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  1. I like that he is going to OK State, presumably to work on technique with Smith. I do wonder what that means in regards to workout partners and big-guy mentors since they are rare when you go up to heavyweight. From that perspective it may have been wiser to go to Ohio State (Snyder, Moore, Bergman, etc.), Penn State (Cael, Varner), or possibly SDSU to work with Hahn. Who pushes the big guys at OSU?
  2. Yeah! Why try to take on the best in the world and continually improve yourself when you can keep wrestling the same domestic partners?! Stupid competitors seeking out the best competition is dumb!
  3. Eric Tannenbaum and Mike Poeta approve this message (I think those are the last NCAA finalists from IL?)
  4. Had no idea he has persevered through all that. Great job!
  5. You leave Nancy Grace and her tot-mom journalism skills out of this!
  6. With technology and social media, people are becoming less tolerant of others being assholes and are now able to better hold them accountable, starting within the wrestling community with its own wrestlers. Of course, we also have to deal with some butt memes, so it's pretty much a wash
  7. Biting and a nutshot are cheap shots, but are nothing compared with actively trying to break someone's arm with a non-wrestling move that had obviously been practiced or he would not have decided to attempt the kimura. If Micic were your son and his arm were broken, ending his tourney and possibly altering his career permanently, would you still equate this to a faux backpedaling-NBA "hold me back bro hold me back" fight or would you rightfully be upset?
  8. I did wrestle through college, and had a considerable amount of success. I am nowhere near perfect and have too many flaws to count, but I also never tried to break my opponent's arm in a match or throw haymakers. What happens in practice is kept in house and worked out as a family, but if that bleeds over, especially at the most visible event of upper level, then criticism has been earned. DeSanto is fortunate not to have seperated Micic's shoulder or broken his arm - he would be facing a one year ban in all likelihood, in addition to being told to leave Drexel.
  9. HERESY! On an unrelated note, I just purchased a significant amount of Orville Redenbacher stock with the intention to short on September 9th.
  10. Walking around in the offseason 23 over is not a huge deal at 197 if you take into account not having any weigh-ins until November (i.e. not needing to make any freestyle/greco scales). I would assume he can lean down and make weight five months from now no problem.
  11. Sometimes there are more important things, like your sister's wedding. Or your kid's birthday. Or working non-traditional hours on a Saturday night to buy your kid a birthday cake or your daughter's wedding cake. Shoot, maybe you just don't want to be in front of a screen and would rather socialize with friends and family rather than be stuck in front of a screen at that particular time. I guess what I'm saying is that it's 2018 and we have our fancy data filtering and labeling capabilities which makes your argument really dumb. Troll level 5/12
  12. Any insight what each walks around at? Seems like a lot of weight to give up for Hall and Nickal, and that leaves a returning AA as the odd man out if they are doing it for Manville. Shakur has had a rough hand dealt to him and hope he transfers if this is the case. Not out of spite, just out of the opportunity to give it a shot his senior year.
  13. Thanks for getting my hopes up for nothing.
  14. Are these real? What sports book? Asking for a friend that would put $100 on an IMar longshot...
  15. Cael was once an undefeated 184 champ who bumped up to 197 because he preferred continuing his results over pulling weight and sacrificing strength and technique training, so that would be pretty hypocritical of him if Nickal has outgrown the weight physically and/ or mentally. But Nickal just doesn't pass the eye test at 197 - he looks like he walks around at no more than maaaybe 190 to me?
  16. Tinfoil hat time because I have time left to kill before I can exercise my American right of sneaking out the office early on a Friday. Moore can't beat Snyder for the 97kg roster, but he wants that 2020 Olympic spot. Moore transfers to PSU and joins forces at NLWC to train under Varner. tOSU disowns Moore and scrubs all mentions of him from existence. Varner lives vicariously and trains Moore like a madman, hellbent on beating Snyder. Moore wins the spot. And that is when the most improbable event of this entire ordeal happens...... Varner smiles for the first time ever. Like I said, just a crazy conspiracy. No way Varner ever gets excited about something.
  17. Fight shorts are also associated with former NCAA All-American champions like Matt Hughes. But seriously now shorts=criminals? Is your favorite movie Gran Torino by any chance?
  18. See above where I apologized for coming across as a rude, pompous jerk. I meant to imply, and did a poor job of doing so, that I work daily with personal finance and feel that I have a grasp both from a personal and professional perspective of why, in my opinion, Vegas is a bad idea for many families. Please accept my insincerest internet apology.
  19. I just read my post and realized i sound like a jackass. I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging - I meant to come across that I am able to "enjoy Vegas" and it's super expensive, and I couldn't imagine placing the families of 330 people out there. It would be potentially awful financially for many familes.
  20. Too many people would be sad after looking at their statement in April. I love Vegas, I live in an awesome expensive city, and have significantly more disposable income than the average American, and I play with financial data for a living with at least one conference per year in Vegas in addition to personal adventures, and it's still every bit as expensive as when I do NYC or LA and I have to be cautious. Imagine how the average family that is paying for tuition, has family expenses, has to bring 2-4 others along, and has other tuitions coming up must feel. I stand by what I said and will even double down: I am willing to bet my paycheck that if they held the NCAAs in Vegas once, they would never do it again. Lack of fan travel, horrible time of year (costs will be UP not down during March Madness - I know because I go each year with a group of friends), and people can't help but blow money. It's like Disney on steroids.
  21. Too expensive for the standard family that would be in attendance watching their son(s). I would also imagine most AD's have heart attacks just thinking about an extended Vegas trip becoming a reality.
  22. If NIckal moves up as some have suggested, does that mean Rasheed or Cassar slides down to 84? If it is Rasheed, does he improve or decline on 8th place where he was considered to be wrestling up a weight (strength vs. speed differentials); does he bonus as often at 184 which seemed to play a large part in earning the nod at 197? If it is Cassar, is it a manageable weight cut down to 184 and does he do better than Shakur at the new weight class?
  23. False. David Taylor is 1,538 - 0 in fantasy matches.
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