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  1. Can we please put the tired argument of non-olympic weights being a sham to bed. Just because an athlete cannot afford a 20 pound swing does not mean they are any less talented. JB at 74kg is not the same as JB at 79kg. Dake at 79kg is not the same as Dake at 74. Same with Cox, Snyder, Taylor, Sidakov, Otoguro, etc. I'm sorry that I have trouble believing an athlete that could very well be the best in the world but sucking 5-7kg or trying to add the same amount of weight is still going to have peak performance. Why even have weight classes if that is true.
  2. Pre-guaranteed portion went to Beat The Streets Chicago, and any net profit went to Fite TV.
  3. It’s horribly stupid because Taylor has proven through official WADA testing that he is clean. But Treigning Lab doesn’t have a great record of clean athletes at the elite echelon.... *insert Michael Jackson gif*
  4. I grew up in rural IL with so many guns, bows and (illegal for our state) crossbows hunting squirrel, deer, and turkey that I reckon I’m one of them gangbangerbillies. Hopefully the first time I see a gun in Chicago I know what to do...
  5. Watched on replay via Roku (stick if it matters?) -This was absolutely great first and foremost to see a sport, any sport but especially our sport! Thank you Illinois RTC for pulling this together and bringing in top talent. Me thinks a certain Illinois assistant and an RTC coach are onto some great things and looking forward to seeing more of this. Skyline background was an added bonus. -The outdoor venue was a great idea, but woof on midwestern humidity for an outdoor event where athletes slide around as a means to win. Go for a late Sept/ Oct date. -Big Braunagel with a huge upset of Pfarr! -Richards/Sanders was by far the match of the night. -Downey left the mat and immediately started chirping Taylor and RBY. Love it or hate it, but at least respect it because the UFC-type wrinkle brings in the fans. -Rau reminded everyone that no, just because you can go upper body, that does not mean you can throw. -I’m thinking that JO still sucks weight like a proud OSU alum and Nolf hasn’t cut ever. Both prove that it’s all about what is best for each individual. -Okay I cant help myself... I love hearing the PSU guys telling Downey to put down the pack of Marlboro Reds and Taylor with the Jonah Hill gif. I wasn’t on board with the no tech rule before, but now I am rooting for a rule change and fifty burger.
  6. After growing up in southern IL and went to undergrad in central IL, but after moving to Chicago over a decade ago I can’t even keep track anymore of how many times I have been shot. Plus every 6-12 months I wake up in a bath tub of ice and realize someone stole another one of my kidneys. It’s super duper scary in Chiraq I don’t know how the millions of us can stand to live here and that global companies are based out of this town. Crazy that the Windy City is where they were able to bring together such an awesome event tonight to help our athletes repping our great sport!
  7. Good for Goodale to keep after it and bring some hopefully good YOY results
  8. I don’t think Imar grew more conservative. He had a minimal gas tank soph year trying to suck down to 65kg, and when he bumped up to 165lbs he wasn’t able to ridiculously outmuscle opponents anymore. He grew into 74kg/163lbs and is horsing guys around again.
  9. Trying to be semi-somewhat not too far out there about guys within 20ish pounds of their competition weight, who are probably still in good enough shape for a tourney (not "just" coaching), and who would at least give this a fart's sniff if it was brought up. So basically no Teyon Wares or Trent Paulsons that have definitely moved on for good. My list would be: Cael, Metcalf, Pico, Mocco, Ramos, Streebler, Ruth, Dennis, Kolat, Varner, Dlagnev And if any of the above are reading this then I double dog dare them to show up for trials!
  10. Can't believe no one is talking about Seabass going 165 for OkSt during the season and then going his more natural 86kg for OTT (as Ringer's replacement for Cowboy RTC)
  11. This is not the Greg Jones I choose to remember from my childhood. It's up there with the Star Wars prequels and Rocky V
  12. Not to hijack the thread, but the US has a guy who has consistently proven at the senior level to win. He just can’t make it to the world team (yet??)
  13. I think JO is done after this quad no matter what - he's on the wrong side of 30. Regarding the future- McKenna has earned a spot in the domestic top tier in my opinion and I won't be surprised to see Lee in that group at OTT as well. 65 domestically is such a crapshoot depending on the day.
  14. The ironic part is that Djokavic is a staunch anti-vaxxer
  15. PM me your card number so I can make the purchase for you and let you support our small sport that needs all the help it can get :)
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