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  1. Is that really the best quality video out there?
  2. I don't know anything except that Lewis will beat Joseph in the finals again this year, and then a freshman is going to knock off Lewis next year
  3. This is tough to type, but... we used to say the same thing about JB. Champs find a way, find that extra gear, stand on the podium. Sidakov is currently in that phase of his career and even though he is JB's archnemesis we need to appreciate how great he is.
  4. Do RTC athletes get comped additional benefits such as housing, health insurance policy, car from a local dealership booster, grad school stipend etc? Because while not much a $40,000 salary would go much farther if you are not paying for standard expenses.
  5. David Tayler is an amazing artist and something tells me he doesn't care about a raise, he cares about being the best in the world at his craft. in fact, you can check out his highlights on his webpage http://www.davidtayler.com/
  6. Where do Shannon and Luffman project through their careers? Bonafide AA? Multi AA? Was really surprised Shannon chose IL since he was in the EAP
  7. This is obviously a lie. I can prove it - no one wrestles at states because everyone goes to STATE. Nice try internet liar.
  8. Nickal is the odd man out at the NLWC, right?
  9. Ahh my bad, and yes we agree. The USOC is ultimately responsible for this scheduling predicament - I wonder why they chose the competition calendar that they have put forth? I see pros and cons of multiple avenues so I'm curious why they decided this would be the best route.
  10. Joel Osteen and his $60,000,000 net worth would like to have a conversation on his helipad
  11. Actually, the US as a whole did not get the weight qualified - Downey was just the king of the 86kg hill for 2019, but he is certainly not the only wrestler to blame for this predicament. The same can be said for Gilman, Fix, Yianni, Zain, Gwiz, Steveson, Coon, etc. You win qualify as a team and you lose don't qualify as a team
  12. Who would you rather have attempt to finish top-2 and qualify the weight? The 2017 world champ, or the 2018 world rep who went 2-1 and was teched out of the building? It's not a knock against Downey it's just common sense. If I need to close a huge deal for my company I send my best sales person, not someone who has had mixed results and had a recent big client that fizzled out after 6 months.
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