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  1. 1) Lee . . . 8) Heavyweight winner 9) getting hit by a bus 10) Eierman
  2. If he needs to drop a couple tenths in a pinch he can always shave off his feather mullet
  3. The winner is anyone watching. This is the most highly anticipated conference quarterfinal in who knows how many years!
  4. There are, by my quick math, 22 guys who are either already qualified for the Olympics or are potential Olympic qualifiers. My point is not to discuss the likelihood of each making the team but their mentality. Do you think anyone making a run in one month at being an Olympian and a few months later trying to be, literally, the best in the world cares about seeding at NCAAs? I say no, because as Sir Cinnabon pointed out "Seeds don't matter because you have to beat everyone to be [an Olympic] champ."
  5. Carl on Suriano - "He's down in the room right now wrestling. So he's progressing along. It's looking good. So we're going to - I don't know what else you want to hear. He's in." Carl on Kerk - "He's down in the cafeteria right now eating. So he's stuffing up. It's looking round. So we're going to - I don't know what else you want to hear. He's chonk."
  6. 57 Ragusin and Zane Richards 65 Eierman and Lugo (means Eierman isn't winning NCAAs) 74 Depends on who wins NCAAs - true toss-up between Hidlay/Deakin/Carr imo. My order if everyone attends last chance 1) Deakin 2) Pantaleo 3) H.Hidlay 4)Joseph 86 Again, depends on NCAAs. I think Brooks wins a weekend of rest, otherwise he wins last chance; Hidlay has a better chance via NCAAs. Order goes 1) Brooks 2) G.Dean 3) Hall 4) T.Hidlay 97 Amos and Ferrari 125 Was hoping for a surprise Coon entry but doubt that happens now after Pellicone. 1) Cassioppi if he enters 2) Elam 3) S Nevills
  7. Then take my bet you coward. I will donate $50 to any non-profit of your choosing if Downey gets the #2 seed and I'll post the receipts on here for everyone to see with and declare "Blue Dragons was right and bnwtwg was wrong."
  8. I'll take that bet. $50 that Patrick DOWNEY III (USA) is not the #2 seed. If I win (Downey is not the 2 seed) then you donate $50 to Wrestle Like A Girl, if you win I'll make a donation to wherever you choose.
  9. PD3's suspension coincided with a Twitter meltdown
  10. Ugh if you really want be semantical then please acknowledge that you used the word "coincide" rather than "coincidence" and I replied back that Safesport was a result. A coincidence is when an event occurs simultaneously, a result is when a reaction occurs due to an action. Now I will get off my high horse and agree that Safesport was necessary and better late than never, and arguing over an adjective is not what any of us want to do when we have a PD3 to hate-watch this weekend.
  11. bnwtwg

    Mike Carr

    What a bummer that the injury bug has chased him for years. Word on the street has been that this was his last year too - if that's the case I'm glad he went out with a win.
  12. The timing does not "coincide" but rather is a direct result. Safesport was created after Nassar because there was not a support system previously. Even though the best time to have it around was before anything happened and thousands of people have been hurt across US sports, the next best time to create Safesport was immediately.
  13. idk why everyone is getting so worked up. Woods is going to a tournament next weekend and will have enough matches to qualify for an at-large bid
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