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    Braxton Amos

  2. bnwtwg

    2020 Dark-Horse?

    Ben Whitford
  3. bnwtwg

    Bo Nickal

    Sorry if this has been asked and answered previously, but was Nickal locked into 92kg for the U23 challenge since that is the weight he went for WTT? Or did he have the option to go 86 or 97 (the next weight above or below his WTT weight)?
  4. This is an extremely premature thread. Focus on the matches in front of you before looking down the road - this means Pan Ams, 2019 Worlds, Schultz, Yariguin, US Open, and then people can worry about OTT. ETA: not to say this isn't fun, but we haven't even seen how our team will do at this year's world championships so let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet
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    Snyder posted videos of live goes with Akgul and he was, relatively speaking, tossed around. Akgul is a physical specimen.
  6. bnwtwg

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Chamizo was a champ in 2015, he only won bronze at the 2016 Olympics. That's the NYC wrestler you're talking about, right?
  7. bnwtwg

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Eric Tannabaum was the chosen one from IL, we came up around the same time and he was a Fargo champ back when that was *the* tournarment. Came back to watch IL state one year - Mike Benefiel and Albert White were the two next great ones that apparently never happened. I peeked a few minutes ago, and turns out IL high school is pretty good at freestyle and greco, with quite a few GR national team members. Going back to 1999 when I started HS it was all takedowns and cuts, so surprising to see that GR is the most successful style. Also proves that IL is myeh unfortunately
  8. bnwtwg

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    At least you kept it to 4, unlike OP. Illinois: FS: Joe Williams_____ <-------that's the big gap, Sean Bormet? Tony Douglas? GR: Current world team is a good start :D but little to choose from when it comes to World accolades :(
  9. This is truly a good time for FS rules. I can't speak for Greco, because I am too far out of touch and am only a casual observer at this point. Pools? Ball grabs? DOESN'T MATTER. Only 47,379 steps from full wrestle-backs and true bronze medals
  10. Russia is 2-3x deep at every weight to medal or win. Don't let the recent USA recent success blind you.
  11. Mekhi Lewis will beat Joseph in the finals. Rinse repeat. 165 is the new heavyweight
  12. Wait, so are you telling me that the Senior world runner-up took a high school kid to the wood shed? What's next, you gonna try to tell me the sky is blue and beer is delicious?
  13. bnwtwg

    Final X Pick'em Contest

    1) It's not over yet, but thanks everyone for the kudos thus far 2) I was only kidding when I said Downey vs. the scale. EDIT - I really thought he may blow weight. It would have been comically hilarious. 3) I actually thought Yianni would win, but this was the best mathematical possibility given he was picked prior 4) Locks made a huge impact and I'm a huge fan, almost PD3 & Heflin like (go big or go home) 3) I'm a big Illini stan and would gladly give up my very temporary internet bragging rights to have seen Imar pull off the series upset. One match is huge, but dang..... JB is The Man for a reason...
  14. bnwtwg

    USAW's coverage is just sad

    It may get ugly, but you have to appreciate a coach that sticks by their wrestler and is willing to go every avenue and be willing to seriously piss off peers, fans, colleagues, alumni, current team members, and recruits - and to some this will be Koll's defining legacy, right or wrong.
  15. bnwtwg

    Is Nickal done now?

    Woah woah woah @scramble I typically agree with you on most topics, but do you genuinely believe Nickal would medal this year? I do not see that happening undr any circumstance. He is great, but top 4 in the world is a big hole to fill. Regarding Downey, I will say that I agree that with a perfect draw I can see PD3 medaling. His training is elevating but I am concerned that he is peaking, which is why I can also see him going 0-1. So I will throw in an a couple additional caveats: 1) he was? or is? physically peaking, I hope he doesn't stomp the gas pedal or let off, but it is hard to peak and taper and peak and taper... Especially when you are the domestic challenger. That is a long time to keep it up. So we will need to see if it is a Was or Is scenario over the long-term. 2) He absolutely should not try to prove his d___ is bigger in a pseudo-greco match. He may even win one or two, but medal on the line you can't be cautious or let it fly. Too much talent and that is when the basics are key. 3) I'm not, have never been, or ever will be a national team member. I am only a keyboard warrior, so my opinions are irrelevant.