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  1. Curious what year you think he could have snuck in a world gold? 2014-15-16 was some dude named Sadulaev (and tiny Taylor until ‘16). 2017 couldn’t get past Cox and maybe/maybe not could have run the table and beaten Yaz even if he did get the spot.
  2. The top 6 are head and shoulders above the rest of the domestic field 1) Taylor - the best in the world both times he has gone and is on a tear. He is the best on the senior team, and if he wins again next weekend then the only person he can push him down is #2 and that requires defeating the Russian Tank. 2) Snyder - I think Snyder is criminally underrated which is quite a statement. Went from being the P4P best in the world only to relinquish his spot to…. the P4P best in the world. Quite a tough position when your improvement requires you to transcend generational greatness. He absolutely blew through the weak side of the Oly bracket and may get no such favors this time around. This generation’s version of watching Bird and Magic vie for the best. 3) Steveson - hey, the rules didn’t require that the person be interested in continuing to wrestle anything more than NCAA tomato cans. And to be honest, he should not have required a last second takedown because he should have been given grand amplitude for the lift that was only given 1. The entire match dynamic changed at that point. And he STILL gutted it out (buh dum tsss). 4) Dake - had his first bad match in approximately 4 years at the worst time possible. I don’t know that I would have ranked him any higher than #3 even if he brought home gold though because Steveson really took 125 to the woodshed. 5) JB - I mean, he’s still JB. But Dake took his spot and Ringer exposed a weakness with the dump. 6) Cox - quack quack goes the Polish duck. I hope he doesn’t break my twittering thumbs for putting him this low because I’m an ardent J’Den fan. HM: Yianni’s style lends well to international success. But right now even a gold medal looks cheap based on the current lack of worlds elite participants. Gilman had a great Oly tourney, much better than his ‘17 run to silver in this internet idiot’s opinion. Was it the best weekend of his life or is it here to stay? I wish Nickal would have given it one more chance. I legitimately think he could have beaten Cox for 92 this year, and I think even with all the time spent on MMA he is still top 10 p4p domestically and would medal at a minimum. Zahid by a frog’s hair over Ringer for the last spot. At least for today.
  3. It's the offseason rite of passage. The NFL has the draft, MLB has spring training, wrestling has Taylor/Dake fantasy matchups.
  4. It seems like he hit it about 4 times in less than 20 seconds of feet time against Myles Martin
  5. When you're so good that your best competition is the history books...WOW! Crazy to think that Snyder is much closer to being in the same boat than he has been given proper credit for. If Sad were any other weight or came at a different quad then we very likely would be discussing how quickly can Snyder beat Smith (could have been THIS upcoming worlds if he ran the table from '15-21), can he catch Medved, etc. I mean, it is crazy that he is top 10 in the world and his worst showing was a bronze and yet he is an afterthought because his competition is the P4P who is looking to transcend generationally. I'll hang up and listen.
  6. Ivan is rarely wrong. The Tank is going to Oslo!
  7. I’ll bite. What makes you think this is sped up? Is it because a world champion is on video doing things faster than normal people?
  8. I just want Cox to win and instead of doing a victory lap with the flag, he should send a tweet. Something like "better late than never" FROM THE MAT. I would absolutely die and it would be pretty awesome from his end to really lean into it.
  9. All I See Is Gold Tier 1) 86 Taylor - 3-0 against the best competitor, but the gap is still a fraction apart between the two. I really like JB and Cox more but DT is the king of the mountain until proven otherwise. 2) 79 JB - What elite competition shows up? Currently this appears to be JB's weight to lose. I like angry JB he's always more fun. 4) 74 Dake - Appears to be the US #1 vs possibly Zhamalov (Russia #2 and global top 5 or better). Hope they don't meet until the finals, and I hope that Dake doesn’t run into a land mine again. 5) 92 Cox - Mortal lock? No. Would I be willing to put down a significant money at -110 odds that J'Den takes out the field? You betcha. Does the world's P4P show up? Tier 3) or 6) 97 Snyder - Does Sadulaev show up? If yes, then unfortunately I give Snyder a minmal chance (though still better than anyone below this spot). Not a knock on him that he went from being the P4P champ to being in the finals 3x and counting against the P4P champ. Just tough and will always root for a guy who does things the right way and has an amazing attitude. If no Sad, then the competition pool is very shallow. No Sad = disappointment if no gold. Probably not a chance but better than the group below Tier 6) 57 Gilman - Was Tokyo the best version of Gilman that we ever see? How is the foot injury and training progressing? Did everyone look good against Uguev before they came up short? 7) 65 Yianni - Would I be surprised by gold? Nope. He has proven international results. Would I be surprised by a DNP? Nope. It's 65 for crying out loud! Even if every Olympic medalist shows up there may be 4 new people on the podium. Going to need a miracle run Tier 8) 61 Fix - Anything less than a perfect draw with tomato cans to tech off the mat and conserve energy going into finals will prove fruitless. A medal is certainly within reach, but this post is about gold. 9) 70 Green - Father Time is still undefeated. Do I think Greezy can medal? Absolutely! Do I think he can win gold now when he couldn't in his prime? Not really. 10) 125 Gwiz Will Geno, Akgul, or Zare show up? What about Deng? What about "dang, at least we got gold a few months ago."
  10. Is this Nickel fella cousins with Gable Stevenson?
  11. SIR this is a freestyle forum. No need to slander the good name of folkstyle national hero Jesse Delgado who had such a dominant arsenal that they had to change the rules a la Kareem Abdul-Jabbar when dunking a basketball was outlawed.
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