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  1. Acknowledge and remove your post. It was not true, and you have explicitly said as much. The last thing our city needs is even more uninformed crime coverage. This is the equivalent of claiming that 1981 NYC is bad because a couple of very rough neighborhoods boosted the overall crime rate. If you want to claim pick-pockets, then sure, let's go to every city. We can start at the cities where they hold Worlds first.
  2. I still think you should remove this post. You backtracked from it later, but it is absolutely not true and you acknowledged as much.
  3. bnwtwg

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    In the same sentence you mentioned older athletes and Varner making lower weight? C'mon...
  4. bnwtwg

    Iowa ISU Lowdown from Mudlfap

    I would argue that Arizona State is just as bad, with only one elite athelete to show for the expenduitures. The downside of these arguments is that the higher-ups catch wind and shut down our sport for the tiniest reason at the lower end of D1 and D2. Please do not let this happen, and please find a way to make this post supportive..... PLEASE. PLEASE.
  5. bnwtwg

    CKLV Discussion

    Should not be shrugged off and I hope more athletes take heart of this. This is a really crappy but true fact of life in the US economic system: get in young and earn your way up, because the really, awful, and unfortunately grim fact is that someone else will. 26 or 27 is no age to begin a career in the current state. Please feel free to tell me how wrong I am, and I absolutely hope that I am wrong. *I hate that I made a political post
  6. bnwtwg

    Separated at birth?

    My mind is STILL BLOWN that no one saw Stoll weigh in and they were TOTALLY SURPRISED* when he went out for his match *Cassioppi's parents were among the most surprised considering that their son gave them his favorite red shirt just before the meet started
  7. You are wrong, but nice try. Source: I am a city of Chicago resident, and have to attend McCormick place events constantly - trade show events, continued learning seminars, and all the big races (like the 44,571 runners in the World Major marathon we host annually) have packet pickup at McCormick Place.
  8. bnwtwg

    Could he do it?

    Rather ironic that this is how Rasheed and Cassar were last year, and now Cassar is returning the favor to another teammate. Speaks volumes to the competition in the PSU room.
  9. bnwtwg

    tOSU Signees

    One would assume Kerkvliet will most likely hover around 97 until the next world-level weight class changes are announced after the current quad is finished.
  10. bnwtwg


    Definitely not, and I laughed hard at the sarcasm. But maybe a $5/10/25/50/100/250 contribution option would be good the first few go-rounds, and then build from there in the college off-season when many spectators drop off the radar. Be honest about the business model :( ETA: dolla dolla signs yall
  11. bnwtwg

    Pre-Season Prediction Challenge

    Is it too late to join? And yes, I very much understand that the title of the post is "Preseason" but I was busy $hitposting away on Deadspin, so please accept my most humble of apologies :) 125 Lee over Fausz 133 Suriano over Fix 141 McKenna over Lee 149 O'Connor over Ashnault 157 Nolf over Berger 165 Marinelli over Chance [#1 seed] (FIGHT ME IT'S HAPPENING WHATEVER WE ALL CRAP ON JOSEPH EVERY YEAR EVEN THOUGH HE HAS TWICE BEAT THE GUY WHO IS #2 ON THE WORLD TEAM LADDER WHO IS HE ANYWAYS RIGHT) 165.1 probably the freshman none of us expect that destroys the world, and will also win next year 174 Hall over Zahid 184 Martin over Shak in the highest scoring match of all time, or the shortest match of all time 197 Nickal over Moore 285 Steveson over Cassar
  12. bnwtwg

    What is going on with Princeton

    In regards to Harvard, it is an extremely relevant topic of discussion; spots at a school can be purchased and a sports roster spot is no different. It was an understood under-the-table fact at most all schools anyways, but it was brought to light in the greatest legal sense at the most prestigious of all USA universities. The problem of this discussion is that, in all likelihood, the more the topic is explored, the more it will bleed into other discussions, some productive, others non-productive, and yet others will be, quite frankly, horrifying. ETA: punctuation
  13. bnwtwg

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    Repachage or bust!
  14. (wrong thread please delete)
  15. bnwtwg

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    Ahh did not know that, from reading the board it sounded like he was going to be the starter immediately. Guessing he will have the RS removed later in the year a la Hall & Lee? I'd like to edit if not too late. Starter: Emery Parker Backup: DeSanto