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  1. We nodded across the IKEA meatball stand but sure you can be fancy
  2. Awful news, always enjoyed his insight. RIP
  3. Pretty certain the IL opponent you are referring to was Joe Gomez and I'm really grasping but I think that's the same season that Joe beat Poeta.
  4. You claim to live in Chicago yet have a problem with guys who have nose rings. Hmmmm.
  5. +Reggie Wright 4xer But the the IL goat is Joe Williams. Pick an age group and he wins from kids club to seniors.
  6. I unselfishly hope Ramos stays away from the midwest a little longer. It seems to be mutually beneficial for himself, ACC wrestling, and growing the sport in general outside of the midwest-rust belt.
  7. For the record, I previously made a $100 donation in anticipation of @Blue Dragons welching on his bet. I knew it was a longshot but hopefully I have brought some attention to a great cause. Please consider Sojourn Shelter if you are in a charitable mood!
  8. Dear god I hope not.
  9. Who cares about updates on Cox's weigh-in. Now that the dust is settling I want updates on the damage he did to all the BBQ joints before and after this fiasco. Word on the streets is that there is no brisket left in a 10 mile radius of Fort Worth.
  10. Cox winning the US 125 spot =/= beating Geno or Taha
  11. @Blue Dragons This is a reminder that you agreed to a wager that you did not win. As per our wager, you agreed to make a donation of $100 to a charity of my choosing. I have chosen Sojourn Shelter which is a women's shelter focused on domestic violence and homelessness. I chose that particular charity for three reasons: I grew up in south-central IL and it is a fantastic organization making a true impact throughout that region, PD3 expresses significant disdain and disrespect towards women as evidenced by his USAW suspension and FloWrestling dropping him, and PD3 likes to make light of "Olympics or homeless." So your donation will help all three facets and provide a positive impact to those who need it most. Per the terms of our wager you agreed to provide screenshot (preferred) or legal receipt of your donation to Sojourn Shelter. Please honor our agreement.
  12. Snyder will bring Gwiz and it's going to be really awkward at camp
  13. I roughly alternate between a swig of water and 2oz Maurten 160 every 1mi/3k depending on the aid station setup and if I get access to a bottle table or if I have to figure out my own hydration logistics. Usually around +3 to 3.5 lbs of hydration intake with a net loss of 13ish pounds for a full. Can only imagine the short-term and long-term damage of JO continually pulling insane amounts of weight considering I have 50 pounds on him and I'm walking to the starting line with a half gallon of water, light breakfast, and stuffed with last night's veal parmigiana
  14. Hey @MizzouGrad are you in? I want to win some more money from chumps this weekend.
  15. Out of likes but consider this your updoot
  16. no no no no no @nhs67 what did you start
  17. That's because of his actions and words. Taylor is a b!tch and has shown that more than ever on the senior domestic and global levels. He would kick my butt 576 ways six days a week and twice on Sundays, but that doesn't change the fact.
  18. The nice guy says Bo is a company man The cutthroat competitor says Bo can't cut it at the world elite level
  19. Jesus I sweat like a whore in church a la Cox at 8:15am, weigh about 193-195 on race day and still only lose about 12-13 pounds for the duration of a marathon. That is insane and he is going to be on dialysis about two days after he is done wrestling. I thought he had that crap under control finally.
  20. This is coming from an Illinois RTC/Illini fan. You, uhh, may not want to throw around that weight at this current time, sir.
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