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  1. What about a Northwestern or University of Illinois degree? Asking for a friend...
  2. Do you guys hear that? the faint, haunting BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! in the distance? Happy Valley locals say it's the curse of the male descendants of the Nevills family, all doomed to be forever thrown under Carl's bus while he backs it up over their warm bodies
  3. India may be awaking their own sleeping giant. They have brought in foreign coaching to kick-start results (although Karimi has already moved on) with an emphasis on technique, endurance, and aggressiveness for 6 minutes. Kumar, Bajrang, Deepak, and the rest of the IND team are always fun to watch because win or lose they empty the gas tank each time and are very strong team-building blocks for the next couple cycles at least.
  4. Since it turns into Cornell vs. The World around this time each year, this should be known going forward as the “No More Excuses For Kid Dynamite” starting time rule
  5. I thought for OTT everyone weighs in both days? By that I am referring specifically to Burroughs and Snyder who have not had any known weight issues in the past anyways. Day 2 is strictly wrestlebacks and championships. Meaning for the finals, both competitors at each weight will have plenty of time to recover. Refer to page 6 for day 2 winner's bracket competitors. "All best‐of‐three matches occur on day #2 of the Olympic Trials"
  6. My tin foil hat thinks that by Nolf going this route to qualify for OTT, it leaves the opportunity for Joseph and Hall to earn berths at Last Chance in the event they fall short at NCAAs, rather than at least one of them staying at home. I still think Hall tries just this one time to make 74 for the Olympics, but I also wear a tin foil hat so take my opinion at your own risk.
  7. Lots of twitter chatter from wrestlers and parents alike that USAW/ Penn State didn't allocate any tickets for any of the competitors. Unconfirmed word is that tickets were all scooped up by NLWC boosters and now they're on the resale market at exorbitant prices. Pretty disappointing if that is true and the stands are going to be empty.
  8. 157 Eric Barone 197 - Tanner Sloan, Jake Seely 285 - Gas Tank, Luke Luffman, Nevills, Hokit (Could be the random crowd favorite in the finals) 165 - Joe Smith
  9. Snyder would crush Steveson because Snyder believes in a couple little things called “cardio” and “wrestling hard all 6 minutes” Snyder would probably be our 125 rep if he chose to bump up, and would be in a medal match. He is that good.
  10. There won’t be any good elites this year except Kawauchi
  11. According to the local board (Illinois Matmen) Michael Carr’s career may be over. That is tough to hear for an R12 freshman year and obviously pretty banged up last year. Is this news true, or is it just more regional chatter for a higher-level competitor that may end up with a medical redshirt?
  12. But seriously, this thread took a 534 degree turn to wtf-town
  13. Looks likes ADS just got hit with (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) A warning
  14. They effectively cancelled the Tokyo Marathon, one of the 6 world majors with approximately 30,000 participants in an Olympic year at the same hosting city, two days ago. So I assume Japan is taking very precautionary steps to avoid interruption. For those not into distance running, the cancellation is a Very. Big. Deal. that would be on par with cancelling the Big Ten tournament at least
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