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  1. Massa was a hammer his freshman year against anyone not named Imar or tourney-version Cenzo. He had a big regression after '17 until all his injuries finally came to light and the results made much more sense. Glad to see he is looking fully healed and making a strong push on the senior circuit.
  2. Maybe/maybe not HEW but certainly the world specifically scouting him for 5 years has something to do with it. Makes you appreciate even more the longevity of guys like Satiev, Smith, Burroughs, Sadulaev, etc.
  3. Chamizo’s ex-wife is Italian and he gained Italian citizenship via legal marriage. He also sat out a few years because of the UWW process if I recall correctly.
  4. The competition is equivalant to last chance. Kind of thought it was obvious but it's been a long week for us all.
  5. Senior nationals this year is the equivalent of last chance.
  6. What did I say that was incorrect?
  7. Definitely on the same page, just wanted to steal your thunder and give the ol' Adam Schefter expansion of the main point to get some clicks
  8. Because worst-case scenario is that they get sick and die, best case scenario is they win a last-chance qualifier tourney?
  9. Suriano always wrestles tight matches because he has top-flight head-hands defense. I'm going to say, with the qualifier of at the senior world elite level, Suriano may get blown out of matches but will not get blown out on the scoreboard. He has a great Eastern Euro-tactic match style but has a US gas tank where he has heavy hands, doesn't get opened up, and waits for the one or two perfect openings to look like he gives a $hit and take a real shot; he can also sprawl, scramble, square his hips, and continually motion and try to find a good opening. I wish he could put it all together and represent Italy because he most likely will not ever rep the US but could bring in multiple world medals.
  10. The most shocking revelation of my professional career over the past 10 years is that Arizona State produces superior undergrad candidates over Penn State, which is a great school to provide multi-exam entry level graduates and start with the proverbial one step ahead, for the actuarial career path. If you know what that career is then you understand why "Arizona State" and "actuary" should not belong in the same sentence.
  11. I'm all about Taylor smashing the world and Cael is Gable 2.1 (the enhanced version with all the premium add-ons). But Snyder, Cox, Dake? This is a fantastic problem for USA wrestling. Two have already proven it on the mat and the third...well, I have my personal opinion.
  12. So operating under tha ssumption that if Anthony goes to PSU then so does Zahid, it shakes it like this: The only year he would be a starter would be 2019-20 at 157, or next year somewhere between 157 and 184. His true frosh year to now from 157-184 would be occupied by some combination of Nolf, Cenzo, Hall, Zahid, and Nickal. Literally the only way he could be a starter is to take out a murderer's row national champ.
  13. There is a good probability that Snyder is contractually obligated to destroy all challengers with his new circle motion ankle pick series
  14. I think you missed the last part of my post
  15. Andy Simmons was sitting at his desk, his laptop staring back at his face with a dull shine against the dark room. Watching his opponents, analyzing every movement, waiting for the exact moment to strike when it is least expected and the damage will be most impactful. He patiently waits for Nomad's spreadsheet to exponentially expand. To pass the time he keeps dropping down into that old, familiar, squared stance with his left leg ever so slightly behind his right and his toes crowing out. It was the same stance low to the ground that he is so familiar with, although now the pops and creaks emanating from his knees and hips are also becoming more and more familiar and no amount of Icee Hot can cure. But he ignores the aches and throbs as he presses the refresh button on Chrome over and over and over again. He wonders if this particular drill is going to result in a lifetime of carpal tunnel syndrome. To him it's yet another drill that he has done for years and honed to perfection, but this time there is more meaning as he scours the landscape of potential opponents. None of the top challengers are interested minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day. He wonders if it could be too good to be true. "Will there be no worthy opponents this annum? Could this be the opportunity I have waited a lifetime for?" In that moment his reflexes snap as quick as ever, striking the keyboard and entered his credit card information. He knew he would have the chance to fulfill a self-prophesied destiny. He raises the courage to go for it one last time. "To Valhalla!! I bet I can get into a bronze match since no one is going to show up this year and it's such a JV tourney that an old washed dude like me can get seeded 4th!" Stay tuned for the next chapter: The Old Man and the Sauna
  16. Kerk/ Steveson would be a fantastic match. Also a great barometer of the future if they let loose realizing there is no impact on seeds, records, etc (like what we all expected from JO/Nolf)
  18. How did that work out for Abounader at worlds last year?
  19. Why not? Dake has already done it twice (well, four times if you want to get real technical)
  20. I apologize in advance for bringing this up and being that guy but I feel it is relevant to the upcoming decision to be made by USAW / mandated to USAW. Given the current sports-political climate with additional regards to how it relates to a polarizing election year, I would not be surprised if the US decides to compete. The incumbent president is pushing hard for sports to take place on a national and global scale. Again, I apologize in advance for creating yet another political conversation, I just find this particular aspect to be very relevant to this conversation.
  21. Assad has a good age group resume and I thought he would be a sacrificial lamb if the rest of the card was any indication. But then realized it's not going to be anyone in the Flo bracket, it's not going to be NLWC (Taylor o Bo) or CKWC (Ringer, Massa), -34596% chance Brands lets PD3 sniff a fart twenty miles from the arena, so does Assad even have a match unless it's with Sammy Brooks? Maybe Mike Mach since Gwiz is also coming?
  22. Yeah but at least they give you a hand up after pinning you in front of your girlfriend
  23. Absolutely agree, but each year a little guy is out of HS it’s another year closer to the bump up to 133/ struggling with a big suck down to 125 every week as an upperclassmen. Definitely tough to ignore in the redshirt conversation.
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