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  1. Abe Assad was a cadet world bronze who will probably compete at 86kg. Jacob Warner was a cadet world bronze and junior world team member who will probably compete at 92/97. I would rather see a freestyle exhibition bout between Warner and Assad, than Assad/Brands take on an opponent who he earned a starting nod over and Warner take on a freshman.
  2. I would rather see Assad/Warner since they will probably never be the same weight on the senior circuit
  3. Pretty much any other weight+four year period and Gillespie would have been at least a 2x champ, but Leen was a buzzsaw in 08, couldn't beat Poeta so 08 and 09 wouldn't have changed, and of course there was Burroughs coming to form in 09 when he bumped up. Definitely not your standard "only" 1x champ.
  4. so you are saying Hurt = Duck? That's just quacktastic.
  5. Carr didn't duck anyone... turns out he was trying to wrestle only when he absolutely had to because he was so injured he sat out the following season.
  6. I'm shocked, absolutely shocked!, that my unpopular opinion is unpopular due to many sound reasons
  7. A potential automated solution for your endeavor... 1) go to reddit r/dataisbeautiful or r/learnpython because both are a perfect pool where a large group of people put out their first few visuals as a way to show their progress. Think of it like a non-paying internship and usually it’s professionals looking to expand their skill set to advance their careers. 2) offer someone a freelance fee of $200 to write a Tabula-Py script (should be about ten hours of work for a novice at $20/hr more than they were getting paid to do this for free). This will automate the data extract from PDFs (the file format your brackets were most likely saved as) to Excel (.csv or .xlsx .xml) and should save dozens of hours of manual labor. 3) you get your data, the lucky winner shows their progress to a future employer with lots of clicks and a good reference. Win-win for two professionals.
  8. I’m confident in Zain going toe to toe and possibly upsetting Chamizo. I get that it isn’t a popular opinion and for many good reasons, but I believe in his relentless pace against Chamizo specifically. As a comparison, I think JB would eat Zain for lunch. But matchups make matches
  9. okay i know but i can dream :(
  10. I’d rather see Retherford’s relentless pressure vs Chamizo. I think Frank wouldn’t have an issue with Nolf’s creativity. Zain’s pace could break him.
  11. This message board is going to implode when JB beats Taylor and Dake again
  12. It was wrestling's turn to get shaken down for money by a corrupt IOC. They (IOC) recognized a market (wrestling) that had the financials means and would be willing to pay to play (US, Russia, Eastern Euro states, Middle East states). Even gymnastics, figure skating, and track & field have participation fees from time to time - they are just less obvious.
  13. Did you see the joke as it whooshed over your head? Or should we stop play after a knock on to explain it you -_-
  14. Rumor is that Snyder is undergoing an experimental Eastern European cold spray therapy 3x daily. I heard Big Pharma had great success in a recent trial at Russian nationals that had guys going from dead to rights (never able to walk again) and they were fully recovered within minutes of catching their breath. Can only imagine the boost Captain America will get
  15. Tsabalov beat Sidakov in ‘18 and the lost a close match on criteria so this should not come as a huge surprise. He was pretty demonstrative that he should be the Olympic rep but seemed resigned that he wasn’t going to get a fair shake. Glad to see him get a chance to prove it on the mat and light it up in this match. It’s scary to think that the second best guy in the world will probably be watching from home for the foreseeable future at 74kg. Sounds eerily familiar...
  16. Don't be surprised if Olympic hopefuls skip the season to focus on freestyle. Micic, Massa, Vito, Yianni, and Kerk immediately come to mind.
  17. Sources say Beefcake will be trying his hand at 92kg
  18. Hypothetical domestic star-studded event with Fix, Gilman, Lee, Suriano, Gross, Colon, Micic. You offer them a tourney in the middle of the offseason where half only make a thousand bucks to take an L and go home after 6 minutes. Why WOULD top-flight wrestlers be interested? At the senior level the only things that make sense as a reward that outweighs the risk of injury are world rankings points, national team tourneys, and being offered a five-figure guaranteed purse. Otherwise they are looking at $1k minus taxes and I doubt anyone of that caliber could be convinced to put it all on the line and walk away with $700 bucks when it’s all said and done. Please know that I fully support the brackets Flo is rolling out to make lemonade out of the lemons this year has given. It is fantastic and I am glad that non-top tier competitors get another moment and the spotlight doesn’t end at 22 years old, and fantastic that fans get to see competition when there has not been anything but delayed hope and cancellations. I just want to see the forest and the big redwood trees and I would be more than willing to give Flo some sweet PPV money to see it.
  19. I hope when Flo gets the hang of hosting these Senior PPV tourneys that they step up the talent pool. I like the direction I think they are going, but I want more Beast of the East and less Scranton Holiday Invitational
  20. Schneider won the judo version of cadet worlds, was a training partner in Rio, took home a bronze at '18 WTT, and last I heard is still training for a 2020ne olympic spot. He was also listed as the D2 Hodge frontrunner by Flo last year. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6682601-hypothetical-dii-hodge-ranking
  21. I thought Sidakov was not showing up?
  22. His dad said 255 so I took that for what it was worth. But honestly I don’t think that 3.6 keggers is a big deal for a college guy especially when he has the support of 30 teammates.
  23. The R66 marathon is pretty big - last I remember it was around 15k participants. Multiplied that by ~1.8 for friends & family tagging along booking rooms for Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Seriously get your rooms now.
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