person, and if said person does not show up that a person would push the blame onto an athlete. Or, as PDII would put it: Was JO signed up on trackwrestling/FLO brackets? Nah? Then shut up and be a better parent.
  13. Pay the IOC more money to expand the weights. Tell me I'm wrong. But before you do, please research the IOC and please do not bring up "ethics" or "for the best of the sport" because every sport outside of futbol and basketball will lose
  14. bnwtwg


    Yes and no... Matt Hughes was a former AA from Eastern Illinois (RIP to a program that was cut 10 years too short before IL took off [thanks to Sean Bormet @ IL teams & Overtime]) and Randy Couture are both in the UFC hall of fame I think? And they touted Cain Velasquez and Lesnar (though mainly WWF hype) so I don't think they shy away from it, but at the same time knockouts sell PPVs and they are a business.