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  1. Flo never reached out. They didn’t even try to sniff around to see that I’m real. Le sigh :(
  2. David Taylor is as cocky as they come and methinks he is going to make a statement and Zahid is going to get the Myles Martin experience where DT just absolutely breaks him. That's not anti-Zahid sentiment it is just pro-2x world champ David Taylor
  3. I should probably stop before I get Basch'd in the head
  4. https://www.levelchanger.com/blog/2021/3/6/how-fat-are-college-wrestlers-2020-2021 Is this any better?
  5. Can't believe he was dragging the numbers so high over a 5 year span. I assume we could take a standard 165 @ 16.7% body fat plus a standard B1G 165 @ 13.8% and then add a standard deviation of ±1.5% because the most recent numbers were 2020-21 and as soon as Joseph left the numbers immediately declined THEREFORE we arrive at the logical conclusion that Chonky Cenzo was walking around at 32% body fat and should be shamed forever. https://www.levelchanger.com/blog/2021/3/6/how-fat-are-college-wrestlers-2020-2021#:~:text=For NCAA Division I wrestling,to 16.2% depending on conference.
  6. It's not open though so I don't understand your premise? The US Open is, well, open and every year we get a Maple or Whitford that shows out unexpectedly as a result. But WTT and OTT have very rigorous qualification standards.
  7. I would take the under on Zahid 1.5 takedowns through the series, much less winning a match. But I also agree that in the event he goes to worlds for whatever reason then he is a strong medal contender with a proven international track record when he keeps his nose clean.
  8. 2021 OTT: Snyder vs Moore because Kevin Jackson lost track of time 2019 WTT: Snyder vs Gadsen (92 was Cox vs. Nickal and Moore didn't make it past the quarters for those curious)
  9. Illini Regional Training Center whoop whoop!
  10. Sig bet? I'll take Zain and you can have JO.
  11. Higuchi or Yamaguchi would be my best guess? JPN is very hard to figure out until it's time since the competition calendar is always extremely light.
  12. Lots of units should be put on Zain, especially if it goes to three matches. JO might have a heart attack by the end of the day.
  13. Otoguro is out this year (same for Takahashi at 57)
  14. These are both correct. 65 is absolutely insane on an annual basis and is perennially our weakest weight going back sixteen years which is a very bad combination. So the reason many have put all the eggs into the Yianni basket is because he had age-group success against his global counterparts, he brings a Euro style of counter-offense, and to be harshly blunt we have seen that peak Zain and JO aren't good enough so why not move onto the next 65kg prospect and hope for a different result? And while I hope someone breaks the drought, I wouldn't be surprised if we are revisiting this conversation in a few years with the exact same talking points.
  15. Can’t choke out the Magic Man he would just disappear behind the curtain duh
  16. Anything less than dev, QA, and UAT stages and you have me shaking in my boots. Who, how, WHY would you push straight to prod?! That is insane!!!
  17. Has Hall tried the super duck yet? But in all seriousness, I cannot believe that Mark Hall is probably never going to sniff a world team. As the famous tweet once said, Mark Hall IS freestyle. Zahid absolutely owns him and he said himself the cut to 79 is too much. That really sucks for one of our absolute best ambassadors of the sport. Long live Mark Hall
  18. Cenzo has always been an underdog. 2x champ, 3x finalist, 2020 contender. Never the favorite, and with losses to say why. But gatdamn does he show up when it matters most.
  19. Lavalee is hanging but he’s dying. Hands on knees after the whistle in less than 2:00
  20. Imar is done. This kills me to say it, but it’s the truth. His trajectory had he taken that first match from JB? Oh boy……. But he didn’t. And major shoulder injuries are career killers, as evidenced yet again by “pushing” his rehab. Unfortunately on the Senior Circuit he is a 79 gatekeeper where he has no definition or conditioning to be the standard necessary. He’s in a tough place - continue building as a coach where he is excelling, or be selfish and cut back to 74. Ringer dropping twice was a bigger shock to me. He has everything going for him, except the biggest underdog of all time in the champ killer Cenzo.
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