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  1. Micic is also cutting down to 57 (and has been for a couple years)
  2. I've always been curious how much Nolf cuts? At first glance he looks naturally lean and I always assumed he walked around at 160, maybe 162 soaking weight. He strikes me as the Euro freak athletic body type
  3. Some people: "they are called STUDENT athletes and they are there to get a degree first and foremost. sports is second!" Those same people: "online classes are STUPID why would someone attend a class online from a premiere academic institution and work toward their bachelor's degree" Can't have it both ways...
  4. He's all over Twitter+Instagram and due to his social media presence has become one of the more popular writers at Barstool sports. Not too bad for a MAC guy who was all about building his brand during his time as a student-athlete and then getting a job.
  5. Why not both? https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6234334-ask-an-expert-with-kbnoswag
  6. Thanks that's what I thought since he lacked the age-group hardware but I couldn't remember if his NCAA titles or Final X appearance were enough to get him in
  7. Quick question that I just don't know the answer to - is Yianni qualified for OTT or does he need to earn a spot? Would seem like an obvious tourney so he can skip Sr. Nationals if he isn't qualified already
  8. Pretty sure if Heflin is going that he should be considered tougher since he beat Mymar a few months ago at WTT, which came after Mymar gassed against an already gassed PD3 at the US Open. I am rooting for Martin because he seems like a good guy but I don't see him getting any deeper than maybe repchage (and probably won't win more than a single match there) by the time OTT rolls around if the following are all at 86: In no order here are 11 off the top of my head: Cox, Taylor, Ringer, Valencia, Heflin, PD3, Nickal, Machiavello, Brooks, Moore, Lefever (if he drops, depends probably on results at the Farrell) That puts MyMar at top 12 at best and dependent on the draw, again just in my opinion
  9. Why would Ringer vs. Mymar have you interested? Ringer will probably, and I'm not exaggerating when I say this, tech him in the first period. I could be very wrong, but I think that there is an absolutely huge gap between them. Ringer is world-medal material and Martin is simply not anywhere near that level at this point. P4P Ringer is probably somewhere #7-12 in the US and Martin is probably #10-20 just at 86 alone in an Olympic year
  10. Not quite fair to make it that simple in his case. Take a look at his twitter if you want to see what his focus is
  11. I hope Eierman, and every other athlete, gets future payment post-college and if it's hush-hush for now then so be it until the dynamic of college wrestling as a whole is altered which is highly unlikely. It would be better for the sport to have our (relatively speaking on the senior world level) fringe athletes have competitive avenues and receive the necessary financial support to do so. An analogy- Is it really any different than interning at a company? (An athlete's collegiate career) That company really likes the work you do so they promise to hold you a job when you graduate, under the table of course (promised post-collegiate RTC offer) Legally they can't hold a job due to HR policy and open-hiring laws (archaic NCAA regulations) Two weeks after graduation you start at the company after a quick "phone interview" with the hiring manager/ your intern supervisor (RTC official announcement) Is this not similar to how you and I, and many of your kids got that first job? So why is this any different, other than the same reasoning of "well, these are the NCAA rules so why would we ever want to change anything?" We as a wrestling community are always clamoring for more opportunities. Money talks, so if this is the way - that athletes are properly compensated - then so be it. After all, we live in a capitalist economy.
  12. Maybe Snyder's move from tOSU to their arch-villain NLWC helped lift some of the silly taboos and now wrestlers will start to explore training at a different area in order to give it their best shot in the finite amount of competitive years to achieve their lifelong athletic aspirations. I dunno just a thought.
  13. lol willie did https://rokfin.com/post/4739
  14. In a shocking development, Carl had a long-term plan in mind and is executing it. Word on the street is that he may have even told this to folks on the recruiting trail so they could plan their collegiate careers and align with senior-level goals accordingly. So dastardly and cunning! /s
  15. Mike Carr is going to leave a lot of people really disappointed
  16. Why is Snyder attending? Will he be attending Yarigyn in January? If so, seems odd for him to make weight so quickly (I assume he is probably walking around at 235-240 at this point?) Follow up question: say Snyder wins 97, does the 2nd place then get the auto bid to OTT since Snyder already is in? Do they wrestle for a true 2nd? This would obviously apply to any winner that has already qualified for OTT.
  17. Starter - Real Woods Backup - Sasso See attached timestamp - 11:00 AM CST/ 12:00 PM EST as denoted by the very capitalized, bold, attention-grabbing rules in the initial post. No, I'm not fun at parties.
  18. That's just mean to tease everyone like that and get their hopes up
  19. There is a guy that throws world-champ level chest wraps, "bombs" if you will. Some in the NLWC may even call that guy their Best Rival
  20. I hope he wins all international bouts from here on out, but it would be pretty funny to give Bo a hand up from the mat. Also, I hope Micic sticks DeSanto at some point and does the "broke him" gesture to TnT
  21. What is more disturbing is that Downey may very realistically not qualify the weight if given the Pan Am nod. That punishes Taylor, Cox, (and Ringer and Valencia ?and Nickal? when they inquired last year of Taylor's availability so they could bump up). Taylor should have to qualify the weight and turn around and make weight a couple weeks later. Ya know, to get in some live reps. Not that I'm salty that he did what's best for himself as he absolutely should have, I'm salty that he knew he couldn't go and he hosed the 2020 squad.
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