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  1. Just did a quick wiki and here is what I got for his worlds appearances 2011 60kg: 2-1, lost in quarters to 5th 2013 60kg: 2-1, lost in quarters to bronze. 2015 61kg: 1-2, lost in R16 to silver, in repechage lost to Bajrang who took 5th. Pretty sure this was the year he beat Dennis for the spot (Dennis won OTT at 57 the following year) 2016: bumped up to 65, got teched by Pico in semis, retired / injury defaulted on the back side
  2. Humphrey was at or near the top but I don't agree on calling a 3x world team member a gatekeeper. He retired after bumping up for 2016 OTT where he lost to Pico in the semis.
  3. This was stupid for me to do. I apologize and will be taking a self-imposed exile.
  4. I simply meant that since he won like 7 Fargo titles and Schlatter won 5 or 6, before they ever stepped in a college room everyone expected both of them to be on multiple world teams at the conclusion of their college careers. I never said either is not a very successful person. I simply said at the senior men’s wrestling level. My bad
  5. I’m curious based off age-group and NCAA results who some of the boom or bust prospects have been for the US. This would be most based on what we would expect for senior-level results based on dominance, not necessarily styles (you will know who/why in a quick minute). But think of it like fantasy football Some booms that come to mind are Lincoln MacIlravy, Jamil Kelly, Tervel Dlagnev, Joe Williams, and Stephen Neal for various big boom reasons Some busts are Dean Heil, TJ Williams, Eric Tannenbaum, Mike Poeta, CP Schlatter, Metcalf, and Ed Ruth The jury is still out but not looking dicey for current competitors such as Imar, Nickal, Oliver, Retherford, Nolf, and Joseph
  6. If JB has to cut for another 30 minutes because of weight management issues, then maybe he doesn’t have the same sprint at the end of match 1 to win; match 2 ends with the same outcome; no match 3. My opinion though as an Illini fan is that Imar made weight, didn’t make excuses, and made a hell of a series. He got a raw deal because his opponent didn’t hold up his end of the bargain but at the end of the day when you’re the GOAT then the refs give you the calls at the end of the game. He wanted to earn it like a champ and he’s rightfully upset that he was glossed over by JB when he just handed him an L and almost sent him packing.
  7. I think people would see it with rose-tinted folk style glasses. Dake by tech 2-0 as it stands today. Nolf is the biggest boom/bust senior prospect the US has had in a long time. But now that I’m thinking of it, I may start a new thread of some other current front-runners and see if that conversation takes off
  8. On paper Dake/Nolf would be intriguing, but when you remember that Imar has Nolf’s number and then you go back and watch how Dake ragdolled Imar then you start to paint a picture that isn’t very rosy
  9. Wrestling: Ahhhh!!!! Sweet baby jesus! Everything is getting cut from kids clubs to colleges to olympics! This is awful! We need to be innovative to remain relevant as a niche sport! Also wrestling: If my team isn't getting paid then no one gets nice things.
  10. Those were some real dark days man
  11. Outside of Gilman in 2017, you have to dig pretty far back into the dark days pre-Burroughs renaissance to find an Iowa medalist. I'm thinking prior to Gilman the last Hawkeye to medal was probably Zadick or Joe Williams? I guess if you want you could kinda-sorta count Cejudo since he was a Terry protege.
  12. Taylor/Martin and Kerk/Thomas looked exactly the same. Like a jv kid in his first match going against a state champ. Kerk is nasty. The NLWC upper weights are downright scary.
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