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  1. You should look into the very current discussion of mid and distance running. Bekele vs Kipchoge. Would be interested to get your personal perspective as someone who has the closest apples to oranges comparison (short distance early / long distance later VS. low weight early / higher weight later). Both have multiple dimensions of worlds records, both have longevity versus brightest light results, both have long-term head to head results. Could be honestly a good comparison? Or not??
  2. 86 is not a very deep weight. Look at the recent medals dating back to 2018. Myeh. Yazdani is elite, but methinks he might just be a weeeee bit overrated with strict regards to the p4p discussion. Like, outside top-15 and maybe even outside the top 20. JB and Dake made Taylor run away. Cox kept him out 2x. And Yazdani can't even get past Taylor in their completely one-sided "rivalry". So, um, yeah. The only person I dislike more than David Taylor is Kyle Dake and you are making me choose his side. Thanks and have a crappy Friday!
  3. You are aware that he started as a freshman at 149, finished as a 184, and is a bit above 225 now, right? It's only 76 pounds why not make it 86 nbd smh
  4. You keep banging this drum but I would love to know how Starocci plans to make 74 without removing one of his limbs
  5. Carl has no problem recruiting over people.
  6. 17 people who voted for Dake are cowards. Everyone knows Taylor is undefeated.
  7. I understand the reasoning from a macro level, but he's not going to get the Team USA invite to any relevant tourneys to get in live reps. Snyder goes to everything and the odds are high that if J'Den goes to the same tourney then they will meet within the first two rounds. I've been a big J'Den fan since he took the NCAA by storm as a freshman and continually shuts the haters up (that's me in this example) but I think this may be a mountain too large even for him.
  8. Foolish move considering he already knows the outcome against Snyder. I guess this is the end of Cox... it was fun while it lasted.
  9. @spladle08 it’s been 5 pages of why Yianni should have lost. Just over it when we should all be stoked
  10. Yianni: I broke the drought! We are in the 65kg finals!!! America: No. that’s bull$hit you suck and should have gone 0-1. Pack your bags and fly home now
  11. If Yianni wins gold, maybe this lucky call balances out the years of Kolat crap. I’m glad to see the USA get a favorable call - it doesn’t happen often and used to happen considerably less.
  12. Does Seabass even weigh in tomorrow? His regard for the backside is well-documented.
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