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  1. Amine Nevills Zavala Abounader Zain Nolf Vallimont Kerk Bekzod. Will be interesting to see if Massa turned the corner in the winter or if it was another glimpse of coulda woulda shoulda potential. Salata Snyder Ringer by two takedowns, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him on his back
  2. Some things are inevitable. Death. Taxes. Dake going winless on the internet against the Nittany Lions.
  3. He's mentored two world champs, a few more world team members, a slew of NCAA champs, probably 2-3x as many AAs, and oversees a team dynasty. And that doesn't even include the success his guys have off the mat. I'd say he has a pretty great idea of what he's doing.
  4. bnwtwg


    I think he said 4-6 months and that was back in the spring, so he should be well recovered for another shot at OTT next year
  5. bnwtwg


    What about the most recent American to beat JB, and was 8 seconds from taking another match from him?
  6. Obviously taking a page out of Brands' playbook and ducking Marinelli quack quack
  7. I would love to see Cael mentor J'Den. Too bad there can't be room for 4 monsters in the NLWC room. Edit: I mean help Cox grow into a potential world P4P champ, not "just" a 2x WC/4x medalist. They seem to be very similar in nature.
  8. I was alluding to the fact that the US provides significant funding to athletic science plus WADA, therefore developing and writing rules simultaneously while also knowing how to write the rules to avoid penalties in present and future.
  9. I'm not angry...? And sure, if fans want to believe it's not feasible then that's fine but extremely naive. Behind closed doors most would admit what I said is true even if they won't say it out loud.
  10. No it's not. It's a professional position, not a coaching position at an academic institution. And if you think this is a scandal just wait until you find out about AAU basketball coaches or baseball/ softball dads who move on to become D1 assistants with no degree.
  11. Yes, you are naive if you think that college and higher athletes of all sports are not taking performance-enhancing supplements and drugs. Don't clutch your pearls too tight when I tell you that the US is one of, if not the, dirtiest country. However, the US is also currently on the scientific cutting edge which gives the opportunity to stay ahead of the rules long enough that we get to write them. This has been your hot take of the morning.
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    The only clients I see on SVN are there because of open hub, and that's because they wanted their code stored which is absolutely fantastic when the local crashes and because they aren't using git they are hosed. I never understand when people want to stick with it for any reason other than it's what they know and change is the worst thing ever.
  13. The other side of the NCA coin in a capitalist economy that the US claims to be the global leader of is that innovation, market share, price schedules, etc. dictate the phrase "the cream always rises to the top." In capitalistic terms, if you are good then you stay good; if your competitor can be better then keep up with them; if you can't keep up then don't let the door hit you on the way out. On a human level, I find very few reasons to support a full NCA and those reasons are of the utmost importance but the majority are corporate hogwash. That is only my personal opinion and I support yours, I'm just throwing out my two cents.
  14. Only Carl can beat Carl so obviously the correct answer is 1
  15. Kerk looks to be the only NCAA eligible athlete competing, which makes me wonder a few offshoot questions - Was Parris asked and declined? Was Micic asked and declined? Will this somehow negatively affect eligibility in any way?
  16. There are plenty of divorce lawyers that would like to point out that legal agreements are meant to be broken
  17. About 100 Bitcoiin2Gen tokens
  18. That was less indicative of weight and more looking for live mat time since Downey had to be given something as the 2019 world team member. Then PD3 didn't make it so Ringer went 86 and took bronze after initially registering at 92. This may be a red herring but I believe Nolf went 79 for that event so he could qualify for OTT so Ringer was 86, 92, or nothing since he already had a ticket punched to OTT.
  19. When you say all his injuries out loud you really appreciate all that Howe accomplished and overcame. I wonder if he will wait to take Kennedy's spot, find his way back to Bormet, or move directly to an RTC or D1 head coach position next.
  20. Kolat vs Tom or Terry Poeta vs Howe Greg Jones vs Hahn Delgado vs Heil but only if it's a 2016 rulebook Varner vs Mocco
  21. I heart Carl and Bormet so much right now for this. Here's to hoping we see more RTC duals. As they say, iron sharpens iron and this is a win for all involved.
  22. No way Russia lets the Tank come here for an exhibition, which is honestly a shame. So make him an offer that they would at least have to vocally say no to- offer him $200k and comp whatever he needs for two weeks. In return he wrestles Nickal, Taylor, then Cox and Snyder over 2 days. Flo can charge me $50 on top of my annual for those PPVs and I would gladly pay.
  23. Not sure we would ever find out about Metcalf, but I bet Taylor throws on the mask a couple times a year. I would bet $5 he is at least 70 and yes definitely high LT... most US senior level competitors are I would assume (based on our wrestling style).
  24. Ask a guy like Taylor or Metcalf. Both are probably high 70s-low 80s which translates to a nonstop torrid pace.
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